how to use lucky patcher 2019

How to Use Lucky Patcher Without Root 2019 (Latest Update)

How to Use Lucky Patcher Without Root 2019 – Android uses Play Store to distribute games and application. Users may install anything directly from this platform. However, some apps are considered to be unsafe because they do not pass the certain qualification. Moreover, you can find in-app purchase that needs money to get full version. Those are the reasons why Android users try to install lucky patcher. So, how to use lucky patcher 2019 on smartphone? The answer for this question will be explored in the next section.

Before going further, there is much to know regarding this app. It has capability to remove advertisement, bypass permission, modify app, backup, and hacking. Why do you need to remove ads and bypass permission? Most of Android developers receive revenue from ads. You can install certain app and there are ads inside it. For some people, it is quite inconvenient, but they do not know how to remove it.

Another function is bypass permission. All apps in Play Store will request permission to access your smartphone features, such as file, contact, camera, photo, audio, etc. Without this permission, you cannot access full capability or losing the installation process. This is where lucky patcher comes to solve this issue. Therefore, you need to know how to use lucky patcher without root 2019.

How to Use Lucky Patcher Without Root Directly on Android

  1. Download APK

First thing to do is download this app. It is available at official website and you may find several versions. Go to download section and choose version you want to install. It takes less time and easy process. The app is in zip file and you need to extract it before installing.

how to use lucky patcher 2019

how to use lucky patcher 2019

Keep in mind that this app is not available at Play Store. Removing ads and bypass permission seems to be not favorable feature for app. Therefore, you will not find at this Store. Before downloading, make sure to check its version and source. Tons of websites provide lucky patcher, but the most credible one comes from official website. Do not access from other, because of no safety guarantee. Instead of legit app, you will end up with malware. That is very dangerous, particularly for Android smartphone. This is what you need to do before taking further on how to use lucky patcher without root 2018.

  1. Installation

After extracting the app, tap it to let installation begin. Pop-up window will appear to warn that installation is blocked. Choose “install anyway” to proceed. This happens because you install it not from Play Store. Android will recognize this process as unintended action that might harm the device and system. Wait until installation is done and disable the protection from Play Store immediately.

  1. Bypass protection

You may want to install specific app, but requires permission. When granting this request, you let the app to access more features on smartphone. You cannot afford to do this thing if the app is unknown or only installing for testing. For such purpose, lucky patcher will help to protect it.

Bypass protection with lucky patcher

Bypass protection with lucky patcher

Bypass permission is one of features from this app. To use it, open this app and tap the app that you want to change. Select whether permission setting is disable or not. After that, reboot smartphone wait until the process is implemented. This is why you need to know how to use lucky patcher without root 2019 and how this app work.

  1. Remove Ads

Next thing is remove ads on app. Open lucky patcher and tap app that contains ads, but you want to remove it. Select “remove ads” and patch it. After that, disable ads activity. Close all apps and check if the process is working. Usually, patching is enough, but some apps still contain ads. Therefore, you need to disable this thing to work properly.

Besides removing ads, lucky patcher is also capable to create custom patch. Select which app you want to customize then choose custom patch mode. Reboot smartphone to see its effect. You do not have to worry because this app has restore mode to bring back the smartphone into normal or standard condition as similar to what you get before patching.

How to Use Lucky Patcher for Online Games for Free

  1. In-app purchase game

One of reasons why people use this app is the full version on in-app purchase mode. How to use lucky patcher for in app purchases? As it mentioned above, this app has feature to remove verification. In-app purchase is a common feature on Android apps to extend revenue for developer. You only have limited features and cannot use utmost capability. Unfortunately, money is required to get the full version. This is where lucky patcher becomes savior to remove in-app mode.


In-app purchase game with lucky patcher

In-app purchase game with lucky patcher

Actually, you just modify and remove permission. As you know, the app may come from Play Store or APK. It is better to install specific app from APL then change its permission using lucky patcher. This process increases probability to be higher than installing directly from Store. All processes do not need to root. When asking how to use lucky patcher for in app purchases without root, you already know how this app works.

  1. Rooting

What is rooting? Android is open source platform from Google with many principal manufacturers. Devices with different vendors may use the same Android version, but not for principal configuration. Rooting is a process or activity to access root area where users may remove device limitation. With this process, smartphone becomes completely unprotected, but owner has benefits to change whatever they want.

In order to work better, lucky patcher needs rooting. Changing permission will affect the entire system. Few features will not work properly if the device still uses the same configuration from vendor. Therefore, you need rooting and all changing will be done.

Lucky patcher seems to be excellent choice to update Android from unnecessary thing. To work properly, make sure you choose the right version. On the download area, developer provides both new and old ones. Besides, this app requires more than basic knowledge to configure Android system. Users should know what to do and what will happen when the process is done. Those are the crucial points before exploring how to use lucky patcher without root 2019.

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