i need money please help me

I Need Money Please Help Me: Free Money From Millionaires 2018

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I Need Money Please Help Me: Free Money From Millionaires 2018 – Today, there are plenty choices of contests, sweepstakes and giveaways that offer attractive prizes. This marketing idea is seemingly effective in a chance a company is looking for social followers or expanding the business. The prizes are various, ranging from cash, products or services. The procedure is actually easy and simple. While some company only requires certain comments, the other might require something different. It is not surprising that many people are looking for Free Money From Millionaires to join.

Giveaway Money 2018

Giveaway Money 2018

Is it actually necessary or worthwhile to join a i need money please help me? It depends on your perspective and goal. Some people join giveaway money free only for fun, the others struggle to get the prizes. As a matter of fact, nothing’s to lose when you join giveaways, as long as the company does not require something big. Even if you are not lucky enough to get the giveaway, you do not lose anything.

I Need Money Please Help Me? Get Free Money Giveaway Online Choices

In case you are looking for giveaway contests online, there are several options to go. All of them give you extra cash that you need to buy groceries or pay the bills. For your information, these giveaways are the reliable choices that you can join.

  1. HGTV Giveaways

    Link to the site: HGTV Giveaways

This giveaway is not a cheap thing at all. You can take a look at the prizes offered by HGTV. Aside from $100,000 cash, you can get smart home, furnishings, artwork, even Mercedes hybrid car. This is not a joke. This giveaway contest will end on June, 7th. This giveaway is available for all U.S. citizens. So, grab it fast!

  1. Culver and Pepsi

    Link to the site: Culver and Pepsi

Other i need money please help me that you can consider comes from Culver and Pepsi. You can join the giveaway contest and get a chance to win $25,000. Besides, there are hundreds of prizes that you can get ranging from cash and t-shirts. This contest will end on June 10th. Unfortunately, not all U.S. citizens are eligible to join. Only the residents of Arizona, Florida, Colorado, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, and other states are allowed. Open the official websites to know whether or not your state is listed.

  1. Curly

Do you want to win $10,000 check? The easiest way is to join Curly giveaway contest. The promotion will end on June 10th. All U.S. citizens are allowed to join this giveaway.

  1. Hershey’s

In a chance you dream of a holiday in Hawaii, Hershey’s giveaway is all you need to join. You will have a chance to win $8,500 cruise to Hawaii. Furthermore, there are also other prizes like cash and gift cards. If you are interested, grab it fast because this contest will close on June 15th.

  1. Zyrtec

Zyrtec gives you a chance to win $10,000 and hundreds of other prizes. Based on the reliable source, this giveaway will be closed on June 22nd.

  1. Sebamed USA

Sebamed gives you a chance to win a $250. You can use this money to get summer skincare from this product. It is pretty easy to join i need money please help me. Simply fill out the form and you will be eligible to win the money.

Free Money From Millionaires

After knowing the choices of i need money please help me you can now join one that you like the most—or else you can join all. However, there are several things to consider before joining random giveaway contest. To avoid fraud, you have to make sure that the giveaway is valid. Pay attention to these tips:

  1. Look at the Brand

giveaway money 2018

giveaway money 2018

The first point to take into account whenever you want to join i need money please help me is the product brand. In a chance you do not know anything about the brand, try to find any information. Some popular brands usually make giveaway contest as their marketing strategy. Meanwhile, small business offers giveaway to expand their business. In short, it is recommended to know whether or not the holder is valid.

  1. Send Me Money Please

Some giveaway online requires you to enter personal identity. While it sounds easy and practical, it is pretty risky to share your personal identity. Moreover if the giveaway holder is not reliable, it is recommended not to join the contest. Since it is prone to fraud, choose only giveaway that does not require personal information such as your identity number or credit card number.

  1. Consider your chance

Even though joining giveaway money 2018 does not make you lose anything, still you need to consider your chance. The more money offered in giveaway, the smaller your chance. Surely more people are attracted to join the giveaway, right?

However, it does not mean you cannot join giveaway money that offer much cash. Some giveaways also offer runner-up prize. This can be a good chance in case you do not win the first prize—at least you can get the runner-up gift.

  1. Consider what to do

It has been known that the consumers are required to do some things to join the giveaway contest. Some giveaways only require you to enter comments on their social media posts while the others require you to fill out a form and enter your personal identity.

It is quite safe to prefer giveaway that does not require personal information. Entering comments or sharing certain posts is considered safe. However, you can also fill out the form as long as the giveaway comes from reliable company.

  1. Do not give up

It is important to keep trying. Even though you do not get the giveaway prize at the first chance, do not give up and keep trying. Do it for fun and keep thinking positively. Since you have nothing to lose, you can always try to join the reliable giveaway.

After all, giveaways are now becoming the part of marketing. It cannot be denied that giveaway is one of effective methods to attract consumers. Considering many benefits and less effort, i need money now please help me becomes your chance to get extra cash. Just say “i need money please help me!”

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Anusha - Mon Jun 25 16:19:11 PDT 2018

Am sri Lankan. I want 3000$ for pay my housing loan. please help to pay this loan.


Debasish Mondal - Thu Aug 30 08:04:56 PDT 2018

can any give me $500,now.i am dying. I am from India.


Katrina Harvey - Sun Aug 05 21:38:41 PDT 2018

$4,000 only will get me back on track, from assisting with my Aunt funeral dec 25, she died on Christmas day. Between me, my mo/ her sister and daughter/ first cousin had her flown back her after holidays over. Now its just been so hard on me to catch back up. Help if you can. 515 Visger Road, Ecorse, Michigan, 48229. Katrina Harvey


Joramgailus - Wed Aug 15 02:02:17 PDT 2018

You have no clue how much even 20 bucks would help me


People Who Give Money Away Online (Free Money From Rich People Fast) - YOULICENSE.COM - Fri Aug 17 06:51:32 PDT 2018

[…] sites additionally Free Money From Millionaires 2018 who may enthusiasm on subsidizing new business thoughts, often business that includes social […]


Debasish Mondal - Tue Aug 28 12:40:15 PDT 2018

I need $2000 to save my friends life he is in hospital, please help him. Your little donations can save a life .please ! My mail I'd :debamondal192@gmail.com


P Babu - Thu Dec 13 05:07:29 PST 2018

i need $5000 dollors free money from millionaires 2018. i have so many money problems and family situation. Dear Sirs/Madam please help me. iam 42 years old still i have no job. i begging you please help me.


Ruth - Tue Aug 28 15:55:08 PDT 2018

hallo am Ruth from kenya,am looking for anyone who can help me financially to boost my project of helping kids from the slums acquire education,I have a piece of land donated but we don't have funds to construct classrooms for the kids,any assistance will be of a great help for more information contact: +2547117676 Thanks.


gavin daniels - Wed Aug 29 09:07:02 PDT 2018

Hi i need money


hoihnu - Wed Aug 29 14:42:19 PDT 2018

Sir, Iam Hoihnu from churachandpur Manipur in India. My husband was died in due to liver problems.. I am being mother of two daughters my struggle was difficult to me sir please help me I need some amount 60000 I want to start new small dukhan and I want to protect my kids or o want to give good quality education please help me....I hope you understand me my problems... God bless you...thanks


Bridget Walsh - Thu Aug 30 14:18:47 PDT 2018

I have been ill for years now not been able to walk very well due to two diseases i have back etc i am getting slower at walking and at one time i used to walk every day now its a lot harder to get around in such a lot of pain i have not much of a life I also brought up my daughter on her own since she has been born due to the fact that her father does not want to know her . I am so to be made homeless and have no where to go .I worry day and night not getting much sleep sometimes no sleep at all I see know it to this nightmare at all as I also have my mum with me who is losing her memory ,I dont know what do do I suffer from deep depression and feel the only way out is to put a end to it all so the I can a last fine real peace ,peace I have not know ever in this life .PLEASE I am crying for help and hope anyone can help me ,I am reaching out for someone to hear me and to try and understand my pain Blessings from Bridget Walsh


waseem samuel - Tue Sep 11 09:19:26 PDT 2018

please I want some money because I need it truly


YAHAYA HARUNA IDRIS - Thu Sep 06 11:08:18 PDT 2018

hello sir i need help of money like $10,000 please i have thing to do here is my bank account 2225115096 account name YAHAYA HARUNA and phone number 08189931946


nyakana enid - Fri Sep 07 11:49:26 PDT 2018

Hi Am Enid Nyakana From Uganda My Parents Refused To Educate Me As Was To Join Unevirsty A Rilly Need Help Am Suffering Alot God Bless You


Darlene - Fri Sep 07 16:16:53 PDT 2018

Hey, my name is Darlene i have 4 kids and I’m in so much need right now we have lost everything! My mom died my dad got deported I live in GA where I have no family if anyone could cash app me anything would help $porterdarlene I would truly appreciate it me and my kids will always be grateful even though we are where we are. God bless


Jesus Flores - Mon Sep 10 02:06:07 PDT 2018

I need money at least $58,000 to get a car, i have my own place but the utilities bills are to much to buy even enough food that’ll last a week! I need to see the dentist but need cash for 3 of my wisdom teeth. I need money to get laser eye surgery. I need it to buy clothes and boots. Please contact me @Legitimately.diamond1@gmail.com


Safiya - Tue Sep 11 15:12:21 PDT 2018

Just trying to survive with my 2 girls. Living in such negativity and let down. We just want to live! Everytime we ge 2 steps ahead, we're pulled back 10!


Yazid - Thu Sep 13 18:48:56 PDT 2018

I need 10000 dollar ......


Bridgette M Deleon - Thu Sep 13 19:43:34 PDT 2018

Yes hello in need of rent money my husband is a hard worker but unfortunately it's becoming harder for him to work his joints in his knees also ankles an elbows swell up an very painfull for him plz any help would be appreciated thank you very much


Gerald simiyu - Mon Sep 17 11:38:21 PDT 2018

Comment:I need money to join college and i don't have please help me...contact me at +254705571836


Mason - Mon Sep 17 23:52:54 PDT 2018

help i am in need for surgery it cost 1,000 all i need is 500 please help


emmanuel - Thu Sep 20 01:44:14 PDT 2018

hi am emmanuel from togo,am suffering from diabetes my parents are poor and they can't afford my hospital bills i really need your help with some money pls i don't want to die it's getting worse pls reply my Comment, springsemmanuel@gmail.com


Mesafint Gizachew Alemu - Thu Sep 20 14:19:48 PDT 2018

hallo am Mesafint from East Africa Ethiopia am looking for anyone who can help me financially to boost my project of helping my kids from the acquire education, I have a piece of land donated but we don ’ t have funds to construct classrooms for the kids, any assistance will be of a great help for more information contact : + 251911568437 Thanks .


Mesafint Gizachew Alemu - Thu Sep 20 20:29:44 PDT 2018

hallo am Mesafint from East Africa Ethiopia, am looking for anyone who can help me financially to boost my project of helping kids from the acquire education, I have a piece of land donated but we don ’ t have funds to construct classrooms for the kids, any assistance will be of a great help for more information contact : + 251911568437 Thanks .


Hannah Mollice - Fri Sep 21 16:08:22 PDT 2018

Hello how are you, I am in need of funds to replace our old sewer line,hot and cold water lines, gas lines, plumbing lines,electrical lines, foundation, floors,walls,ceilings, and a metal roof, two carport garage,security fence.The contractor will be contacted and receive all funds. My email is HannahMollice@Yahoo.com you can leave a message on my facebook messenger. Thank you


Charity nonges chipoya - Sat Sep 22 21:14:12 PDT 2018

I'm charity chipoya from Zambia, I need of money for pay rentals, education for my children, pay debts to people owing money, my salary is to low to manage all this need, I really want someone to help me with money $30000 so that okay alsobuild to avoid rentals. My mobile if someone want to contact is+260969879209,i will be grateful.God bless you thank.


maxwell - Sun Sep 23 23:09:27 PDT 2018

I have a project of building my mum's house sprices things r getting difficult to me.. I am working but despite money am getting there is only for food now am getting scared cuase rain wanna start anytym in November. . please help.


Belay Alebachew - Mon Sep 24 09:16:04 PDT 2018

please help me ,i need 4,500Usd to start small restaurant and farm work,so please help me I'm from Ethiopia,my bank acc.no is Commercial Bank of Ethiopia Ayira Branch 1000098536478.Thankyou so much,thankyou.


Brandy Stack - Wed Sep 26 13:27:38 PDT 2018

Please help! My kids are hungry! I am hungry! I dont have diapers and my bills are pileing up! Please help!


Tendel Zangmo - Wed Sep 26 18:16:15 PDT 2018

Hello, please help me cash 3000 dollar because being single mother, difficult live life and my kid expenditure. Need so desperate of cash. Please help me. I will be great full forever. Thank you.


Julius Mugabi - Wed Sep 26 20:26:43 PDT 2018

Hello I'm drawning in the pool of poverty.Can any rich man help me with some $10,000 to boost my business ? Kids are not at school housing another problem. Kindly let a good summeritan help me . Julius from Uganda God bless you


Eziekwe chinedu moses - Thu Sep 27 12:39:43 PDT 2018

I need $5000 in order to set up a business for myself on my family please help me sir My PayPal email address chineduezih@gmail.com


kamrul - Thu Sep 27 20:49:25 PDT 2018

plz i m poor help some money for my family


Raymond Iona - Fri Sep 28 10:37:26 PDT 2018

Hi I'm really ashamed off myself for asking money. But when you're desperate for money because I'm in a financial crisis can please help me. I owe 16,340.00 to a finance company.


Fatima Buhanwale - Sat Sep 29 03:22:58 PDT 2018

Sir I want 2 lakh inr Indian ripise I return back 2 year plz help me my wife on hospital I smol kidis 2 plz help my wife account idbi bank Fatima j burhanwale ac/ 0555104000064442 plz help


Adedoyin Olaoluwa - Sat Sep 29 06:29:12 PDT 2018

please i want to go school and i need to go. please


Eden - Sat Sep 29 13:29:00 PDT 2018

Hallo, i am eden . I have finanitial problems i have bills to pay but i can't. I do not have money. I am also 6 month pregnant to my second child . That makes me so stressed please if you can help me?


Parameswari - Sun Sep 30 17:31:58 PDT 2018

Please help me this my life matter please help me i want 3 lahk inr Indian rupees but i can not give that money back


Cherné Titus - Mon Oct 01 08:45:43 PDT 2018

I want to further my studies and want to invest in real estate. Need an angel investor.


Mahesh - Tue Oct 02 05:53:12 PDT 2018

Sir I need money for my family problems I lost everything in my life please help me my family depend on me but I am useless I have 30 lacs lendings sir please help me.


Parameswari - Sat Oct 13 13:15:46 PDT 2018

Sir please reply sir please help me sir


Lucy - Mon Oct 22 06:02:13 PDT 2018

Please help me with money please


Romeo Calisin - Thu Oct 25 04:10:33 PDT 2018

hi Im Mr Romy from Philippines i started feeding street children & poor families giving food, old clothings , medicine & water, i cooked it my self and togethrt with my family we go around and gave it to the poorest, my dream is to have my own charity house, as of now i need additional capital in my small business to sustained my reach out program for the poor, especially families that cant afford to buy medecines, im asking help not for my own but for me to help others, raw food materials is ok rice, eggs, noodles, old clothings & blankets, milk, need also cash if possible , i have proof & picture of our programs, i do it every sunday, but i want to do it 2 x a week including giving medecine, Thanks Romy


Romeo Calisin - Thu Oct 25 04:34:51 PDT 2018

hi Im Mr Romy from Philippines i started feeding street children & poor families giving food, old clothings , medicine & water, i cooked it my self and togethrt with my family we go around and gave it to the poorest, my dream is to have my own charity house, as of now i need additional capital in my small business to sustained my reach out program for the poor, especially families that cant afford to buy medecines, im asking help not for my own but for me to help others, raw food materials is ok rice, eggs, noodles, old clothings & blankets, milk, need also cash if possible , i have proof & picture of our programs, i do it every sunday, but i want to do it 2 x a week including giving medecine, Thanks Romy paypal account: ROMEO CORDERO CALISIN


Rajpal - Thu Oct 25 11:42:26 PDT 2018

Please help me sir i am very poor i am hungry my mother is deth on date 7oct2018 please help me sir please please please help mob 8209213837 please help me


Dacoda jones - Thu Oct 25 22:31:58 PDT 2018

I'm raising my kid brother on my own and im about too be evicted because I'm behind on rent..... Please help me


Kvon blanks - Fri Oct 26 04:13:00 PDT 2018

Hi im an 22 year old teenager just trying to survive life ,i was adopted and both of my parents are deceased, i need help with financial as in getting ( social security card) (Birth certification),id and etc ,also i applied for college at Kennedy king college for criminal justice but i now need help getting books and ect. So if u can please help me and my future to be successful then that will ne great ,whatever donation of cash u have ,u can send it to my pay pal account paypal.me/kdblanks


Kvon blanks - Fri Oct 26 04:24:28 PDT 2018

I im 22 years of age ,been adopted, parents deceased and im in college for criminal justice ,day and day i struggle needing the parents role but life not easy without them ,im in college needing books and supplies,phone bill keep coming,and i do get link $192 but i cast it in to pay my phone bill wich still dont leave me with anything, so if u can send money to my PayPal Account that will be a blessing paypal.me/kdblanks Thanks & God Bless


ahsan - Fri Oct 26 11:27:05 PDT 2018

i need monoy plz i am sucide


ahsan - Fri Oct 26 11:28:38 PDT 2018

i need money aim sucide


David - Fri Oct 26 11:55:19 PDT 2018

I'm and inuk so I need help so if you are kind please help me and you well be blessed in 100 ways the you for your support


Wabwire Swaleh - Sun Oct 28 08:59:13 PDT 2018

Wabwix Swaleh,from Uganda East Africa.We Have An Orphanage School.Which Is In Great Need Of Your Support(stake).The Major And Unstableful Problem Is That During Rainy Season No Schooling Because Of No Proper Built Class Rooms.For More Information.Please Contact (+256)0753473270.Thank You.


Debra Atkinson - Sun Oct 28 13:29:23 PDT 2018

Good Morning, To whom it may concern my name is Debbie, My husband and I started a business and we had to use all of our credit cards to get products because it was cod and now we are in dept 20,000+ we see no way out and my husband has gotten sick. I was wondering if anyone out there could help.


Anthony - Sun Oct 28 19:35:48 PDT 2018

If there really is someone out there that is giving away money to help people struggling out, then I am not requesting a small amount. I am about $225,000.00 in debt and would appreciate any amount of a love offering you want to present.


Noel wilson - Mon Oct 29 09:57:54 PDT 2018

Hi, I’m a single parent of 4 boys with full custody, I am in desperate need of a car to get them school and work, my benefits don’t cover enough for me to save anything as I pay a fortune in bus fares and bills, I’m a self employed window cleaner and as I’ve no car I can’t get to my customers, I would do anything for a loan so I can get my life back on track it’s been a horrible year and had nothing but bad luck, can somebody pls help me I’m not asking for much just enough for a cheap car I would pay it back with interest as I earn a lot when I’m able to get to work, I am a proud man but I’m at my wits end tia to anybody who could help me


Abul Hussain - Wed Oct 31 11:12:02 PDT 2018

Please help me my brain tumor operation cost Indian 5 lakhs rupees any person help me my State Bank of India account number is 20071188592 , IFSC Code- SBIN0007960


Beverley - Sat Nov 03 07:36:40 PDT 2018

Hey im in the seep im single mom struggling to find a job i have four kids can some please help is to get food please. Phone number 0637729730 from south africa


Ivan Thabang Oduetse - Tue Nov 06 04:07:56 PST 2018

Hello am from Southern Africa (Botswana) please I didn't No about this program please. Please can Any Rich man help me with only $1000 to start up my own business to take care of my family please


Bridget Walsh - Tue Nov 06 18:04:56 PST 2018

My health has been bad for many years I had many bad falls .in a lot of pain everyday I fell of a horse many years ago and be paying a very high price for that .my walk is very poor and each step I is


Prabir Mondal - Wed Nov 07 23:03:29 PST 2018

I need money urgently for my family for my little girl. So please help me anyone. My mobile number is (+91) 7003531097


Rajesh R pardeshi - Fri Nov 09 21:47:09 PST 2018

Pl I need urgently 10 lakh rupee...to give one person to return....he is helping me before 2 months go ...that time in medical problem..& getting from money landers...i want return to person 12 Novemb


AJIL FINANCIAL INVESTMENT - Fri Nov 16 15:36:19 PST 2018

Good day Sir/Madam, APPLY FOR ALL KIND OF LOANS HERE AT 2% RATE We Offer Pay Day Loans, Short Term Personal Loans and Long Term Personal Loans. Email: ajilfinancials@yahoo.com WHAT'S APP: +919035538183


faisal yaqoob khan - Sat Nov 24 00:59:17 PST 2018

hi : please help me i have a lot loan some body help me give 2000 dollars please my email is malikfasige@gmail.com


Danushka abeysekara - Thu Dec 06 01:45:22 PST 2018

I want 5000 USD please help me and I Can do anything for you want i have give my body parts or anything please help me.


Lanre Oyebode - Fri Dec 07 10:46:56 PST 2018

“i need money please help me!” I need money for my children school fee.


Courtney Edwards - Fri Dec 07 20:18:24 PST 2018

Please can I help me I need help with finance. I need a new start for me and my kids. Life has been really rough for us. please anyone...


Jason Laurenti - Fri Dec 07 22:26:27 PST 2018

Please send me $250,000 thank you I want to buy a house! And move to BRAZIL! You can send the money to my PayPal account which is PayPal.Me/JasonLaurenti


Creditcardfix5 - Sat Dec 08 04:52:04 PST 2018

INSTEAD OF GETTING A LOAN,, I GOT SOMETHING NEW Get $5,500 USD every day, for six months! See how it works Do you know you can hack into any ATM machine with a hacked ATM card?? Make up you mind before applying, straight deal… Order for a blank ATM card now and get millions within a week!: contact us via Email address: creditcardfix5@gmail.com


Michael Dylan - Sat Dec 08 09:51:53 PST 2018

Good day all. I'm in need of funds. My life has been turned and flipped upside down. I don't need stupid amounts of money. €9000 to start a new life and a small business. Please send BTC to my address 1Ef1iHxSfB62M9znVyBPfeguPbm9hME5cx


Denis rivera - Sun Dec 09 07:07:49 PST 2018

Hi, I'm here to ask for a loan to pay my debt off need 50,000 dollars but will to pay back on a monthly 200 dollars until I pay off the loan, believe me, I tried getting loans but no one is willing to provide that much to someone that has no equal value to it. Please if you can help this my email Riverdenis908@gmail.com thank you in advance God bless.


Vũ Đình Thể - Tue Dec 11 23:56:32 PST 2018

Tôi cần 1000.000.000 USD để hỗ trợ lương thực , vật phẩm cho các nạn nhân nhiễm chất độc màu da cam mà Mỹ đã rải xuống Việt Nam ! liên lạc với tôi : vudinhthe8286@gmail.com


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