How to fix iPhone not connecting to iTunes 2023

by Vanessa Diem

iTunes is very popular among Apple users. It is a very popular media player which is used for playing or downloading music on Apple Devices. You can use it on your iPad, iPod or even windows computer. Almost all of the iPhone users use iTunes app to backup their data.

You can use iTunes to download music or take backup of your device. You can also sync your different Apple devices like iPad, iPod and iPhone using iTunes. Therefore, people panic when their iPhone shows error while connecting to iTunes. There are many reasons for this error which we will discuss later on with their solution.

iPhone not connecting to iTunes Issue

iPhone not connecting to iTunes Issue
iPhone not connecting to iTunes Issue

You’ve plugged your iPhone into your computer but it is not connecting. What could be the issue? Actually, there are many reasons for this. Maybe you were trying to jailbreak your iPhone. Thus, something went wrong and now you can’t access your iPhone anymore. Sometimes it also occurs when you are trying to upgrade your iOS.

This issue is very common and irritating. It is more common if you are using an iPhone and Windows computer. There are can be many more reasons because of which this is happening. Don’t worry because we will tell you how to fix your iPhone no matter whatever caused it.

How to fix iPhone not connecting to iTunes 2023 ?

The iTunes is the most important app for iPhone or iOS users. Most of the Apple users use this app on a daily basis. You can use iTunes to buy music online and stream them. Also, you can use iTunes to manage your sync your iPhone data with your computer. You can also use it to sync your iPhone with other Apple devices like Mac or iPad.

However, sometimes iTunes stop working. You can’t sync your data with your other devices. It can be really annoying as you can’t transfer data from your iPhone. There can be many reasons for this which we have already discussed. Now we will discuss how to solve this issue.

First of all, always check if your cable is working or not. Make sure that the lighting cord is working. If it is broken or damaged then you must get it replaced. Most of the times, this problem occur due to the broken lighting cord. Also, check your iPhone lighting port while you are at it. If it is broken or not working then get it replaced also.

This should be the first thing you check. Most of the users tend to ignore their lighting cords and try to fix their iPhone. If your lighting cord and iPhone lighting port are working then the problem is in iPhone. To check the lighting cord, you can use your friend’s iPhone. Also, try connecting it to different laptop ports. If it is not working on any port or with any other device, then it is most probably broken,

If your cable is broken, then get it replaced. If the problem still persists or your cable is not broken then try restarting your iPhone. This is a simple yet the most effective solution. You can restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod using following simple steps.

• If you are using old iPhone 6 or previous generation iPhone, then hold sleep button along with the home button for 10 seconds. You will see the Apple logo and your device will be restarted. If you are using other Apple device then make sure they are running on the same iOS version of iPhone.

• If you are using new iPhone or any device after iPhone, then hold sleep button along with volume down button for 10 seconds. You will see the Apple logo and your device will be restarted. If you are using other Apple device then make sure they are running on the same iOS version of iPhone 7 or higher.

For most of the normal cases, restarting will solve the problem. After the device has restarted try to connect it your computer. If the problem still persists then you can try resetting your device. Make sure to take backup of your data as sometimes data get lost during this process.

You can use many third-party apps to backup your iPhone. As iTunes is not working you can’t use it to backup your iPhone. The only option left is to use any third-party software or app. You can also rely on the iPhone backup option if you want.

• First, connect your iPhone to your computer or Mac using a USB cable. Make sure that the connection is established between your device and computer before moving on.

• Now, put your iPhone in recovery mode. You might see a popup saying that there is an issue in your device.

• Now click on “update” button to start the process. It will start reinstalling the iOS in your device. Don’t hit the “restore” button by mistake as it is not going to reinstall the iOS. Also, make sure your device is on during the whole process. Thus, only perform this after charging your device fully.

• Your data won’t be lost during the process. But, you should still take a backup before performing this.

After the device has reinstalled try connecting it to iTunes. If this doesn’t solve the issue then you should try using third-party software. We will discuss them later on.

If the problem still persists, then check iTunes version you are using on your iPhone and computer. In case you are running an older version of iTunes on your computer or Mac, then update it first. Sometimes this problem can occur when the iTunes version on your computer and iPhone is not compatible with each other.

If you are using a Mac, then open Apple App Store. Click on “Update” or search for iTunes on the App Store. If you are running an older version of iTunes, then update it first.

If you are using a windows computer, then open your iTunes first. Now click on the “Help” tab. Now, click on “Check for update” button. If your iTunes is updated then a dialog box saying “Your iTunes is up to date” will appear. Otherwise, it will show an update which you can download.

If you are running iTunes older version on your computer or on your iPhone, then make sure you update it. A lot of time iTunes error occurs because it is not updated. This is how Apple forces everyone to update iTunes to its latest version.

Steps for iPhones IOS Recovery

Steps for iPhones IOS Recovery
Steps for iPhones IOS Recovery

If nothing works then you can try third-party software. Some of the times they can solve your problem. You can find these third-party software’s online. Make sure that it is free to use.

If this doesn’t work then try system recovery option of iOS. It can solve most of the issues like frozen screen, iTunes problem or any other problem related to iOS. Make sure you are using the latest iOS version which is available for your device. This option is also available in your windows or Mac computer. You can use them to solve this issue also.

Also, you don’t have to take back up of your data during this. If you have some important data then you take back up of that data otherwise it is not required. Your data won’t be lost during this process until some big issue occurs during it. To perform iOS recovery you can follow below steps.

• Connect your device to your computer or Mac using a USB cable.

• Now select “system recovery” and hit the “start” button. After which the process will be started.

• Now, you need to input your iPhone details. This is a security feature to make sure that the iPhone is not stolen. Make sure you enter the correct details otherwise your iPhone might get locked.

• After entering the correct details, click on the Download button. It will take some time to download the new firmware and install it.

• After installing the firmware, it will reinstall the iOS. Once it is done just restart your iPhone.

If all the above method doesn’t work for you, then the only option left is to erase all your data. Make sure you have your whole iPhone back up before performing this. This method will delete all your iPhone data, so you better backup it first.

If you want to try this method, then open your iPhone settings. Search for “Erase all your data” in your settings. Click on it and all your iPhone will be deleted. Once the process is done your iPhone will restart by itself.

In case even deleting all your data doesn’t work, then visit your nearest Apple Store to fix this issue. Apple Engineers will fix your iPhone in no time. Even if they are not able to repair it, you will get a replacement. Don’t try anything else by yourself as you can brick your device. You may also violate the replacement terms and conditions of Apple by mistake. It is better to get your device fixed at an Apple Store if none of the above method works for you.

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