How to Get Free PUBG Mobile Skins 2023

by Vanessa Diem

How to Get Free PUBG Mobile Skins 2023 – In this era, games can be enjoyed in both PC and mobile phone. There are many games that first released in PC and now can be enjoyed in mobile phone. Now, the most well-known game is the PUBG or Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.

It must be very attractive looking at how massive the players are. One of the most search topics is how to get free PUBG mobile skins 2023. In the game, the main character has a gun that has various skins. However, it cannot be obtained that easy.

How to Get Free PUBG Mobile Skins 2023

How to Get Free PUBG Mobile Skins 2023
How to Get Free PUBG Mobile Skins 2023

No wonder that many players are curious how to get it. For your information, this game is developed by PUBG Corporation. Bluehole is a South Korean company that works in the field of video game. The PUBG Corporation is its subsidiary.

As a successful game, it is just released in 2017. Although it is considered as a new game, it can steal people’s heart. The game is about a Battle Royale game that can be played in multiplayer. Additionally, you need to have internet connection in order to be able playing the game.

As mentioned in the beginning, its players are very massive and it can be said that it is one of the most played games. The number may be still increasing. Are you newbie to this one? Let’s dig more information about PUBG.

It has been explained a little bit related to what PUBG is. As a leading video game that is currently being played by massive people, there are reasons why you should try to play it now. People who are into royale battle genre will love this. Players will find it easy to play the game since it is designed to be played by people from any level. In addition, it is mentioned that it is highly replayable. Gaining a lot of positive reviews, it makes the game to be one of must-played video games. Before knowing how to get free PUBG mobile skins 2023, now, try to get your reasons to start playing it.

  1. The game looks more realistic even when it is compared to another famous video game: Fortnite. The mechanics and imagery is basically made to be really realistic. Indeed, the outfit of characters and also the buildings are designed to be as real as possible. You won’t find any bright colored weapons for example. The realism gives the players a real situation. You will feel like you are the one who are in the screen strolling around for missions. It is said that the game can you having more heartbeat.
  2. Depiction of firing is incredible. Since it is developed to be a realistic game, the shooting is much more realistic and accurate. There are several types of guns used in PUBG. In real life, those guns have different reloading speed after each shot. That is what exactly happens in those guns in PUBG world. It sounds amazing, isn’t it? The mechanics are not that easy for beginners, moreover it is very challenging. Yet, players can develop their skills over time. An interesting one is the gun skin that can be changed. That is why people try to look for ways on how to get free PUBG mobile skins 2023.
  3. PBUG has a large map and it is even larger than the one in Fortnite. Designed to be treacherous, the maps are mostly created in a wide and open area. It makes the players are very visible to the enemies. Additionally, the map given is very vast making players are able to spread out more. Therefore, match in PUBG lasts longer. As seen, players must have a well-planned strategy to win a match.
  4. As said earlier, the maps in PUBG are very large. It even enables the players to use vehicles to travel long distance. It can be a good way to avoid enemies. Again, this feature is unavailable in the Fortnite. Vehicles that can be used include boats, cars, and motorcycles. The vehicles can be used in an urgent situation like escaping from shootouts. This is very helpful for defensive players.
  5. The high stakes and combat make it more violent because of the realistic design. As always mentioned, it is created to be as realistic as possible. Therefore, the violence even looks like real. For everyone that is not into violent games, this one may be not suitable. If your children are playing this game, they need parents’ supervision. However, those who get used to violent game will like PUBG for sure.
  6. The main weapon used is guns. There are various guns and they can have different skins. It is interesting that makes people want to know how to get free PUBG mobile skins 2023. In addition, this game is actually very serious, but there are moments of levity that put a little smile on players’ face. For instance, there will be times where players find a frying pan as a weapon. It is quite hilarious how it can kill enemies with a single attack on the head.
  7. An intense, immersive, and mature experience is offered by the game. Overall, you will gain more experience on a royal battle game that is attractive. All the realistic things made in the game are the highlight one that makes it greater.

Have you found a reason why you better try the game as soon as possible? After reading all the reasons above, go download the game right now. As known, it can be downloaded in mobile phone for both iOS and Android.

One thing to highlight is the size that needs a lot of your memory to save the game. Now, let’s get to know tips and tricks to play the game before knowing how to get free PUBG mobile skins 2023. Here is some information for you.

Be wise to land

How to Get Free PUBG Mobile Skins 2023: Be wise to land
How to Get Free PUBG Mobile Skins 2023: Be wise to land

Players will head to the battle area by jumping from a cargo plane. In this moment, it is crucial to think wisely where to land since you won’t get killed after landing for a moment, will you? Do not target an area where other players are heading too. Just simply aim for any place that has buildings.

Look for loot first

Looking for loot is the priority. Try to prior that in order to stay alive longer. As mentioned earlier, you are suggested to land on buildings. It is meant to grab some loot. What’s important loot to have can be armor, decent weapons, backpack upgrade, and ammo. Do not forget to equip yourself with a gun.

Shoot when in the right range

It should be underlined for any rookie that it is best to shoot when in range. Do not risk the situation if you do not think the shoot will hit the enemies perfectly.

Obtaining Gun Skins For Free in PUBG

There are ways on how to get free PUBG mobile skins 2023. Those ways are given below.

Combine crate coupon scrap

In this way, there should be various crate coupons that need to be collected. The simplest way to obtain the coupons is to complete daily events. You have to be diligent to join the events. Other coupons can be obtained by competing come achievements.

All the coupons you have can be combined to reach particular number and then redeem them to get free clothes, gun skins, and many more. For your information, there are several options related to the coupons redeem. You can get stuffs based on how many coupons you have.

Collect RP points

RP points can be collected by joining Royal Pass. Rewards will be given after you can be the winner. The steps include selecting RP icon to start joining it; next is to selecting missions that will be finished including daily and challenge missions; and achieve points as many as possible. Collected points will give you prize that can be changed for free gun skins.

Join a bargain system

Join a bargain system
Join a bargain system

There is a bargain system in PUBG that can help you out to get free gun skins. Firstly, try to select items that you will like for Deals Menu. Secondly, tap on bargain option to cut the items’ price by your end. Thirdly, do not forget to invite your friends to bargain.

It is important to invite as many friends as possible since your selected items will be lower or even free. Last but not least, redeem the selected items that have been discounted. Those simple steps can give favorite gun skins for lower price or totally free.

The three ways above can be applied to obtain free gun skins. Hopefully, it can answer your question regarding how to get free PUBG mobile skins 2023. Those ways are very simple and worth to try.

Although it may take times to collect coupons, points, or even friends, it is a good way to improve skills and add more experience. That’s all the things about PUBG. Hope it useful and have fun!

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