How to Reactivate Instagram Account After Deactivating 2023

by Vanessa Diem

How to Reactivate Instagram Account After Deactivating 2023 – Are you looking for some ways to revive your Instagram account from its long sleep? Find out how to reactivate Instagram account 2023 in this article. You will be able to take back your account once you successfully follow these steps below. However, before digilging into the tutorials, let’s discuss about Instagram first.

Instagram has been known as a unique platform for its ability to share a real time pictures from users. Many users find out Instagram benefits that change their whole life. Some of them confess their self-esteem is incredibly boosted after posting their photos on the platform. Many others are able to monetize the account through endorsement and paid promote. For other communities, Instagram stands as a source of information to communicate between the members.

Reasons Why Instagram Account Can’t be Accessed

However, there have been some cases in which an account is locked out from user. This condition can be affected by several reasons below.

Why is the account blocked

One of the reasons on why Instagram account cannot be accessed is that the account may have been deleted. Regardless the account is deleted intentionally or not, it cannot be retrieved once it is removed. The account will be forever gone. You need to start from the beginning and the previous instagram username will not be available anymore.

Many users delete their account without wise considerations. They quickly jump into a conclusion that their instagram need to be closed forever in order to maintain a healthy social relationship. Some of these impulsive users regret this decision instantly. Therefore, make sure to think wisely first before deleting your account. Well, there is no tutorial on how to reactivate Instagram account 2023 once the account is deleted.

The Instagram’s Policy and Guidelines Violation

account disabled instagram
account disabled instagram

Instagram has a set of strict rules to protect its community from any kind of spams and violating contents. The true goal of Instagram is to build a safe and dynamic environment. Therefore, Instagram believe they have right to disable any accounts that seem to violate the guidelines. If you are one of users who is mistakenly being disabled by Instagram, you can sent your objection to Instagram. The steps on how to reactivate Instagram account 2023 in this case is actually quite simple. All you have to do is logging in to your account using the email and password. Then, follow the instructions that appear on screen.

The account is disabled temporary

temporarily disable account instagram
temporarily disable account instagram

Some people choose to temporary disable their instagram account. The reasons may vary for every single case. However, somehow most of people reactivate their account after it is temporary disabled.

The Tutorial on How to Reactivate Instagram Account after Deactivating 2023

The third case above is quite interesting to be discussed. Some users think they were too busy to uploading photos on Instagram or they just want to have a break from the crowded Instagram timeline.

However, they don’t really want to leave this platform. Therefore, they choose to disable their account instead. By temporary disabling the account, all activities contained in the account will be hidden until it is resurrected by its user. The explanations on how to reactivate Instagram account 2023 can be found easily on many sources.

To disable an Instagram account, simply tap the person icon on the top right scree, then choose “Edit Profile” and tap “Temporarily disable my account”. After that, Instagram will ask you to choose the reasons why you want to disable the account. The next step needed is to click “Temporarily disable account”. That’s all. Super easy, right?

How to Reactivate Instagram After Temporarily Disabling

How to Reactivate Instagram After Temporarily Disabling
How to Reactivate Instagram After Temporarily Disabling

Now, let’s back to the real case. How to reactivate instagram after temporarily disabling? Follow the steps below to find the answer:

  1. To reactivate the disabled account, the first thing you need to do is to log in to the account. The process can be done both in mobile phone or PC.
  2. Fill in the required form with the username and the password.
  3. There should be no restraints and issues.
  4. If Instagram has successfully reactive your account, the account will be immediately opened.

Some users face difficulties during the second step. When the account cannot be logged in, the solution is by changing the password. Just click “Forgot Password?” under the log in form. Then enter the username along with its email. If the email is correct, an email for reset the password will be instantly sent by Instagram. Reset your password through the email then try to log in again to the account. Most users find this step works wonderfully for their account.

You may ask “I have followed the steps on how to reactivate deactivated Instagram account, but it’s still not work. What should I do?” It must be surprising when the disabled account still cannot be retrieved even after doing the several steps above. Don’t worry. There is still a hope for reactivating the account.

Best Option to Reactivate Instagram Account by Directly Contacting Instagram Official Board

The best option to solve this problem is by directly contacting Instagram official boar. Let them know what happens to your account.  You can reach them through these ways.

  • Access the Instagram Help Centre from you browser. Follow the instruction to make a report for any Instagram broken features in this site.
  • Tap on the “something is not working” through your account then report the problems here. However, if you still don’t have the access to your account, choose “I can’t log in” option. Instagram will provide the steps to to restore the troubled account.
  • With the help of other user’s account, try to access Privacy and Safety Center in order to make a report about your own account. The report can be made through “Report Something” field there.
  • Since there is no available customer service email from Instagram, you can send a message from their Facebook page (

This is the last way on how to reactivate Instagram account 2023. It is strongly advised to make a clear and concise report about the problems you have. The report should include the username and specific problems that happened to the account.

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