VirtualBox vs VMware Which Is Better for Computer

VirtualBox vs VMware Performance Comparison 2018

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VirtualBox vs VMware Performance Comparison 2018 – Everything can happen today as technology is getting more sophisticated. In the past, people simply think that a single computer can only use single operating system. There is no way a computer can handle more than one operating system. But today, people should make up their mind because breakthrough has come to change everything. A single computer can use multiple operating systems! Thanks to the so called virtual machine that brings it into reality. Actually there is bunch of software available when it comes to virtualization, two of which are VMware and VirtualBox. Comparing VirtualBox vs VMware 2018 helps you find which one is better.

VirtualBox vs VMware 2018 Comparison

VirtualBox vs VMware 2018 Comparison

In case you do not really get the point, it will be better to talk about the virtual machine and virtualization first. The term virtualization refers to creating virtual version of certain thing. In this case, virtualization allows you to create the virtual version of operating system. In short, you can find out the performance of certain operating system by making virtualization.

This virtualization is performed by the so called virtual machine. It is computer architecture-based machine that provides the functionality of real computer. In simple words, this machine is able to create the same environment as a computer has. It enables you to run the operating system without even replacing the current OS on your PC.

Reveal the Real Virtual Box vs VMware Performance 2018

As aforementioned, there are several choices of software that work as virtual machine. However, VirtualBox and VMware are two applications that will be revealed here. To get deeper into the performance of each, the pros and cons will be examined on VirtualBox vs VMware 2018.

To begin with, VirtualBox is known as an open source and is available both for individual and business use. Being open source means this software welcomes any addition to improve the program. Meanwhile, being a free program for Windows, you have to purchase a permit in case you want to use on Mac though. About the performance, VirtualBox is considered better to perform in the host operating system and guest operating system.

VirtualBox vs VMware 2018

VirtualBox vs VMware 2018

To get further on VirtualBox vs VMware 2018, VirtualBox allows you to run more than single virtual machine at one time while VMware can only run single virtual machine. About the practicality, VMware is quite easy to operate. However, both of them will give you their best performance with the support of powerful PC.

Before enjoying the features, surely you have to download, install and setup the software on your PC. Here you will find how to install and setup both of software. Begin with VirtualBox, you need to download the software and install on your PC. After finishing the installation, open the software and click New to create new VM. Enter the desired name then select OS version and type.

On the same window, you will see Expert Mode button. Click this to select desired RAM size and create virtual disk. In case you click Next button on that window, you will also have the same choice to choose the RAM size and create virtual disk. After creating the VM, click start to run the virtualization. Right after clicking start button, you have to select the ISO file. Select the file and run the operating system on your VM.

Meanwhile, it is very easy to install and setup VMware virtual machine. After downloading, install the software on your PC. While installing, it is recommended to disable Windows Defender. After installing VMware, open the application and you will see VMware window. Choose the option to create new virtual machine. You will have 3 options. In case you have ISO, choose the second option. Browse for the ISO file and click next.

Enter the desired name and click next. After entering the name, you have to enter the disk size. Finally, you will come to setup page that allows you to customize the hardware option. You are allowed to select RAM for operating system, network adapter, processor, display, and other.

When it comes to VirtualBox vs VMware compatibility, VirtualBox is compatible for Windows, OS X, Solaris and Linux. Meanwhile, VMware compatibility is a little bit fewer than VirtualBox. VMware is only compatible for Windows and Linux.

VirtualBox Pros

  1. Active and open development community
  2. GPL insures your continued access to the source
  3. You get the complete VirtualBox for free
  4. Much easier to install OSX in the VM. VMWare actively blocks installing OSX in their Windows and Linux desktop products
  5. Open-source
  6. Backed by large company

VirtualBox Cons

  1. Oracle USB drivers are closed-source
  2. GPL means you need to be careful about what you add to the source if you redistribute VB
  3. Oracle can’t issue a commercial license for anything other than the USB drivers
  4. The large company that backs VB is Oracle, which isn’t terribly FOSS friendly.

VMWare Pros

  1. Has well-established third-party development and distribution programs.
  2. Has an entire line of VM products
  3. More polished
  4. Well established and respected in the enterprise market
  5. VMWare can sell commercial licenses

VMWare Cons

  1. Free versions limited
  2. Will restrict your ability to use their product based on third-party requests
  3. Closed source: you’re at the mercy of their engineers for bug fixes and features
  4. Costs more than VirtualBox

VirtualBox vs VMware Which Is Better for Virtual Computer

VirtualBox vs VMware 2018 have different characteristics, making them has their own fans. When it comes to determining which one is better, it is actually talking about the good and bad sides of each. In case you need to make virtualization for company, VMware is much recommended. Aside from the availability of pro versions, this virtual machine is reliable. Monthly updates are available for this software.

VirtualBox vs VMware Which Is Better for Computer

VirtualBox vs VMware Which Is Better for Computer

In case you want to test multiple operating systems at once, VirtualBox comes to the front. This virtual machine enables you to run several operating systems in one time without problem. Considering this software is an open source, you can get updates quickly. Even if you find any buggy updates, it can be fixed right away.

VirtualBox is available for anyone as it can be downloaded for free, on the other hand VMware requires you to pay. Therefore, if you are looking for free software that can be updated frequently, VirtualBox suits you best. However, in case you wish to have premium virtual machine software, VMware will be suitable.

Another point to compare VirtualBox vs VMware is about the installation and interface. Both virtualizations software is available with for easy installation as well as easy interface. Still, there is one that comes better. In case of interface, VMware is considered better to create virtualization. The interface is quite easy to operate. However it does not mean VirtualBox comes with worse interface or difficult operation

After revealing the good and bad sides of each virtual machine, you can now decide which software will work best for you. In conclusion, both of software can give best performance for virtualization, even though they have different characteristics. VirtualBox vs VMware 2018 helps you get clear image of virtual machine you are going to use for your personal computer.

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