Get a Valid Card Number from the JCB Credit Card Generator

The Requirements of the JCB CC Generator

This online, free tool to generate JCB numbers are based on three theories:

  1. All numbers start with "35" - the well-known start digits for JCB network
  2. Generated numbers must pass the Luhn algorithm
  3. Subsequent informations, such as: name, address, cvv, expiration date, are also created as in reality

Do notice although these credit card numbers for JCB (Japan Credit Bureau) card brand are valid, they should not be used for real transactions as they would fail any validation processes (Unless the shop owners are too lazy to check for payment.)

Some latest JCB generated credit card numbers for testing

Generate JCB Credit Card
Generate JCB Credit Card
Card TypeCard NumberNameCVVExpiration
JCB3527 7608 8648 9530Marcelino Dale20801 / 2021
JCB3587 1015 0046 1083Zino Hugo90105 / 2021
JCB3586 3794 8319 0884Marco Platinio67812 / 2023
JCB3525 3492 3133 5804Van Highsky27704 / 2020
JCB3540 4460 5724 8698Herbert Rowe93408 / 2024

The generated numbers are for testing purposes. They will not work in real time purchases

Latest 2019 JCB Credit Card Generator with complete information

JCB CC Network
Issuing network:
Card number:
3527 7608 8648 9530
Lucy Pandia
79510 Main st
Expiration date:

This instant generator is for CC single number creator. If you itch for a bunch, try it here man bulk generate JCB credit card numbers

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