10+ Best Virtual Machine Software 2023

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by Vanessa Diem

Along with the development of information and technology, virtual machine software also gains popularity. This type of application is currently booming because of their interesting functionalities which enable users to get several operating systems in one PC without having to get rid of the current one. So, what are the best virtual machine software 2023? In this article, some of them will be revealed.

Well, some virtual machine software might sound foreign to you because the most prominent ones overshadow them. However, you can still try installing the less popular ones as they offer the same qualities as their more popular counterparts.

Reasons to Find the Best Virtual Machine Software in 2023

Reasons to Find the Best Virtual Machine Software in 2023
Reasons to Find the Best Virtual Machine Software in 2023

If you want to run Windows, Linux, and other operating systems, you have todownload virtual machine software. This software helps to download different applications on the operating system.

If you want your virtual machine to work, it should be emulated. Furthermore, if you want to run the virtual machines, you have tobuy appropriatehardware.

The concept of the virtual machine came into being when people want to download Linux in PC and Mac. Downloading Linux in Windows and Mac can only be possibleif you have the best virtual machine software.

If you have the right software, you can easily download Linux in Windows. Not just that you can also download Windows in Mac too.

Before I go into a deep discussion, let’s look at what virtual machines are and how it works.

What is a virtual machine and how it works?

Most of the virtual machines are hosted inside of a physical machine. If you want to work your virtual machine, you have touse software named as a hypervisor.

You can also call it a duplicate machine of the real computer where you run different software. The best example of a virtual machine is downloading Linux on PC and Mac. You might have seen a different screen where you perform all your work, and it is because of these virtual machines.

There are two types of a virtual machine such as:

· System virtual machine

· Process virtual machine

System virtual machine comprises hardware virtualization, and platform virtualization. Process virtual machine comprises Application virtualization, runtime system, and application virtualization software.

Both machines count the run-time and how data is served in seconds. There is no such change in these machines because both work to run different software.

The virtual machine also provides a wide range of high-level abstraction in the form of a programming language.

Downloading virtual machine software is easy because all you have to do is download the software, and you are good to go.

There are plenty of options available for people who want to run Windows and different games on Mac. To choose the best software, you have tosearch a lot.

I have an amazing list for you from where you can find different software for Mac and Windows. You can check the list below to get better knowledge.

Best Virtual Machine for Mac

Want to know the best virtual machine software for Mac? Here are 5 amazing software that you can use for Mac. Apple has just blocked different programs in Mac. It is creating issues for those who want to enjoy different games and software launched by Windows.

To play those games, Virtual Machine software is best because they to run all the programs. It's the same as you are running a blocked website with the help of VPN.

Let’s focus on the name of the software that I have for you. You can run them on your Mac and after that see the magic.

· Parallels Desktop 14

· VMWare Fusion 11

· Apple Boot Camp

· VirtualBox 5.2

· Wine 2.0

Let's have a detailed discussion on them how they work and how this software is best for you.

1. Parallels Desktop 14 - VM Software Link

ParallelsDesktop 14
ParallelsDesktop 14

Parallels Desktop 14 has gained so much important in Mac virtualization. It’s been in the market for many years and comes with many benefits. This software is fast, and you don't have to worry about slow speed.

They have released the 14 version to make the user experience better in Mac. Like other software, it allows you to great Virtual machine so you can run Windows in Mac. You can run Windows or can add different features related to Windows.

This software is best for providing speed. In case if you don't want to use the Windows, you can use CMD-TABto switch back to Mac. This will also help to change the display like it was before.

If you are planning to use this software you have to buy the paid version which comes with $79.99 annual subscription. There are two packages that you can buy, one is the basic plan, and the other is the Business/Pro Plan.

This program also offers different options where you can hide the Windows screen. Not just that, you can also run various screens. In case if you want to try the beta version, you are free to do so.

You can easily use this software with boot camp. Check the requirements first before using it.


· It comes with high speed.

· You can use it with boot camp.

· The new version is free from bugs.

· You can switch back to Mac.

· The new version comes with 3D graphics.

· You can run thousands of Windows program such as games, software on Mac.


· It can be expensive for beginners.

· Opening multiple programs at the same time can slow down your Mac.

2. VMWare Fusion 11 - Software Link

VMWareFusion 11
VMWareFusion 11

First, it was just about fusion running Virtual machines for the software. But the software was not running best because of its features and slow speed. After a few years fusion launched new software named as VMWare Fusion 11.

VMWare fusion 11 new update was to support macOS Mojave and Windows. Even it was compatible with all the latest versions of Windows and the old ones too. Using this software, you can run Virtual Machines on your Mac and helps you in installing the latest version of Windows.

I suggest you use VMWare because it is easy for you. The interface is simple that a beginner can use it easily. Furthermore, this software is a bitexpensive as compared to other software as it cost $79.99 for the basic plan and $159.99 for the pro version.

Fusion 11 menu is new and easy to use. You can add different tabs in this software. If you want to shut down your other software, then free feel to do so. It also helps you to shut down Virtual Machine, which means you can shift back to the old screen.

This software can be expensive, but it's worth trying. You can also but the license for a single person if you want to.


· It is easy to use.

· It comes with any latest features.

· You can easily switch to Mac back.

· Doesn’t cause any malicious activities.

· You can easily make copies of Windows.

· It can run all the latest versions of Windows.


· It can be expensive.

· The latest version contains Touch Bar, which can be an issue for many people.

3. Apple Boot Camp - Software Site

Apple BootCamp
Apple BootCamp

If you want to the distinction between Boot Camp and Virtualization, then Apple Boot Camp is the best option for you. Instead of running different software at a time, you can use Apple Boot Camp that would help you do the trick.

This software allows you to start the boot from a single click. You can start your system with Mac or Windows. When you run your Boot, it divides the system into different parts such as a hard disk or solid state drive.

After that, you can do the partitions. Sometimes doing the partitions depends on how you are handling the files. Partition has a different size and disk space. Meanwhile, if you are doing the partition, then check the space as well.

You can also insert a graphics card while using this application. This boot camp helps you in many ways,such as allowing applications to work and making different partitions.

Furthermore, if you think that using this software can cause trouble on your hardware, then you are wrong.

There is no effect on your power and memory while using the Apple Boot Camp. You have to clear some space in your system while using this software. It also allows you to start the process so that you can easily handle different features.

This is one of the best software that comes with 3D games effects. You can easily perform best on this application.


· It can install all the latest version of Windows.

· The partition can be done with the old version.

· You can check the compatibility tables.

· This software increases efficiency and performance.


· If you switch to Windows, you will lose all the Mac applications.

· You can’t do Windows without the ISO files.

· Boot Camp 6.1 version is not compatible like the old versions.

· This software is free, but only for MAC.

4. VirtualBox 5.2 - VM Software URL


I love this software because it's free and you can use it for your own purpose. VirtualBox so many features for your Mac. You can also run different software and programs without removing the old ones.

If you are planning to use it for your personal use that it's free. Furthermore, the great news is that it has become open source by Oracle and can be found easily.

You can download Linux and Windows without doing any settings. Not just that if you want to use this software, you have tolimit some space for it. Although this software is free, for Windows license, you have topay some amount.

The worst thing about this application is that it is difficult to use as other software. You have to learn a bitto know how this software works.

This software can be a big problem for you if you don't know how Virtual Machine works and how you can use it. Using this software can be easy if you know the basics of how virtual machine works.

While using this software you don’t have to become a coder because no technical support is needed. If you know the basics, then you can easily use this software. I highly recommend this software to those who want to open many programs at the same time.


· It is free of cost and any other charges.

· You can run Linux and Windows on Mac.

· The 5.2 version comes with many features.

· You need not be a technical user if you want to use this software.

· You can buy 100 licenses at a time.


· The new version is not easy to use.

· Can create issues if you don't know how to use a virtual machine.

· Business users have to buy this software.

5. Wine 2.0 - Software Link


Wine 2.0 is best for those who don’t want to spend money. This software is free and comes with many latest features. Like VirtualBox, this software is also open source, and you don't have to pay a single penny to buy it.

However, it doesn’t use virtualization technology like other software. You don’t have to use this software to create different machines. While it is an open source program, then you don't have to pay anything to use it.

This software works on different APIs so you can use it directly from the macOS. APIs will help this program towork better. This software provides better performance and efficiency as compared to other software.

The downside of this software is that it can be confusing for people who are new and don’t know how to start the program.


· It is best for those who want to use free software.

· This software is open source and bug-free.

· The latest version is easy to use.

· It is recommended to those who want to try some challenges.


· It can create issues for those who are a beginner.

· Not best for those who want to try new things.

· Running multiple programs at the same time can be a challenge.

Best Virtual Machine for Windows PC

Want to try some new for PC? Here is the best virtual machine that you can use. This is highly recommended for those who want to run Linux on their PC. Using this software, you don't have to struggle a lot because the interface is simple and easy to use.

1. VirtualBox - VM Software Site


    VirtualBox is one of the best virtual machine software out there. Why? The main reasons are because this software is an open sourced and free. Other advantages that VirtualBox has are the cross-platform compatibility where you can run it on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Above all that, this virtual machine software is very easy to use. If you are looking for best virtual machine software 2023, this one is absolutely the first choice. The features that can be found in VirtualBox is the ability to take snapshot, seamless mode, supports shared folders, drag and drop mechanism, and the ability to clone virtual machines.

    VirtualBox can be used for virtual NICs per host. Compared to other virtual machines, VirtualBox takes up a quite small disk space so your PC will not experience annoying lags. However, VirtualBox also has several disadvantages. First, it cannot access devices that need USB connection. Next, some games cannot be played on full screen mode. VirtualBox takes up a lot of space, and you have to control the resource memory for this virtual machine. If you fail to control this aspect, crashes are inevitable. But still, VirtualBox is one of the best virtual machine software for Windows.

    2. Microsoft Hyper-V - Software Link

    Microsoft Hyper
    Microsoft Hyper

      The Hyper-V software is virtual machine software often used for server environment. Hyper-V was first introduced by Windows Server 2008 and started to be included in Windows 8 and 10 by default. The most prominent advantage of Hyper-V is the ease of usage. Other than that, it is very integrated with Windows 10 which gives you maximum stability and scalability.

      You can also set the controls of Hyper-V and automate everything using PowerShell. Some of Hyper-V’s features are virtual extensible switch, the ability to clone other virtual machines, ability to take snapshots, and many more. These features are the reasons why Hyper-V is one of the best virtual machine for Windows. Actually, Microsoft has new feature, “Hyper-V” along with the launching of Windows 8. This was done to change the older virtual PC program. So, if you are currently using Windows 10 or 8, you can use the feature to be installed to your desired operating system virtually.

      When it comes to Microsoft products, we want something that can work fast. This software is best and can replace Microsoft Virtual Pc. Whether you are a professional and want to try something new, this software is best for you.

      Hyper-V can run multiple tasks at a time without slowing down your PC. It also helps to run multiple operating systems on Windows. If you are new to VM and want to try something new, then this software is best for you.

      This software is only available on 64-bit of Windows 10 Pro so make sure toinstall than Windows if you want to use it. You can check for its latest features that will help you tounderstand this software.

      There is also another option of Guest OS where you can easily add different operating systems. The Linux option in this software is limited. But if you want to use this software you can do it easily.

      Hyper-V also helps users to experience something new with no difficulty. You can also make your virtual server, and for that, you don’t need a miracle.


      · It is easy to use.

      · Setup is bet clunky.

      · The speed is high and efficient.

      · It is free of cost.


      · Linux is limited.

      · Can be a mess for those who want to run multiple programs at a time.

      3. VMWare Player Lite - VM Website

      VMWare Player Lite
      VMWare Player Lite

        VMWare player Lite is a basic version of virtual machine software from VMWare Workstation. This software has open-source license which makes you able to make some modifications according to your needs. VMWare player Lite does not come with various functionalities such as taking snapshots, making clones, remote connection, advanced virtual machine control, and several others.

        But what if you need the advanced features? To use the more advanced features, you have to purchase the VMWare Player Plus. VMWare Player lite is basically the basic version of VMWare Workstation. Although limited, the functions still make VMWare Player Lite one of the best virtual machine software 2023. VMWare Player lite is also available for Linux, and currently it is still one of the best virtual machine software for Linux. However, there are some disadvantages you will experience if you choose to use VMWare. First, it is licensed, so you cannot get it for free. If you do, you can use keygen or crack, but of course this is illegal. Next, it is not open source software so it is not compatible with some operating systems.

        4. Qemu - VM Software Link

        10+ Best Virtual Machine Software 2023: Qemu
        10+ Best Virtual Machine Software 2023: Qemu

        There is several popular virtual machine software such as VMWare and VirtualBox, but sometimes users are searching for a lighter software because those two examples are simply too heavy to run on their computer. The question is, does lighter virtual machine software exist? Yes, it does. Moreover, it has an open source license. This wonderful virtual machine application is called Qemu. No wonder it is ranked as one of the best virtual machine software 2023. In the past, Qemu can only be used in UNIX platforms, a part of Linux. But currently a version of Qemu that can run on Windows has been made. The existence of the Windows version also makes Qemu one of the best virtual machine for Windows 10.

        The first reason is because it is a fast processor emulator. For comparison, the other virtual machine software will take up as much as 40 to 50 K of memory, but Qemu only uses up to 30K. You can try downloading it and prove it by yourself. When using Qemu, you can perform boots directly from hard disk or DVD. Other than that, the process running on your hard disk will be quick because it is pre-allocated.

        Don't judge a book by its cover. I know QEMU websites don't look so sophisticated, but this software is best for your PC. Using this software, you can easily run Linux on your PC.

        This software uses both VM host and machine Emulator. Along with this Emulator, you can easily host different programs such as MIPS64, ARM, SPARC, and many more.

        This software works without administrative privileges, so you don't have to turn on the options again and again. Using this software, you can easily host Linux on your system and can run many operating systems. But you have to run them one by one because PC doesn't have much space.

        QEMU has been used for many years in offices for those who want to use Linux and want to make their system even better. If you have any doubts about this software, you can check the official website for more details.

        This software is open source, and you can easily find the software on the official website. Keep in mind that it can only help to install Linux on your PC and If you want to use it on Mac you have to learn different command lines.


        · Open source and is free.

        · The interface is easy to handle.

        · It can emulate a wide range of machines.


        · You can only run Linux in it.

        · The interface can be confusing at some point.

        5.Red Hat Virtualization - Software Link

        Red Hat Virtualization
        Red Hat Virtualization

        This software is also best for those who want to install Linux in their Windows. You can easily download the code from Red Hat distro. However, Red Hat has just released the latest version, and it looks are amazing.

        This software contains all the features that are best for your PC. Using this software, you can get all the latest features in no time. Meanwhile, if you are using this software, you have tobe a bitcareful.

        Red Hat doesn’t need a Host OS as it can run easily without the host. For best results, use the better version and empty the space for the software. This software doesn’t need any installation as you can run it directly.

        I am sure you have used many virtual machines, but this software has the potential of thousands of that machine. If you want to try something amazing than this software is best for you.

        Red Hat also comes with amazing tools so you can easily use the applications. The cost of this application is $349.


        · It doesn’t cause any security threat.

        · Best for those who want to install Linux.

        · It supports a wide range of data.

        · With it comes to performance and efficiency, it is best.


        · The software can be slow sometimes.

        · The interface has some bugs.

        · It’s not free of cost.

        4. Citrix XenServer - VM Software

        Citrix  XenServer
        Citrix XenServer

        Citrix XenServer is open source software. You can easily find it on their official website. This software is free to download and install. In case if you want to use the basic version, it is free. But the other version is somehowcostly.

        The best thing about this software is that it is sophisticated and comes with many management tools. You can handle many programs at a time, but make sure tocheck your space. You can download both Windows and Linux while using this software.

        It can be expensive for those who want to buy the latest version with many features. The price is around $763, and the Enterprise version is about $2,288. Although It comes with one year support, somehow it is very expensive.


        · The interface is very user-friendly and attractive.

        · It comes with many latest features.

        · It is best for running Linux and Windows.

        · Highly recommended the free version.


        · It is expensive.

        · The free version doesn't have many features.

        5. Xen Project - VM Software Link

        Xen Project
        Xen Project

        Xen Project is free of cost and is an open source Virtual Machine. If you want to run multiple programs at a time, then this is best for you. This software is made by Cambridge University. Furthermore, the staff that created this was later moved on to Citrix.

        The Xen Project has also introduced different features in their software so that people can easily use them. I recommend this software to those who want to run fast software on their PC.

        Moreover, this software doesn't have any bugs, and you can use the new features in the free version as well. Xen Project focuses on virtualization by adding different features at a time.


        · The interface is simple and straightforward.

        · You can use it easily if you are a beginner.

        · It is best for both Windows and Linux.

        · It is open-source.


        · If you want to open multiple files, it can cause issues.

        Alternative Virtual Machine Software for Windows and Mac 2023

        • VMware Fusion
        • VMware ESXi
        • Nutanix Hyperconverged Infrastructure
        • Parallels Virtuozzo Containers
        • Gnome Boxes

        What is the Best Virtual Machine Software for Mac & Windows?

        If you are using a Mac device and in need for virtual machine software, Parallels is your best bet. Parallels were previously known to run on Mac, but recently the Windows and Linux versions are introduced. However, like most apple software, this virtual machine software comes with a price. To enjoy the ease of this virtual machine software, you will have to pay around 79.99 Dollars. That is quite high for some of us, but the useful features you get will make up for it.

        Searches related to best virtual machine:

        • virtual machine download
        • linux virtual machine download
        • virtual machine windows
        • free virtual machine online
        • windows virtual pc
        • windows virtual machine for mac

        This is the end of the best virtual machine software 2023 roundup. After reading these reviews, try the one that suits you best to get the most of your PC.

        Final words

        Want to try something new for Mac and Windows? Virtual Machine software is the best option for you. You can easily run these programs on your PC and Mac. The best thing about these applications is that they are bug-free and doesn't contain any security threat.

        However, you can enjoy these applications on both Mac and PC. You can install all the operating system you want to with just a simple setup. These programs are highly recommended for those who want to try something new.

        Comment below your favorite software and tell us if you are still using them or not.

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