best free virtual card providers 2019
best free virtual card providers 2019

Best Free Virtual Credit Card Providers 2019

Free VCC Online 2019

12 Best Free Virtual Credit Card Providers for Free VCC Online 2019 – There are many providers of virtual credit cards out there. It may be a tough job to find the best free virtual credit card providers 2019 that suits you. However, before the winners are listed, let’s digging up what virtual credit card is. Well, credit card is something that should be used wisely and carefully. When a payment is made from a trusted online merchant like Walmart or Amazon, there is only small probability that the merchant will abuse your credit card. However, if you are going to bravely do a transaction with a new merchant, the transaction can attract some serious risks.

Every time a payment is made, merchant will hold your credit card number, billing address, and even worse your credit card security code. That whole information can be abused by the merchant and we only know the harassment when it is too late. Some cases show that irresponsible merchant can charge your credit card in a hilarious amount. That’s why you need to know best free virtual credit card providers 2019 to avoid the case.

When you sense that the shop merchant is not fully reliable, you can use virtual credit card instead. Basically, virtual credit card is a generated number that related to your real credit card. The generated numbers are totally random. In addition, the maximum charge for the virtual credit card can be set as you desired. All providers agree that this maximum charge can protect the cardholder transaction. The merchants will never know that the card used is a virtual one because it looks just the same with an actual credit card.

Now let’s get started to list the best free virtual credit card providers 2019 that can save people from fraud transaction.

Why the Need for Best Free Virtual Credit Card Providers 2019

Why the Need for Best Free Virtual Credit Card Providers 2019
Why the Need for Best Free Virtual Credit Card Providers 2019

Nowadays, everything is accommodated by the internet including a credit card. Moreover, most of online shops and services come with the credit card payment option. Since there are not all people have this card, the idea of using virtual credit card has risen.

Besides its easiness, this card comes with no limit for every item you buy. Actually, VCC is also known as a prepaid credit card. It connects the support of ledger to the VCC account for secured online trade. Usually, Visa is the most applicable online exchange if you do not have a credit card.

Top List of Free Virtual Credit Card Providers in 2019

Virtual credit card is also called as Prepaid Credit Card by some people. It protects you from harmful transaction that may affect your actual credit card. In addition, the virtual credit card can be helpful for those who can’t afford a real credit card. The fund from bank account can be loaded into the virtual credit card. With this virtual credit card, it is possible for everyone to purchase goods from big online shopping website because most of the eCommerce website won’t accept any transaction without a credit card.

There are plenty options for virtual credit card providers. However, not all big credit card company offers the services.

Responding to this phenomenon, many VCC providers offer their products to customers. Therefore, you have to know the product review to choose the best for you. Choose the one which has a low expense, good security, feasibility, fraud protection, and high confidence.

Netspend VCC - App Link

Netspend VCC
Netspend VCC

This VCC Online is a good option for US resident who want to make a virtual credit card. It offers Prepaid Mastercard services along with Prepaid Visa service. It doesn’t require credit check and you have a probability of cash back benefit from the service. This is a very convenient virtual credit card provider.

Let's take a look at this extraordinary virtual card. It enables you to promote services through the Visa card and MasterCard. This is under the control of Bancorp Bank with permission from VISA USA.

Payoneer VCC - App Link

Payoneer VCC
Payoneer VCC

We cannot make a list of the best free virtual credit card providers 2019 without including Payoneer. Payoneer is a worldwide virtual credit card provider that offers many benefits for its user. By signing up to the services, you will get a free prepaid Mastercard for secured transaction. However, the services will check your identity first such as name, address, and other relevant information which make the verification process feel a little bit longer than other providers. If you need a virtual credit card quickly, this provider is not suitable for you.

If you want the secure, fast, and adaptable credit card, Payoneer is the answer. It connects over millions of experts and business people from more than 200 countries around the world. In addition, many commercial centers and organizations make Payoneer as the mass payout provider for sending assets to their business associates all over the world.

In fact, Payoneer is paid ahead of Master card that is able to be used as a Virtual Mastercard for paying cash on many websites. The good thing is, Payoneer only charges a bit amount of money to the clients. Besides, clients can create a free track to have and send the cash on destinations.

Entropay VCC - App Link

Entropay VCC
Entropay VCC

Entropay is a popular provider for those who want to create a virtual credit card. The site offers the prepaid card at no cost. It is free and simple. Similar with Payoneer, This free virtual credit card also require a verification about user information. However, each transaction is charged by Entropay so you need to consider first before taking the service. But the charge amount is so small so you would barely feel it. It is still one of the high recommended prepaid providers.

Becoming the first prepaid card in Europe, Entropay is also the best free virtual credit card providers 2018. It is because this VCC has served 2 million clients for more than 12 years. It is a really secure card with an officially improved system. Your payment will be easy with Entropay and it is also all free. How to make this card? Just confirm your card data and address. Voila! You get the card. There is no cost at all for the process. Even better, you can always reload the money to VCC directly from your bank account.

American Express (AmEx) VCC - App Link

American Express (AmEx) VCC
American Express (AmEx) VCC

Amex is an enormous banking service which also offers prepaid card feature. They will help users who wish to make a virtual credit card for any occasions. The prepaid card can be used for many transactions such as online shopping, making a website payment, and other international transactions.

Unlike its name, the card can be used worldwide, not only in the USA. Just use the card to pay your online shopping or pay cash to other global sites.

FreeCharge VCC - App Link

FreeCharge VCC
FreeCharge VCC

This is the number one portable wallet among the best wallets in India. This card is controlled by Master Card of Yes Bank. The virtual charge is simple to use and it is very useful for any payment. As it is controlled by Yes Bank, you are able to recover any money offered that flows for the ace cards or other banks everywhere.

Neteller VCC - App Link

Neteller VCC
Neteller VCC

It is a free VCC service which has been used by a lot of people. It is also the online virtual account and credit card service which you can use worldwide. The currencies are euro and US dollar. Moreover, you can have the Moment Process for making free VCC with the simple data and confirmation. The other benefit is Neteller will charge less if you claim the first virtual MasterCard for free.

Kotak Netcard VCC - App Link

Kotak Netcard VCC
Kotak Netcard VCC

The best thing of this VCC is it works with AdWords and Facebook that’s used mostly for online exchanges. You can have it for online shopping on websites, online exchange, web-business, and web-based cash. This is a product from Kotak Mahindra Bank, India. If you want to make this card, just simply submit the record in bank before the Kotak Netcard application. Enjoy your online shopping with this virtual card on any websites which receive VISA cards. It also has the high-security system since you only have a one-time use for a single website.

Walmart Money Card VCC - App Link

Walmart Money Card VCC
Walmart Money Card VCC

It is really helpful as a prepaid card because it supports prepaid Visa as well as prepaid visa charge card. It is also used for various goals like internet business, website shopping, online money exchange. This card is controlled by the Green Dot Bank under the permission of MasterCard International Incorporated. The sad thing is you can only get it in the USA. The same thing happens with the Walmart cash card.

Udio Virtual Credit Card - App Link

Udio Virtual Credit Card
Udio Virtual Credit Card

This one is a bit similar to Freecharge which becomes the portable wallet and also as a VCC. The best thing is that Udio does not only take money from you, but also give some cash back with an amazing offer regularly.

Instant Virtual Credit Card - App Link

Instant Virtual Credit Card
Instant Virtual Credit Card

This VCC gives a free trial which you can use by purchasing items on the web. However, after the trial, you have to pay some extra charge. It might cost from $5 to $500 for accessing the credit card.

Well, those are the best free virtual credit card providers 2019 which you can use for your needs. No more complicated qualifications to have a credit card. Actually, there are some strengths and weaknesses for using a VCC in your life. We will discuss it more.

Strengths of Having a VCC

Strengths of Having a VCC
Strengths of Having a VCC

Let’s talk about the strengths first.

1. Protecting your account information

If you don’t want to give the information about your real card, VCC will help you to do it. Just give the VCC number to the vendor. No more worries about the fraud.

2. Free

Yes. It is free in the making and no more extra fee as the Citibank, Discover, and Bank of America issued. The merchant will not charge more for online transaction and purchase. This will be good at controlling your financial budget. Therefore, you should pick one of the best free virtual credit card providers 2019.

3. Payment and time limits

With the VCC, you can set the payment limit to prevent vendor excessive charge. It will be so much useful if you sign up for a service which updates automatically, but you plan to stop sooner. You can also set the expired date for VCC, so you won’t be charged for the unwanted renewal.

4. One vendor limited

VCC is only restricted to one vendor. So, don’t worry if the website is hacked. You will be still save, especially if you use the best free virtual credit card providers 2018.

5. Safer

This is the best reason why people choose virtual card rather than the real one. The real information about yourself won’t be used by any fraudster to make a fraud of online transactions and purchases.

6. Flexibility

This VCC can only be used to make an online transaction. Since it is temporary, you can make another one if it is expired and you need to have an online transaction again.

Weaknesses of Having a VCC

Those are the strengths of having a VCC for your daily life. Now, let’s turn to the weaknesses. What are the weaknesses of this magical VCC?

1. Limited products

The availability of VCC is a bit limited. Not all the banks issue the virtual card after Chase, CapitalOne, American Express, and PayPal.

2. Limited usage

You can’t use a virtual card for some transactions which ask you to pick the items or to show the real credit card. It is because your virtual number won’t be matched with the physical one. So, don’t use VCC to buy tickets, rent a car or watch movies. The worse problem is when your VCC actually has expired.

3. Pending transactions

Due to the online transaction, sometimes the fund transfer does not run smoothly from the client account to the merchant account. then takes time and sometimes the items are already sent to the client without waiting for the real payment takes place.

4. Skeptical merchant

Although there has been a lot of online shopping, some of them are still skeptical about VCC number. Therefore, they don’t want you to pay with that.

So, what about you? Are you ready to have this card? Make sure you choose the best free virtual credit card providers 2018. The more credible bank of VCC, the safer you are. The important thing is you have to be more selective in doing the transaction. Visit the reliable online shopping websites and avoid unnecessary renewal.

Other Best Free Virtual Credit Card Providers 2019

  • DigiPurse By Union Bank
  • Udio Wallet Visa Card
  • ICICI Bank
  • EntroPay Virtual Visa Card
  • DBS Bank India
  • IDBI Bank
  • HDFC Bank
  • Yes Bank Virtual Credit Card
  • DCB Bank
  • Bank of Baroda

Let’s Compare Virtual Credit Card Providers

From the list and explanation above, comparison can be done easily in order to find the best virtual credit card which suits your demand. If you are still confused on how to compare those providers, here are some key features that should be noticed:

Fee for service

The best virtual credit card providers only require small amount to zero fee for the card creation. If your provider charges you with unreasonable amount of fee, then you should reconsider your option for choosing the provider. Some cards also appear to have a monthly or annual fee so you must be careful. Moreover, the card may have additional charge for every transaction made.


Make sure the providers guarantee the security equipment to keep your account safe from any kind of abuse. Some basic equipment is a global back up system for the saved data, authentication steps, and database encryption that keep all data safe. Other services that must be available are card code, password for payment, and smart identification. In short, make sure your providers keep all its user data save.


The virtual credit card is supposed to work internationally. So, it is very beneficial to have a prepaid credit card that supports numerous currency payments. Some providers offer the possibility to make a payment using electronic currencies like Bitcoin, Perfect Money, and others. Other providers offer numerous foreign currencies options like Rupiah, New Zealand dollar, Euro, without any additional charge.

At the end, the best free virtual credit card providers 2019 really depend on your own condition and favor. Do a need analysis first before jumping into one provider. Make sure about what do you want and what do you need in a virtual credit card. It will reduce the risk of hurting your bank account in the future

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