40 Best Free Music Download Apps for Android 2023

by Vanessa Diem

40 Best Free Music Download Apps for Android 2023 (Legal Music Download Apps) –There are tons of options for thebest free music download apps for Android 2023. Android devices are getting the most popular recognition, especially with their flexibility and the tons of handy features. Moreover, music has become an important of most people’s life – some people simply can’t live without music. Adding up your music collection is a worthy effort to try, but knowing which of the download app can be super handy. After all, the app should be convenient and also easy to use. Not to mention that the app should be compact in size so it won’t consume the storage memory.

Best Android Music Download Apps 2023
Best Android Music Download Apps 2023

Arguably the most used smartphone operating system in the world, the Android OS can boast of millions of active users. One reason for its large patronage is because you can find millions of compatible apps on play store. Music players are not left behind.

In the next few paragraphs, we will look at quite a few musics apps that can be directly from Play Store. An ideal music player is one which you can download and save songs to listen to later, even when you aren’t connected to the internet. This also allows you to save data you would have ordinarily spent on streaming.

We can say all apps discussed in here are legal and can be downloaded and most of these apps allow you to play in offline mode. Although you cannot be able to access these songs via the app and not through the device storage. Let’s now look at 15 best free music download app for Android 2023.

Best Free Music Download Apps for Android 2023

Best Music Android Apps for Free
Best Music Android Apps for Free

There are tons of websites that offer you the functionality to download and save music onto your device storage. Although, with introducing streaming, everyone with an active internet connection now have access to loads on songs directly from the internet.

With a streaming service you can play the song directly from the internet, streaming is a lot similar to downloading songs, but with streaming you are you are downloading the song from a legal site. There are no copyright violation with streaming. To attract tons of users, some streaming websites offer free service alongside their paid plans.

1. Android Music Download App SONGily - App Link

Android Music Download App SONGily
Android Music Download App SONGily

This is a free app that can be super handy to download the mp3 format. Unlike other apps, this one allows mp3 format downloading and it is quite convenient to do so. Managing the system is pretty easy and the operation is super simple. You only need to access the app, search the music, and download the mp3 format – without having to spend anything. If you don’t want to download the music, you can play it online – it is definitely offering the convenient use and flexible operation. Once you are done with the downloaded music, you are free to do anything with it – sharing it with friends, sharing it among other devices, or use it outside the Songily app. No wonder if it is included as one of the best free music download app for Android 2023.

Songily App Pros:

  • You can choose the music or find it easily
  • There is the Top Charts option to enable you easy pick
  • The downloaded music won’t be compromised

Songily App Cons:

  • The features may be limited and not as sophisticated as other paid apps but if downloading the mp3 music alone is enough for you, then you shouldn’t have any problem with it.

2. Android Music Download Amazon Music - App Link

Android Music Download Amazon Music
Android Music Download Amazon Music

Everyone knows the Amazon name and its reliability in the industry. Besides being one of the biggest marketplaces in the world, the company has expanded its services to other fields – Prime Music and Video. These services are designed and intended for the prime subscribers, but the services are available for everyone. There are tons of things to like about the Prime Music, such as the user interface, for a starter. Even if you are new to this, you will find the system easily used and operated. You can make your own list, search for music and files, download them, and also create the personalized system. However, according to the users, one of the coolest benefits of using the app is its compatibility with the Alexa.

Amazon Prime Music Pros:

  • The in-built support system, especially with Alexa, is super handy and useful
  • You can also enjoy the daily updates. With the playlist feature, it is improving better and better
  • When it comes to music download, the options are limitless so you can enjoy the unlimited download

Amazon Prime Music Cons:

  • You may have to pay for using the service. Some people say that it is free but the free version may have tons of limitation when compared to the paid service. If you want to get the details, contact the customer support

3. Android Download Mp3 Music App - App Link

Android Download Mp3 Music App
Android Download Mp3 Music App

Yes, this is a name for an app. As the name suggests, this one will help you download your favorite tunes. As one of the best free music download apps for Android 2023, this app comes with various handy features that will help you with your music management. For instance, this app allows you to transfer (the downloaded) music or share it with other devices. Even if you want to use it with other devices, it allows you the easy management. The user interface is friendly and easy – and it is one of the easiest apps to use. Finding or searching music with the app is pretty easy. After looking for your favorite free music download apps for Android, you can play it online or download it. If you are looking for a friendly app that can help you keep up with your music collection, this would be the perfect option.

Download Mp3 Music App Pros:

  • The flexibility and use of the app is super nice – you can share it with other devices or other people
  • The overall service is free and you won’t have to spend a dime
  • best free music download apps for Android 2023

Download Mp3 Music App Cons:

  • Expect the tons of popup ads – which can be quite annoying for some people so they turn to other apps
  • The app can be quite slow. It isn’t as fast as other free apps

4. Wynk Music - App Link

Wynk Music
Wynk Music

This app has undergone quite an improved development and growth. For a starter, you will like the interface system – it is user friendly and the overall layout is attractive. Another thing to like is its vast collections of songs – around 1.8 million songs. With those super music libraries, you have the option to stream the music as well as downloading the files. Searching your favorite music from the moods, genres, or artists is easily done. You can also find other types and variants of music, including Bollywood, Hollywood, Hindi, English, and even the latest or the old genres of music. Unfortunately, this isn’t exactly a free app – it is only free for the Airtel users. If you use other operators, you need to subscribe to it.

Wynk Music App Pros:

  • The app can be free although with limited coverage and features
  • The collection of music is quite impressive, including Hindi collections, if you are interested in them
  • The trial period can last for a month – which can be quite a bargain

Wynk Music App Cons:

  • You need to subscribe to the service
  • This app isn’t for everyone as it is only applicable on a certain area, such as India
  • If you use the free service, expect to experience tons of ads. Only the premium subscribers can enjoy the unlimited songs download or streaming without ads at all.

5. Spotify Music - App Link

Spotify Music
Spotify Music

If you live in Europe or America, you must be familiar with this app because it has gained quite positive and popular use for music downloading and also streaming. It should be also popular in other countries, such as certain parts of Asia, New Zealand, and Australia. Africa? I don’t really know about it. However, their music library is pretty wide, big, and large – consisting of various genres, types, and artists. Searching your own music collection is easy, and then creating your own playlist is also simple. You can also expect the latest release. As one of the best free music download apps for Android 2023, this app doesn’t disappoint.

Spotify comes with two different versions, the paid and the free subscription, both having its unique feature. This shouldn’t be anything to worry about as the free option has enough features for you to enjoy your favorite songs on the go.

Spotify Music App Pros:

  • You can play the music without the internet through the offline feature
  • There won’t be any annoying ads or whatsoever
  • The app can be used by various devices

Spotify Music App Cons:

  • The features for the free service are pretty limited
  • The option for the quality sound is almost limited – with the premium service, you can reveal the unlimited access.

6. SoundCloud - App Link


Closely behind Spotify is Soundcloud. I can give several reasons Soundcloud is close to the top of the list, one and most important of all is that Soundcloud allows users to listen to music both in offline and online mode. You can also find a wide variety of songs across different genres, albums and artists. You can also get access to exclusive contents you would naturally find on other music apps. Soundcloud is also your go to spot for songs from new and upcoming artists.

If you need the best free music download apps for Android 2023 with easy-of-use and wide access to the music collection, this one would be the perfect option. It won’t only help you listen to music, but also through podcast and audiobook. If you have your own collection or even creation, and you want to share it, uploading it to the app will be super easy and simple. That’s why this app is also used by artists.

Although the main principle of this app is to stream music, you can also use it for downloading your favorite piece. If you want to access the offline feature, you simply save the music files on the cloud system. But this service is only available for the SoundCloud Go. You can also your own playlist and manage the music collections. You can even divide them into categories, such as party, workout, relaxation, and such thing alike. The app comes with editable default templates, making everything easier and more fun.

SoundCloud Pros:

  • You can find the latest music here
  • We can make your own playlist
  • The app is completely free
  • Managing the app is easy
  • You can even upload your creation or collection

SoundCloud Cons:

  • The features for the free version are limited. But still, this is still one of the best free music download apps for Android 2023 that you can get.
  • The features are pretty limited in the free version. To unlock more features, you need to upgrade the service to a paid member. But aside from the downside, the app is one of the handiest and also the best free music downloader mp3 for Android 2023 to cater your entertainment needs.

7. Android Music Download App JOOX - App Link

Android Music Download App JOOX
Android Music Download App JOOX

Next on the list is JOOX. This music app is a lot similar to Spotify that allows listeners to download and stream songs without infringing on its copyright laws. The magnificent things about JOOX is that songs you stream. The app would make the streaming devices to cache those strong on local storage. So you need not stream the song if you want to listen to it again.

This feature alone makes JOOX highly recommended, it also comes with a customizable theme feature that allows you change the theme to suit your preference.

8. Napster - App Link


There are loads of people who enjoying listening to music via Napster. It comes with a free version that allows user to download and stream music effortlessly. To have access to Napster, you need to download and install directly from Play Store.

Napster is available in over 50 countries, and you can also have access to online radio and podcast. They spoil you for choices.

9. Android Music YouTube - App Link

Android Music YouTube
Android Music YouTube

You might wonder what the heck YouTube is looking for in this list. You cannot deny that YouTube has become an integral part of YouTube services. It is a video streaming service that also has access to loads of music video from an array of genres and artists.

There are even videos on YouTube that really have none video content, but just audio and some wordings on display. It is videos like this that you get access to music without bothering about the visual content.

YouTube also has a download mode which allows users to view videos repeatedly without an active internet connection.

10. Android Download App Amazon Music - App Link

Android Download App Amazon Music
Android Download App Amazon Music

Known by most for its strides in the e-commerce industry, there are question marks what Amazon is doing on a list of free music download apps. Unknown to most amazon has a music service where app users can buy contents online.

Most of the songs you would find on Amazon are not free.However,they're free contentavailable. Some of which you cannot find on other streaming services. You can also down songs easily onto your android device from Amazon music.

11. 4shared - App Link


Users recognized 4shared easily as a cloud service. Not regarded as an only music player application. For its ability to store files in a different format, you will find a lot of audio files stored on 4shared and played by subscribers to the service. This service can also with the search feature that allows users to search for the files they are interested in.

12. Rock My Run - App Link

Rock My Run
Rock My Run

One of its kind, Rock my run is a unique app that comprises an array of collections ideal for gym-centric activities. Taking a cue from the name of the app, you will notice the designers made it for people that like to run and perform routine exercise. Its music catalog comprises songs from different genres and artists.

13. Audiomack - App Link


Another application on the list that users can download and play music/audio files on your android device is theAudiomack. Audiomack is a platform for upcoming artists to showcase their music.

14. Download App Live Music Archive - App Link

Download App Live Music Archive for Free
Download App Live Music Archive for Free

    You can get contents on the Live Music Archive from a catalog of Internet Archive. The contents on this app focuses mainly of live performances from artist across various genre. For domain regulation, all materials found in the Internet Archive are available for free. This means you pay no fee to access its content.

    15. Android Music Free Music Archive - App Link

    Best Android Music Free Music Archive
    Best Android Music Free Music Archive

      Another amazing application to download and gain access to free songs online is Free Music Archive. As a user you have access to amazing contents like videos, live stage performances, and music. Users can access Free Music Archive from any location whenever. Although to access your favorite content offline, you must have downloaded the content.

      Best Free Music Downloader mp3 for Android 2023

      Knowing that there are some of the best free music downloader mp3 for Android 2023 can help you relax and chill. It’s only humane that humans need channel to unwind, and usic is one of the easy and inexpensive escape. With the technology we have today, it is just super easy to find reliable sources where you can get your favorite albums or singles and then download it for free. Of course, not all websites are offering the free service or the music in the mp3 format. That’s why it won’t hurt to take a look at some of the options that are available for your needs.

      1. Google Play Music

      Google Play Music
      Google Play Music

      The native app available on all Android operating system smartphone is Google Play Music, this app comes directly with the Android OS and allows you to either stream from a large database or play a song directly from your local storage. You have access to loads and loads of songs on the platform, all depending on the music you like. Users highly rated this app. It comes at the top our list because it is directly from Google and 100% legit.

      If you have the Android mobile device, it is most likely that it has been equipped with this app. After all, Google has always made sure that they are involved in every release, launch, or innovationi of the new technology. Consider yourself lucky if you already have it in your device. If not, simply access the Play Store and you are good to go.

      One of the best things about this app is the flexibility and ability to stream the music online or play it – right from your device. The library is pretty complete with comprehensive collections. If you decide to download your favorite piece, there are various different formats available, including the mp3. Feel free if you want to choose the ogg, flac, or wma – depending on your preference. Accessing the app is super easy and simple. Once you have created a Google account, it should be easy to gain access to the app. That’s why this site is considered as one of the best free music downloader mp3 for Android 2023.

      Google Play Music Pros:

      • With one single account, you can get a complete and direct access to the collections, libraries, and features
      • The app is free and you won’t have to worry about obtrusive ads or whatsoever

      Google Play Music Cons:

      • It is an in-built app so you can’t remove or delete it. If you don’t like it, you can simply install other apps and don’t use this Google Play app at all.

      2. 4Shared


      This is basically a file sharing site and it has been considered as one of the biggest service providers in the world with millions of users all over the place. As the name suggests, users are free to share files and folders, including music. If you have the account and you are willing to share your collections with the other users, you will find limitless options and collections. It’s one of thebest free music downloader mp3 for Android 2023 with tons of perks and also easy enjoyment.

      If you are thinking about downloading the mp3 format, no need to fret because it would be easy to do so – even if you use iOS Apple or Android. The user interface is simple, direct, and easy. There isn’t any fussy arrangement even if this is your first time using the app.

      4Shared Pros:

      • The easy and simple user interface is a priceless feature and factor
      • Finding the files and downloading them is super simple, fast, and even fun
      • one of the best free music downloader mp3 for Android 2023

      4Shared Cons:

      • The layout and look are pretty old. Don’t expect new improvements on the layout because nobody seems to care about it.
      • Some of the files may not be the best in quality. But you can still find some perfect and high quality files

      3. Rock My Run

      Rock My Run Android Mp3 Music App Free
      Rock My Run Android Mp3 Music App Free

      If most apps or websites are dedicated for music in general, it is not so much about this app. This is an app that is designed for fitness enthusiasts. After all, they have claimed themselves as the best workout music with nice beat and even fast tracks. Whenever you run, jog, or exercise, you will enjoy the accompaniment of this app in every step that you do.

      As one of thebest free music downloader mp3 for Android 2023, you can get access to many of its features. The BPM of Beats Per Minute feature, for instance, allows you to align the footsteps with your music within the list. Music is a joy but when it can boost your moods and also your workout performance, it is super priceless, don’t you think. This app also provides free download service so it would be a blast to have one.

      Rock My Run Pros:

      • You should be able to sync the music with only a single account
      • The user interface is super easy, simple, straightforward, and fun

      Rock My Run Cons:

      • Some of the features are limited for iOS only and not for Android users
      • Most of the music is from the Western industry so if you are looking for other types, this one won’t be the right option for you.

      4. Napster Music

      Napster Music
      Napster Music

      Who hasn’t heard about Napster before? This is one of the free service that is also offering radio station service. The app is connected to 35 different countries, having more than 40 millions of song collections. A pretty impressive number, right? Unfortunately, this isn’t exactly a free service although you can have the free trial period for 30 days. Not only you should be able to download the music mp3 easily, you can also create and manage your own playlist. No wonder if it is claimed as one of the best free music downloader mp3 for Android 2023 with many handy features and unlimited access.

      Napster Music Pros:

      • There won’t be any pop up ads when you are listening to your music
      • You can enjoy the transmitter FM apps designed for Android

      Napster Music Cons:

      • It isn’t free. You can enjoy the free service only during the trial period. Once the trial period is over, you need to decide whether you want to register or not.

      5. Music Paradise Pro

      Free Music Paradise Pro Android Mp3
      Free Music Paradise Pro Android Mp3

      If you are looking for a free service, this app can be one of your picks. Searching your favorite music should be super easy because of the easy user interface system. Although the user interface is pretty plain and old-school, the site comes with professional (and also modern) features. For instance, you can manage the optimized download speed or the multiple download system. Once you download the music file, it will be automatically stored and kept in the memory card. Quite handy, eh?

      Music Paradise Pro Pros:

      • The user interface is easy and simple
      • The modern features have made it easy to search, download, and save the files

      Music Paradise Pro Cons:

      • The layout is pretty outdated although it doesn’t affect the use and function of the app

      Which is The Best Free Music Downloader Apps for Android 2023

      1. Omega MP3 Downloader
      2. 4Shared
      3. Advanced Downloader Manager
      4. Copyleft MP3 Downloader
      5. MP3 music download
      6. Music Download Elite
      7. The Music Maniac Pro
      8. Music Paradise Pro
      9. Free MP3 Downloads
      10. Gaana
      11. Google Play music
      12. Hungama music
      13. iTube music
      14. Napster
      15. RockMyRun
      16. Skull MP3 music downloader pro
      17. Tunee
      18. Wynk music
      19. Pep MP3 Downloader
      20. Radio Player by Audials

      Which is The Best Free Music download Apps for iPhone 2023

      1. iDownloader Pro
      2. Spotify
      3. Freegal Music
      4. Eddy Cloud
      5. Musify
      6. Zvooq
      7. Evermusic
      8. Free Music Downloader for SoundCloud
      9. SoundTube
      10. Spinrilla
      11. Musilla
      12. iMusic Cloud Free
      13. Free Music Play
      14. Musicloud
      15. Freemake Musicbox
      16. SoundCloud
      17. Free Music Download Pro

      Which is The Best Android Music Downloader Apk 2023

      1. Audiomack
      2. Download MP3 Music
      3. Uni-que MP3 Music Player
      4. Advanced Download Music
      5. MP3 Music Download Hunter
      6. SnapTube
      7. Wynk Music: MP3 & Hindi Songs
      8. Spinrilla
      9. My Mixtapez Music
      10. Videoder

      Conclusion on the Best Free Music Download App for Android

      Conclusion on the Best Music Android Apps
      Conclusion on the Best Music Android Apps

      There loads of apps that also can download or stream music online for free. A quick search on Play Store will return over a thousand results. Although there are important things you have to look out for when using these apps. One and the most important is illegal download. In the era of internet bootlegging and piracy is on the rise and we should ensure we do not fall a victim to this.

      Second, some of these apps might not be available on Play Store. You would have to install the APK directly on your phone without downloading from the internet. One of the major issues of the digital revolution is the access to illegal content, the need to protect digital content has become more paramount, and it is that Google came up with Play Store. Before Play Store published an application, the software has to pass through inspection to ensure all is well and also to prevent illegal contents are not being uploaded via the app.

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