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How does the 2019 JCB Bulk Credit Card Generator work ?

This link JCB credit card generator is for a single perfect generation, while this app above is for mass generating JCB credit, debit numbers under format of CSV, XML, and of course JSON. The following rules required for our valid data:

  1. It is well known JCB must have top numbers "35"
  2. Luhn checks govern the algorithm of making these batches of card numbers
  3. Data go together with CVV, CVV2, countries, names, numbers, addresses, etc. all randomized for easy testing goals

Use with caution : The bulk created numbers should be good for validation, , and understanding how JCB cards should be made but no good for purchases.

Some JCB bulk generated credit card numbers

Bulk JCB Credit Card
Bulk JCB Credit Card
Card TypeCard NumberNameCVVExpiration
JCB3526 6508 1649 8532Tanya J. Ward63802 / 2022
JCB3586 2815 1047 3089Ann C. Tedrow92106 / 2021
JCB3577 2694 7318 1889Mary D. Beal42802 / 2022
JCB3536 2392 2132 3804Jeffrey D. Ortega36708 / 2020
JCB3539 3360 4725 6693Kerry L. Cresswell73401 / 2023

Guys, these generated numbers are for software verification. They will not work in purchase transactions.

Latest 2019 JCB Bulk Credit Card Generator with complete information

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