5 Best BIN Checkers

by Vanessa Diem

5 Best BIN Checkers - The modern-day payment systems among business people, especially between goods and service providers and their customers, has opened the door of commercial enterprise, brought about a fast process and convenience of making payments and using value cards online. Hence, from the comfort of our place, we conveniently have access to withdrawal and deposit facilities. However, like all technological improvements, there is a flip side to this incredible innovation. The online payment systems come with increased liabilities such as exposure of people to more innovative criminality and sophisticated theft.

But there are several safety measures which reduce the risks of crime associated with online payment and mitigate fraud on credit/debit card score. One of such is the introduction of the Bank Identification Number (BIN) or Issuer Identification Number (IIN) service which requires every user to identify and verify the initial or last four to six digits of their initial credit or debit card before any payments or transactions can be executed. For instance, if your credit card number is "100001000200099", your credit card BIN is "200099."

Mostly, people now have to check their BIN using some BIN checker tools to confirm the information available within the database of the bin to ascertain the credibility of the user of the credit card. In this article, we'll list the best five BIN checker tools or software that will help you validate the authenticity of the details in your bank account. More importantly, using any of them will help you reduce to the barest level the risk of transacting with your credit or card online.

What is a BIN Checker?

As the name suggests, a bin (bank identification number) checker, also called issuer identification number checker is a tool designed to verify the initial or last four to six digits of their initial credit or debit bank identification number in order to ensure the integrity of any payment or transaction made online, ascertain the authenticity of the payment card user, as well as ensuring the safety of the credit/debit card. The BINChecker software avails merchants a database of BINs through which they can gain access to a vast amount of information contained in the BINs of the credit, debit or any other plastic cards used by the customers in carrying out the payment. The checker often seeks to match the information provided by the customer to those contained in the plastic card. There are a number of those tools out there which you can use to help prevent your card from unauthorized use.

Benefits Of Using BIN Checker

BenefitsOf Using BIN Checker
Benefits Of Using BIN Checker

To start with, the benefits that come with using a payment card are enormous. It all depends on what you elect to gain from using the online payment system.

Shields commercial enterprise from paying a chargeback

This is one great benefit you derive from using BIN checker. Whether you're are a service provider or supplier, you will always stand chance of being alerted of any unauthorized transactions. This is important for business owners.

Reduces The Risk Of Payment Card Fraud

Using BIN checker has significantly reduced the risk associated with online transactions. Given the high rate of credit card fraud in today's business world, the need to verify all data through BIN is important. Safety and security of deposit and personal information is guaranteed through BIN checker.

Access To Fraud Information

BIN Checker tool gives up-to-date information about your bank details once you subscribe to its use. So, if there is any swindling that wants to take place on your card, you're quickly and promptly notified.

Free Download And Usage

Most BIN checker comes as free tools and apps for users. Whether at the level of download or usage, many of these Bin checkers are free for use.

Safety And Security

Your deposits and withdrawals just get easier, safer, and more secure with the use of BIN. Interestingly, the information provided by the tools from their database is subject to bank verification because of the synergy between providers of these tools and banks.

Top 5 BIN Checkers

Credit Card Rush (Creditcardrush.com/bin-checker/)

Credit Card Rush is one of the best BIN checkers you can find out there. The tool is designed simply to confirm whether or not you have a BIN in the premium BIN database. The checker has an auto-verification system that first checks the validity or otherwise of your input processes the input and then return the BIN search result.


100% free

Prevents credit card fraud

Users can match search result which often comes in the form of a number, card type, category, bank issuer, card issuing country, etc. to determine the next line of action.

Provides regular updates and accurate (as high as 99.99% accuracy) information and results

Easy to use, responsive, user-friendly

Loads of controls options for data output

Free BIN Checker (Freebinchecker.com)

FreeBinChecker serves as one of the best online web apps for online business person and service providers to check the BIN of their credit or debit card. It comes with a lot of merits and because it is designed t be freely used, the tool has wide adoption. It currently boasts of over 600,000+ records in its database. It has a premium version, as well. The tool accepts the six initial digits of any payment card. For privacy policy, the tool clears off all data input the user. This BIN lookup tool allows users to use multiple cards and in several different ways. For instance, you can check by company, brand or vendor (such as Visacard, MasterCard, MaestroCard, Discover, etc.), by card type (such as Credit, Debit or Charge) and by card level (such as Signature, Business, Platinum, Gold, Prepaid, Electron, etc.).

Free BIN Checker (Freebinchecker.com)
Free BIN Checker (Freebinchecker.com)


100% free for download and usage

Accepts first six digits of payment card

Provides ample, genuine and accurate card information

The user stands at own risk

Does not store any data input of the user

Bank Bin List (Bankbinlist.com)

Bank BIN List Checker tool is an online app which performs database lookup for Bank Identification Number. Once you input your BIN, the app returns all the relevant information stored for in their BIN list database. The tool is designed to check a possibility of fraud for transactions carried out on customer's credit card. Plus, the tool carries out two major checks. One, it uses the IP to find the customer's current location. Secondly, the app links up with the BIN to identify the bank issuing the payment card as well as the country where the card is issued. Combined, the two checks help prevent fraudulent transactions, ensuring that the transaction is denied if it is flagged or accepted once it correlates with information on the database. The database for both checks is regularly updated, providing accurate information about BIN and IP address. The tool currently has over 10 million IP (IPv4 and IPv6) addresses as well as more than 300,000+ BINs.


Permits for a merger of verification of two countries

Carries of security checks for denial or approval of transactions

Provides accurate but imprecise information from the database.

Does not accept any liability for information inaccuracy.

IIN BIN List (Iinbinlist.com)

IIN BIN List checker software comes handy. It is a BIN database checker for credit and debit cards BIN search information lookup. The system currently provides as many as over 340,000 unique Credit Card BINS in the database.


Allows users to search the first 6 or 8 digits of a credit or debit card BIN.

Accurate (100% accuracy) and detailed database of BIN codes information of IIN numbers

Regular update of data list

Offers access to API

No third party is involved in the process of access to BIN check

Exact Bins (Exactbins.com)

Exact Bins is a web-based tool for BIN lookup which is used to check for BIN numbers. It has a comprehensive database of Bank Identification Number (BIN) or Issuer Identification Number (IIN). The tool contains valid entries, accurate information, and complete BIN database.


Genuine and accurate information

Loaded database for Bank Identification Number

All BIN or IIN info is comprehensive, accurate and detailed.

An online demo for potential users to explore features.

Fully functional

Displays all features and descriptions for a specific BIN

No blank entries.

Final Word

One thing that runs through each of the Bank Identification Number (BIN) checkers discussed above is the fact that it is important to check the BIN before carrying out any transaction, whether withdrawals or deposit, on your credit or debit card. As a business person, you have got to confirm and validate the authenticity of the details. These checkers listed and explained in this article takes the market by storm. The uniqueness of their features informs the choice of the tools, the safety and security they guarantee over other Bin checkers.


Here is the caveat: For any of the BIN checker tool you use, the user stands at own risk. Provider of any BIN checker is not liable for the risk incurred or fraud carried out on the payment card.

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