How to Create Apple ID without Credit Card 2023

by Vanessa Diem

How to Create Apple ID without Credit Card 2023 – Apple ID is a feature developed by the big phone company for added security of personal devices. It helps making sure that the login process is authentic, done by authorized user. This feature comes for free; user only needs to register an account at the authentication feature’s website. The regular way of signing up an account is by providing your credit card information. But luckily you can work your way around it. Below, we will learn how to create Apple ID without credit card 2023 method. Take note on the steps that will be discussed and you will get this security feature in your devices.

Even if registering your credit card account is often required, there are many people who cannot provide such information. Sometimes they just do not have credit cards. There are also cases where people do not want to share their credit card account for certain reasons suck as fear for their information security. With the steps that will be explained in following part, you are no longer need to worry about this detail.

How to Create Apple ID Account without Credit Card on PC and Other Devices

Before learning how to create Apple ID without credit card 2023, you need to know why having this application is important. Well, this authentication app will aid Apple devices personalization especially when you are using new devices. When accessing Apple Store, you can get a customized experience if you are using your ID to enhance your app browsing experience. The ID must be registered to get customer support from the company in case user is encountering problem with their devices. There are other benefits of having this authentication feature.

First, we will discuss the way to create ID account without using credit card on one’s personal computer. The method is done by accessing iTunes on the computer. It is also the way to create iTunes account with Unused Credit Card Numbers That Work 2023 since the ID is used to access this app. Here are the steps that you can follow to do that.

  1. Access iTunes on your desktop computer or laptop then visit iTunes Store. It is important to make sure that the flag on bottom side of your screen is flag of the country where you are residing.
  2. Download any item that comes for free in the store, such as song. Press “Get” button.
  3. Select “Create Apple ID” when iTunes Store request your existing ID and password.
  4. Select “Continue”.
  5. Read the User Agreement thoroughly and select “Agree”.
  6. Choose username and password that you will use to access ID account in the future. Make sure to remember this information or have it saved somewhere.
  7. Enter birthday information at the last part of registration.
  8. Select “Continue”.
  9. On the Payment Method and Billing Address information page select “None”.
  10. Click “Continue” and a verification email will be sent to the registered email address.
  11. Verify the account by clicking link on your email.
  12. Once verified, the Apple ID account is ready to be used.

How to Create Apple ID without Credit Card 2023 Using iTunes App

You have learned how to create Apple ID without credit card 2023 on personal computer or laptop using iTunes app. The ID account can also be created on other Apple devices, such as your mobile phone. Follow these steps to do that.

  • Access App Store, iBooks, or iTunes Store on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Select any application, book, or song that comes free of charge.
  • Click “+Get” that is located next to your downloading item and click once again.
  • Select “Create Apple ID” when the application requests your existing ID and password.
  • Create new ID and password that you will use to access your account in the future. Make sure that you will not lose this login information.
  • Select “None” when you are asked about the payment information.
  • Click “Continue” and you will receive a verification email in the registered address.
  • Follow the instructions to verify your account.
  • The Apple ID is ready to use once it is verified.

The two methods above are used to create Apple ID without credit card 2023. How if user already has an account, though? Is it possible to omit the credit card information from the existing account? The following method is for iPhone and iPad users.

  • Click “Settings”.
  • Choose “Apple ID Profile”.
  • Go to “Payment & Shipping”
  • Select “Payment method” and remove your current information. For user of iOS 10.2 or the ealier versions, click “None” to remove the current payment method”.
  • Click “Save” or “Done”.

You can also do it from PC or MacBook by following these steps.

  • Access iTunes.
  • Select “Account” then go to “View My Account”.
  • Type in the username and password.
  • Choose “View Account”.
  • Go to “Payment Type” then click “Edit”.
  • Click “None” to remove current payment method.
  • Click “Done”.

A Possible Glitch While Registering Apple ID Account

On the registration methods above, user might not find the option “None” when they are asked to provide payment information. There are several reasons to that. First, the option will not be available if user is younger than 18 years old. If you have unpaid balances on iTunes Store or App Store, this option will not appear to you as well. If iTunes Store or App Store is used for the first time, the “None” option will be hidden from you too.

Another reason why you failed to find “None” option on the payment when you create an account is that you still have on-going subscriptions, as an example Apple Music subscription. You have to cancel the subscription first before receiving such option. If you do not live in the country where your billing address is registered at, then you will not find this option as well.

Those are the ways to create Apple ID without credit card 2023 through various platforms. Possible glitch which commonly is the unavailable “None” option on payment information page is also explained. You need to tackle the issue that causes you to unable finding that option beforehand.

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