Best 1337x Proxy List for 2023

by Vanessa Diem

Best 1337x Proxy List for 2023 - For most technical internet users, the term 1337x usually slides into mind whenever there's a task of downloading a torrent file; while for the regulars, 1337x appears rather mysterious. 1337x since its inception in 2007 has provided a library of all torrent files and magnetic links which are used for peer-to-peer torrent sharing. For the sake of clarification and enlightenment, we would be breaking down all you need to know about 1337x server and the active 1337x proxy list for 2023.

What is a 1337x Proxy?

1337x Proxy is a source that generates torrent files. To clarify what that means, one has to first grasp what a torrent means.

How a 1337x Proxy Works?

The general norms of downloading a file involve visiting a website or source, searching or finding the file and then downloading it.

1337x Proxy provides index database of torrent files. Each is an alternative method whereby several users known as peers can connect their computer and share files which can now be accessible to other peers. Torrent provides a faster and more efficient alternative means of downloading. Torrent also ease the loads on servers by linking computers together so that one can connect and download directly from a fellow user.

The content to be distributed is not concealed in a torrent file instead it contains information or metadata about the content. It somehow shares a similar feature with a DNA in the sense that it is not the content but contains information about the content like size, name, and structure. In a summary, a torrent is a computer file that contains information about a file, be it a book, document, game or media.

Since a torrent file is not the actual content, it acts as a link to downloading the file.

When a user is interested in downloading a file that has been shared on torrent (be it media, document, games, etc), the user has to find the corresponding torrent file.

They're many websites or rather search engine where these corresponding torrent file can be found. These websites are known as indexers. One of the most popular of these indexers is 1337x proxy.

How 1337x Proxies Came About?

How 1337x Proxies Came About?
How 1337x Proxies Came About?

1337x proxy is a source that allows users to download these torrent files to their computer.

Unfortunately, 1337x has been banned in many countries. This is because torrent has become associated with crime because millions of users share copyrighted contents or materials. This content is then downloaded by other users who are most likely not aware of the irregularity.

The good news though is, they are plenty of other 1337x proxy server sites which are called mirror sites. These mirror sites are not the exact site but rathera clone of itwith its own unique domain name.

A 1337x proxy server can facilitate a connection with the initial 1337x website. and as stated earlier, they are various 1337x proxy server and now, we'd be looking at some of them.

Best 1337x Proxy List for 2023

1. Torrent Site

The first option on our list is the original 1337x .to site itself. The 1337x .to site is directly connected to the torrent source and site. The site is very easy to use and offers you a quick downloading speed. The 1337x .to site is free, easily accessible and a very great option, that is, if your country is not part of places that the use of the site has been ban by IPS.

Nevertheless, there are different ways to access a banned website.

VPN Services

VPN means Virtual Private Network. The ISP, which tracks down irregularities and also protects copyrighted copy by punishing cyber perpetrators. The ISP does this by tracking the IP address of the computer user. The VPN can be used to hide or change the IP address of any devices. They are several free or budget VPN available to choose from but it is advisable to go for a paid one instead. The reason is that most free VPN services provided always have to maneuver in their service, maybe in speed, security or even privacy. Some best VPN services are:

TOR Browsers

Tor browser is a browser like any other browser but unlike other browsers, Tor browser allows you to use the internet or to browse without revealing your real IP address. Tor browser is invented by the U .S Navy and it is free and legal. Your IP address if very secured with Tor browser and it can be downloaded from the official website

Web Proxy

Web proxy disguises your IP address and acts as an intermediate between you (your IP) and the internet. If you visit a website through a web proxy, you're asking that web proxy to visit on your behalf but the content shows in your own browser. Just like in the case of a VPN, they are many free and budget web proxy site available but as in the case of VPN, free things can come with a risky price. It can be limited by pop-up ads, or slow speed, limited bandh width or even security and protection of privacy. So it is more ideal to patronize a paid web proxy site.

2. 1337x Proxies

The 1337x mirror proxy as we stated before is a clone of the original. They have an identical user interface and identical features to the original 1337x site. Below are some 1337x mirror sites

NOTE: The list is compiled for information purpose and on no account are we in support of anyone who chooses to use torrent file to download copyrighted materials.

1337x Proxy SiteRatingStatus Very Fast speed Online Very Fast speed Online Very Fast speed Online Very Fast speed Online Very Fast speed Online Very Fast speed Online Very Fast speed Online Very Fast speed Online Very Fast speed Online Very Fast speed Online Very Fast speed Online Fast speed Online Fast speed Online Fast speed Online Fast speed Online Fast Speed Online Fast Speed Online Fast Speed Online Fast Speed Online Fast Speed Online

These are twenty (20) 1337x proxy sites where you can download your torrent file. Should in case torrent is not permitted in your country, be sure to use VPN, tor browser or web proxy.

Also, they're some dangers in using torrent as a result of the fact your IP address is being opened to other peers. If found violating any protocol or reported, the ISP can be able to incarcerate your IP address so it is best to always use a VPN.

There again, there is the threat of a virus. Torrent is a safe means of downloading but there is no telling what the file being share might contain, so it's best to use an antivirus

Every day, many of this 1337x proxy site gets deactivated by ISP but as at the time of writing, the ones we compiled for you are currentlyactive so be sure to visit our site regularly for updates.

Torrent Sites as Alternatives for 1337x Proxies

Torrent Sites as Alternatives for 1337x Proxies
Torrent Sites as Alternatives for 1337x Proxies

1337x remains one of the most popular, organized and user-friendly torrent file provided but not without its own lapses. Some countries have a great counter formula so even with the use of a VPN, Tor browser or web proxy, the site might be difficult to enter. If that's the case in your place or you're just in need of an alternative, here are a four (4) other alternatives to 1337x

The Pirate Bay

The pirate bay was launched in 2003 and is one of the oldest torrent directories. The pirate bay is easily the second most popular indexers after 1337x. Like 1337x, the pirate bay has been blocked in most countries but can be accessed through mirror sites and proxies a few of which are:

https://thepiratebay .org (Official site)

https://piratebay .live

https://thepiratebay .zone

Kickass Torrents

Kickass torrent is a good alternative to 1337x and was launched in 2008. Kickass torrent was one the most popular torrent site until it was incarcerated by the government in 2016. Later that year, it was relaunched with a new domain name:

Although not as popular as it once was, Kickass offers a user-friendly experience.


Rarbg was launched in 2008 and is one of the most popular torrent directories and as at now, it has over 80 million visitors in a month. Rarbg is very organized and user-friendly. Rarbg is blocked in most countries but can be accessed through VPN, web proxy and mirror site. The official Rarbg site is:

Some Rarbg proxy and mirrors are:


Extra torrent the last but certainlynot the least of our list, is a very good alternative to 1337x. Extra torrent provides you a similar user experience to 1337x. ExtraTorrent was one of the most popular sites in 2016 before it was shut down. The site was later relaunched and is currentlya good option for torrent file sharing. The official site is

Disclaimer: The provided 1337x proxy list is simply for users' information. We would not endorse any illegal activity; such as: copyrighted media sharing. Using the 1337x proxy to do so may land you into troubles with the local law.

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