10+ Free Best Teamviewer Alternatives 2023

by Vanessa Diem

10+ Best Teamviewer Alternatives 2023 – Why is the knowledge for the best teamviewer alternatives 2023 important? Why would you need the app, after all?

Well, you need to realize that we live in the modern era and everything is basically depending on the technology. The Teamviewer is a part of the RDA or Remote Desktop Access that gives you unlimited opportunity to manage your desktop arrangement from afar. If you think that Teamviewer is the only software for remote desktop, you are mistaken. There are many alternative options out there, especially since Teamviewer encountered the safety problem with the hacking attempt.

List of Best Teamviewer Alternatives for Free 2023

Keep in mind that you will also need to pay attention to the features. Teamviewer is known for its handy features and usability. When you are looking for the alternatives, you want to gain the same benefits and functions, right? Don’t forget to pay attention to these factors or you may end up regretting your options. So, what are your options and how you can make use of them to your greatest benefits?

CloudBerry Remote Assistant - Alternative Link

CloudBerry Remote Assistant
CloudBerry Remote Assistant

With the increasing safety concern, it is too bad that Teamviewer is no longer the safest and most reliable remote desktop controller. Not to mention that there are some of the performance issues that affects the entire outcome. It’s a good thing that CloudBerry has been created. There are some of the things to like about it, such as SSL encryption for the connection and also RSA update algorithm. As one of thebest teamviewer alternatives 2023 apps, you can definitely expect a lot from this app.

CloudBerry Remote Assistant Pros:

  • The app works almost similar to the Teamviewer so those who are already familiar with the Teamviewer won’t have any problem with the usage
  • The app is completely free and you don’t have to worry about the annoying ads
  • It supports voice and text chat, which can be super handy

CloudBerry Remote Assistant Cons:

  • Some people complain about the user interface system, but it depends on each user, really. Some users don’t have any problem with it while the others do
  • The Linux installation for the non-Linux device requires extra time and preparation

Windows Remote Desktop Connection - Teamviewer Alternative Link

Windows Remote Desktop Connection
Windows Remote Desktop Connection

If you use the Windows operating system, then you should be able to find it. After all, it is the built-in perk in the computer. Simply check the System setting and you should be able to find the setting. When you have to install the app, you won’t have to install any extra pp or add-on. The overall performance and features are super nice and smooth. Don’t underestimate this app despite its in-built nature – it doesn’t always mean that the in-built apps are always lousy and cheesy, right?

Windows Remote Desktop Connection Pros:

  • It supports Windows and also Mac OS X
  • Managing the setting is easy and fast, and it includes the remote access
  • You can disable it with the default setting but it can always be turned on easily and instantly
  • It is perfect for everyone – whether they are novice users or the advanced types

Windows Remote Desktop Connection Cons:

  • You won’t be able to run different concurrent sessions at the same time
  • It would lock the remote screen which is considered as one of the biggest issues that haven’t been resolved – even up until now.

Supremo Remote Desktop - Alternative Link

Supremo Remote Desktop
Supremo Remote Desktop

This app is pretty new to the industry, but it is proven to be quite powerful and handy. According to many of its users, the app doesn’t pose any important or fussy issue – the overall performance has been quite smooth and reliable. There are various things to like about this app, including the lightweight size, the simplicity in the usage, and the smooth (and easy) operation.

As one of the best teamviewer alternatives 2023, user interface is fun to use. The operation is simple and the safety features are one of the best. If you want to use a simple system without too much hassle, and yet it is super strong and solid, it would be the perfect pick for your needs.

Supremo Remote Desktop Pros:

  • The app is super light, especially when compared to other competitors
  • You can set up different multiple connections by using the same computer
  • You won’t have to configure anything
  • The overall price is affordable, provided that you choose the paid service

Supremo Remote Desktop Cons:

  • It isn’t exactly a free service because there are the paid services.
  • The features would be limited on the free version. You can unlock more features and handiness when you choose the paid service.

Ammyy Admin - Alternative Link

Ammyy Admin
Ammyy Admin

No, there is no typo or mistakes in the typing – this is what the name of the app. If you are looking for an effortless service and it is free, you have found the right one. This one has been used by companies as well as individuals so you can expect the best gain from it. And most importantly, this is an app that is pretty lightweight – only less than 1MB. You can also manage action performance as well as the live chat. Managing the remote access to your desktop has never this fun.

If you are looking for the paid service, there are 3 different packages: the Starter, the Premium, and the Corporate. But if you are having enough with the free service, the tons of features will still be handy and useful. You can expect better system arrangement and administration as well as other simplicity. Setting up is effortless and pretty direct. Here are some of the main reasons that make this service as one of thebest teamviewer alternatives 2023.

Ammyy Admin Pros:

  • Users are given flexible options – whether they want to choose the free or the paid service.
  • The security features and connections are pretty solid
  • Everything about this service is related to simplicity

Ammyy Admin Cons:

  • It only works for the Windows system
  • It continuously needs internet connection. Even if you try to use the local network to connect, and you aren’t using any internet connection, you won’t be able to do so.

Join Me - Alternative Link

Join Me as the Alternative
Join Me as the Alternative

The app is basically an online conferencing and gathering tool, enabling different users from different locations to be connected to one another simultaneously. This system supports Mac OS X and also Windows. Another cool feature about this service is the ability to connect to the system through telephone lines or even VoIP ability. You can also manage remote recording, meeting schedule, and also phone numbers

Join Me Pros:

  • Quick connection and easy operation is one of the best features to like about this app
  • The operation is easy with overall smooth outcome and result
  • One of thebest teamviewer alternatives of 2023

Join Me Cons:

  • It isn’t a free service. You will have to pay for it
  • For a startup, the price is quite high
  • There are times when video chat won’t work perfectly and it gets a bit choppy

RealVNC - Alternative Link


It is an open source app that offers both free and paid service. The overall performance is reliable, trusted, dependable, and secure. You can connect this app with various computers and the overall user interface system is smooth. The performance is stable, along with collaboration tools, solid encryption, and chat ability.

RealVNC Pros:

  • The app supports different kinds of operating systems, including Linux, Ubuntu, Windows, UNIX, Raspberry Pi, and Mac OS X.
  • The app is compatible with single user and corporate

RealVNC Cons:

  • The overall setting and tweak can be more complicated and complex than the other apps. But it can unlock various features and useful benefits, so it is no wonder if it is considered as one of thebest teamviewer alternatives 2023 to try.

AnyDesk - Alternative Link


AnyDesk is the perfect and most ideal TeamViewer alternative. As a matter of fact, some of the people who developed AnyDesk were part of the team that developed TeamViewer. It then should not come as a surprise that AnyDesk looks and feel like an upgrade to TeamViewer in some aspects. It comes with tons of features and functions. The main thing behind the creation of the software is to make a software like TeamViewer but with a faster transfer method.

AnyDesk offers faster remote access to all your connected devices compared to other software like it. It does this with its data transmission rates of 60 FPS. This also happens to be the fastest screen sharing rate. There is also a feature called Low Latency on AnyDesk. This allows any action you perform on AnyDesk to immediately reflect on the connected devices.

AnyDesk boasts one of the best security technology in the market today. It uses banking standard tech and encryptions to ensure every single connection is secure and safe. This means that your connected devices cannot be accessed by any outsider. It also means no one can intrude your privacy unless you give them authoriz ed access to it.

AnyDesk has an easy to use interface and its image quality is superb. The implication of this is that you can connect imaging and graphics processing tools to your AnyDesk and remotely operate them with no drop in image quality.

One last impressive thing about AnyDesk is that it is available on a lot of operating systems. Some of them include Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, macOS and many more.

AnyDesk is available for free only to private users. Companies, organizations, and professionals have to purchase paid plans before they can use the software. The paid plans have yearly fees and vary depending on the user’s needs.

AnyDesk Pros

  • Has a feature for just about anything
  • Incredibly small size
  • Comes with Low latency and very easy to use
  • Fast data transfer rate compared to TeamViewer
  • Available for all the major Operating systems
  • The free version comes with all the features on the software

AnyDesk Cons

  • Professional users have no access to the free version

Goverlan Reach - Teamviewer Alternative

Goverlan     Reach
Goverlan Reach

    Goverlan Reach is considered by many as the Best TeamViewer alternative for system management. This means that if you need a software that allows you to streamline and perform system management tasks.

    Goverlan comes with desktop support and provides remote IT support to users. It does this regardless of the distance between the computers. It also works well even when the connected operating systems differ. This means that you can connect MacOS, iOS, Android, Windows, and others together and control them using Goverlan Reach.

    One unique thing about Goverlan Reach is its paid plans. The paid plans are prettymodest and cheap. In fact, unlike other TeamViewer alternatives that increase their subscription price annually, Goverlan Reach prices have been constant. There are three different editions of Goverlan Reach you can purchase. They are Standard Edition, Pro Edition and Enterprise Edition. They all provide the same service but have specialized features only people in the category they represent need.

    Goverlan Reach Pros

    • Has an advanced remote control that supports all operating system at a time
    • Runs background system management at all times
    • Provides detailed IT reports
    • Comes with IT process Automation

    Goverlan Reach Cons

    • Has bugs
    • The interface takes some getting used to

    Zoho Assist - Alternative Link

    Zoho     Assist
    Zoho Assist

      Zoho Assist is another software whose fierce competition with TeamViewer in the market earns it a spot on this list. There are lots of impressive features on Zoho Assist that you can’t just overlook. These features make it easier to work on the program.

      Screen Sharing is one of the features of the program. It allows you to swap the screens of your controlled devices. Zoho Assist is highly customizable. If you are one of the types that love having a personal authority and stamp over your software, look no more. There is hardly any part of the program you cannot customize easily.

      The security of the connections using Zoho Assist is tight. Zoho Assist prioritizes their customer’s privacy, and it is evident in how secure the software is. One of the things people, who want a software that will give them remote access, look for is how secure the software is. Zoho Assist developers know this and they delivered a perfect software to solve that issue.

      The icing on the cake of this amazing software is that it has a feature that gives you access to any computer regardless of where it is in the world. For this to work, you need to make sure you connect the computer to the program. This feature requires you to grant special permission to the software.

      Zoho assist is not only available for Windows and MacOS, but it is also available for mobile devices – Android and iOS.

      There are three paid versions of the software you can go for – Standard, Professional and Enterprise versions.

      Zoho Assist Pros

      • There is also a web-based application of Zoho Assist. This means you do not even have to install the software on your computer
      • Security is highly prioritiz ed
      • Highly customizable
      • Subscription plans are very affordable

      Zoho Assist Cons

      • The free version comes with limited features
      • Monthly subscriptions

      Splashtop - Alternative Link


        Splashtop is another software very similar to TeamViewer but more focused on the security of user’s connections. Installing the software is a bithard but nothing too out of the world. Apart from that, Splashtop is very easy to use.

        As implied above, Splashtop has one of the best securities when it comes to software offering remote access to users. Nobody can just intrude your privacy because they know you. this is because Splashtop has a device authentication lock, two-step verification system and password verification. These three stages need to be cleared before access can be granted to you or anyone looking to intrude.

        The picture and audio quality of using Splashtop with a graphics tool are superb.

        The Security aside, another impressive thing about Splashtop is that you do not have to install any software. This is why it is favoured by companies. You can use Splashtop as an individual to remotely control devices connected to the same local Area Network (LAN) as your computer.

        You can also expand the radius by pay a moderate annual fee. By paying this fee, you will have access to access any of your devices instantly regardless of where you or the device are. This makes it one of the best budget TeamViewer alternatives.

        Splashtop is also available for Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux

        Splashtop Pros

        • Available for mobile devices
        • Superb video and audio quality
        • Easy to use
        • You can still use the software if you don’t want to install it

        Splashtop Cons

        • The free version supports only local area network devices. Anything outside LAN requires you to pay
        • Uses lots of computer CPU resources

        LogMeIn Pro - Alternative Link

        LogMeIn     Pro
        LogMeIn Pro

          LogMeIn Pro is one of the best alternatives of TeamViewer. As is clear in all the software on this list, each one priorities a particular feature over others. With LogMeIn Pro, you do not only get to remotely control your computer regardless of the distance, but you can also share or store your files easily. This is a very good software for users who work with big size files on their computer daily. With LogMeIn Pro, they can easily work on their PC even when they are not there.

          With LogMeIn Pro, you will not only be able to access files on your PC, but you will also be able to stream audio and videos on your PC. You do not even have to use another computer to access yours. LogMeIn Pro is available for Android and iOS devices. This means you can easily access your computer via your smartphone. You can also print straight from your remote PC to where you currentlyare – Remote printing. These are just some of the things you can do with the LogMeIn pro.

          As good as the software alternative looks, it has one major drawback. When the software was originally created, there was a free version which iscommon in software like LogMeIn. This free version has since been removed. This means that you have to be ready to pay without seeing if the software is worth your money

          All in all, this is very good software. Simply put, LogMeIn Pro releases you from the burden of having to carry hard copies of files while still offering you the ability to access them at an instant

          LogMeIn Pros

          • Supports file transfer using drag-and-drop method
          • User-friendly interface
          • Allows users to record their sessions on the software if they choose to
          • A whooping 1TB secure cloud storage to store or share files

          LogMeIn Cons

          • There is no free version to test the software
          • The sound features of the software are quality but can be better

          Which is The Best TeamViewer Alternative Of 2023?

          1. VNC Connect
          2. Remmina
          3. TigerVNC
          4. Chrome Remote Desktop
          5. UltraVNC
          6. AnyDesk
          7. Mikogo
          8. Remote Desktop Connection
          9. TightVNC
          10. GoToMyPc
          11. LogMein Pro
          12. BeAnyWhere

          Other Best Free Teamviewer alternatives 2023

          Teamviewer alternative Link
          AnyDesk https://anydesk.com/remote-desktop
          TightVNC https://www.tightvnc.com/download.php
          Chrome Remote Desktop https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/chrome-remote-desktop/gbchcmhmhahfdphkhkmpfmihenigjmpp?hl=en
          AreoAdmin https://www.aeroadmin.com/en/

          Which is The Best Teamviewer Alternatives Open Source 2023

          Teamviewer AlternativeDescriptionLink
          CloudBerry Remote Assistant
          • Key Features: Text and voice chat, Easy to set up and use. SSL-encryption, Establishes connection in a matter of seconds.
          • Pricing:Free.
          Supremo Remote Desktop Assistant
          • Pricing:Free trial is available and for paid options click here.
          • Key Features: Available for Windows, iOS, and Android. Extremely simple and easy to use.
          • Price: It’s free for first 6 weeks, then $1.99/month (Personal use) and $60/year per person for businesses.
          • Key Features: Stream audio and video, manage and move files, Free for personal use.
          LogMeIn Pro
          • Price: It’s free for first 6 weeks and Variable paid options are available Individuals
          • Key Features: As one of the best TeamViewer alternatives 2023
          • Pricing: Variable paid options are available.
          • Supported Platforms: Browser-based and also available for Mobile devices.

          Conclusion of Free Best Alternatives to Teamviewer 2023

          It goes without saying that when it comes to TeamViewer software alternatives, there are tons of software you can choose from. The choice largely depends on what you want your software to focus on while also capable of remotely controlling your devices. All the five software on this list were handpicked with the user’s choice and needs in mind. This software is the best in the categories one can categorize them in. For instance, AnyDesk is the best for data transfer speed – even faster than TeamViewer. Goverlan , on the other hand, is the best for IT management.

          Hope this helps. Comment below for any question!

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