Best Free Virtual Credit Card Providers of 2023

by Vanessa Diem

Online transactions are the simplest way of payments nowadays owing to the digitalization of almost every kind of platform, whether shopping or business. Thu sit becomes very easy by the availability of a reliable online payment option. If you are looking for secure online options for bank transactions and payments, we got you sorted out! VCC is a very favorite online transaction option among users, which has gained popularity in the past years.

What is VCC?

VCC refers to Virtual Credit Card , which means that you can have a credit card that does not exist physically. Does it sound unique to you? It surely is! But, very useful. VCC is also called the virtual credit card. It is not a credit card provided by the bank, but it connects to your bank and makes payments convenient for you. VCCs are generated by using software that gives you an interim card number, which acts as your credit card number. To understand more about how VCC works, check out this credit card generator for educational purposes.  Sometimes you do not have a credit card, and that makes online purchasing difficult for you. VCC is the instant solution to all your problems as it lets you have the perks of a credit card without having to own one!

Perks of having a Virtual Credit Card

Having a Virtual Credit Card has a variety of benefits that are great if you are an avid online shopper and like to pay through the internet more. Let's tell you some of the benefits of having a VCC:

No extra fee

Usually, Virtual Credit Cards do not cost you anything as you are only getting a card number through the software over the internet. And it is free of cost without any hidden charges. So, what's better than having a credit card without any kind of payment.

Protects your bank info - VCC Link

Protects your bank info
Protects your bank info

If you are unaware of this fantastic feature, let me tell you in detail. When you get yourself a VCC to make online transactions, it means that you are not using your original credit card for this purpose. This saves you from any kind of fraud with your credit card information, and your bank account is safer. The VCC information is customized according to your own will, and you can close it whenever you want. Closing the VCC would not affect your bank account. Isn't this one fantastic reason to get a VCC?

Widely acceptable - VCC Link

Widely acceptable
Widely acceptable

Virtual Credit Cards have made their worth in the market, and now they are accepted by many e-commerce websites. You can make online purchases and transfer money through it. But there is one limitation that there are still some websites that only accept the conventional credit card payment. So you might not be able to use your Virtual Credit Card there.


One of the most liked features of a VCC is that it offers versatility when it comes to customization of your card, which is not possible in case of a bank credit card. A VCC lets you select the limit to your choice. Also, it is you who decides the expiry date of the card and other essential details. This is specified to a VCC only as banks do not allow any kind of customization on your credit cards.

Fraud protection

As we already talked about securing your bank information, this also helps to save you from any kind of fraud through your credit card. So, using a VCC instead of a credit card protects you from any such problems too.

Exchange rates

There are times when you might have to pay in another currency through your credit card. But, your credit card ha some currency operational. While paying through a credit card you have to do the work, whereas a VCC does all this by itself. It is another advantage of having a VCC that you do not have to go through the hassle of conversions and exchange of currency for international purchases and payments.

Best Free Virtual Credit Cards to Protect You in 2023

Now you must be well acknowledged about the need and use of a Virtual Credit Card. And if you are finding the right place to get a VCC, we have found the right ones for you. The best part is that you get the VCC free of cost!

1. Payoneer - VCC Link


Payoneer is a vastly used Virtual Credit Card and used in several countries. It is one of the most used VCC, utilized by businessmen in over 200 countries around the globe! Though Payoneer is among the safest options, it is not the fastest. To assure security, it verifies all your details like your identity, bank details, etc., which might take some time. But this is what makes Payoneer a reliable and convenient option for its users. It provides you a MasterCard, which you can use for your transactions. Another good thing is that Payoneer charges minimal to its clients, that makes it quite a favorite.

Best feature of Payoneer: Accepted in over 200 countries

2. Entropay - VCC Link


If you are looking for a service that does not cost you any initial price, Entropay can be your go-to place for a VCC. It is one of the most accessible platforms to get a VCC by merely verifying your card data and address . You can also reload your card by transferring money from your bank account. This way, you would never run out of credit! Though, if you plan on getting Entropay for small transactions, you might want to consider that Entropay charges a specific amount per transaction. It is still a highly recommended prepaid card provider worldwide!

Best feature of Entropay: It is free!

3. Neteller VCC - VCC Link

Neteller VCC
Neteller VCC

Neteller is a popular Virtual Credit Card among people as it also has a facility of an online banking portal. Among the most significant benefits of Neteller is that it is linked to Skrill and Paypal. To use this plus factor, you just have to register yourself with Neteller. Neteller charges a small amount on the transactions. But, you can get your Neteller VCC free of cost and make as many transactions as you want.

Best feature of Neteller: It is linked to Paypal and Skrill .

4. Netspend - VCC Link


Netspend is another option for you if you are looking for a free VCC for your transaction needs. It is much famous among US residents for its service. People tend to trust Netspend more as it is permitted from Visa USA Inc . NetSpend gives preparing and promoting services through MasterCard and Visa check cards. Not only they provide a prepaid master card, but you can also get a visa debit card according to your needs.

Best feature of Netspend: Provides the option of a visa debit card.

5. American Express - VCC Link

American Express
American Express

Other than being a popular online banking system, American express offers some other services, including Virtual Credit Cards. Another attractive feature is the reward feature of American Express for its users. Don't get carried away by the name, American Express is not only limited to the USA. It provides online VCC services to people worldwide. It does not require any least amount for getting an AmEx VCC. American Express has a unique fee structure for the VCCs as they make a good annual cut. But their services make up for the charges quite well!

Best feature of American Express: A unique reward system for the users

6. Walmart Money Card - VCC Link

Walmart Money Card
Walmart Money Card

Walmart money card is issued by Green Dot bank with the permission of MasterCard International Inc. The Walmart money card is free and does not cut any amount on the transactions. Also, the money card does not need you to have a bank account to make use of the card. Though, the card is available for US Residents only for now. You can use the card to make purchases all across the USA. The card is a favorite among users as it allows you to earn cash-back on your purchases. You get a 3% back on Walmart online purchases and 1% on Walmart stores. It also gives you 2% cash-back on Muphy purchases. Additionally, you can get $75 if you use the card consistently, along with the annual cashback.

Best feature of Walmart money card: You can earn cash-back on shopping!

7. Freecharge - VCC Link


Freecharge is the main wallet of all the portable online VCCs in India. Freecharge is connected to MasterCard in a way that all stations that take master card will accept Freecharge. The MasterCard of YES Bank regulates Freecharge. Being under the control of Yes Bank, Free charge lets you recover any money offered that flows for the ace cards or other banks everywhere. FreeCharge Go lets you pay anywhere using an app on your phone. Not to worry about the safety of your money as FreeCharge allows you to have an MPIN to secure your card . The card has 128-bit encryption to make your experience worry-less. So get your FreeCharge card today and make online purchases and payments. The only drawback is that it is limited to India yet.

Best feature of FreeCharge: It is regulated by MasterCard and gives you additional transaction options.

If you have understood the need for a VCC and planning to get one for yourself, make sure that you select the right conditions for yourself owing to the availability of high customization. Pick your favorite VCC among these and make your online transactions more reliable and comfortable !

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