How to Cancel Pandora plus Subscription 2023

by Vanessa Diem

How to Cancel Pandora plus Subscription 2023 - We all love listening to music. It is a good way of having fun. Many streaming and downloading websites for music are present on the internet. These websites also have their official mobile applications. Pandora Plus is one of these websites. It allows you to stream music of any kind. The regular package of Pandora Plus is almost free. However, it also has a paid subscription. People prefer the paid package more because it has some additional offers.

Pandora Plus is not the only music website. There are many others. There is tough competition because of this. Unluckily, Pandora Plus can’t beat big names like Spotify and Amazon Music Unlimited. Because of this, many people want to cancel their subscriptions at Pandora Plus. They want to subscribe to some other successful websites. You might be one of those people. Thus, this article brings you different ways of canceling Pandora Plus Subscription.

How to Cancel Pandora Plus Subscription 2023

The paid sub of Pandora Plus costs around $4.99 per month. Many people prefer the paid subscription rather than the free package. This is because a paid package has additional offers. The features found in it are exclusive. You can’t find these in a regular package. A paid subscription allows you to access an unlimited number of songs. It doesn’t bother its users with any kinds of ads. Pandora plus subscription also let the users customize the playlist according to their taste. Last but not least, it allows its users to skip a song if they don’t want to listen to it. Despite all these disadvantages, many people still want to leave Pandora. They want to get registered to some other website. Read the article below to know different ways of doing this.

Simple Steps Canceling Pandora Plus Subscription on Different Types of System

It’s true that Pandora plus subscription grants great offers to enjoy music. However, Pandora Plus has become a rather out-of-date website. There are many latest options that people want to try instead. Some of these latest options include Spotify and Amazon Music Unlimited. Most of the people also deem the price of Pandora Plus Subscription unreasonable. Thus people have different reasons for unsubscribing Pandora Plus.

Users can run the application for Pandora Plus on different devices. For example PC, Android phones, Apple devices, etc. Each device has a different way of canceling the subscription. Let’s have a look.

Canceling Pandora Plus Subscription on Different Types of System
Canceling Pandora Plus Subscription on Different Types of System

1. Cancel Pandora Plus on PC with Windows System

This is the first way of canceling the subscription from a device. Follow the steps given below for this:

· With the help of your PC open your browser

· Go to the official website of Pandora

· Provide your user name and password to sign into your account

· At the homepage, click your profile icon. It will be present on the upper right corner

· From the menu, go to 'Settings’

· In the Setting’s menu, you will see the ‘Subscription’ option. Click it.

· Go to 'Switch Plans’

· Information related to your subscription plans will pop up

· Here you will see the ‘Cancel Subscription’ option. Click it.

· Give the password of your Pandora Plus subscription for cancellation

· The cancellation will finally be over within 24 hours

2. Discontinue Pandora Plus on Apple Devices with IOS System

Discontinue Pandora Plus on Apple Devices with IOS System
Discontinue Pandora Plus on Apple Devices with IOS System

You might have subscribed to Pandora Plus Subscription from an Apple device. In such a case, you can follow the steps given below to cancel the subscription.

· In case of an iPhone, go to its 'Settings’

· Click on ‘iTunes and App Store’. It will be present on the top of the 'Settings’ menu

· A small menu will pop up. It will have different options. Click ‘Apple ID’

· Provide the password for your Apple ID

· On providing the right option, the Apple ID page will appear

· On the bottom of the page, you will find ‘Subscription’ option. Click it.

· Click the Pandora icon from the Subscription menu

· It will take you to the main subscription page of Pandora Plus

· On this page find the ‘Cancel Subscription’ option.

· After canceling the subscription, Pandora will not charge you any further

3. Revoke Pandora Plus on Mobile Devices with Android System

Most of the people nowadays are using Android-based mobile phones. You can follow the steps stated below if you have subscribed to Pandora Plus Subscription from your Android-based mobile phone.

· Open your Google Play Store

· Click on the strips present on the upper left corner of the app

· The menu will show you different options. Select ‘Account’

· Click ‘Subscriptions’ from the Account menu

· A detail of all the current subscriptions will pop up

· Select Pandora icon from the subscription list

· Choose the option ‘Cancel’ from the Pandora menu

· It cancels your subscription to Pandora Plus instantly. The app will not deduct any more of your moneynext month.

Remember that you would have to pay for the current month even if you cancel out the subscription. Your money stops deducting from the month of cancelation.

Other Tips on Getting Rid of Pandora Plus Subscription 2023

Other Tips on Getting Rid of Pandora Plus Subscription 2023
Other Tips on Getting Rid of Pandora Plus Subscription 2023

Canceling subscription of Pandora Plus might seem like an easy procedure. However, it has many details you need to pay attention to. Following are tips you must keep in mind. These can be beneficial while the canceling the subscriptions.

1. Your Pandora Password

Providing the correct password is one of the mandatory tasks while canceling a Pandora Plus Subscription. Most of the users are familiar with all the steps of cancellation according to their type of device. However, they have long forgotten their passwords. Thus, without entering the right password, they can’t proceed. Remembering a password is more important for Apple users. In their case, no alternative can be available.

Many people forget their passwords. This is because Pandora required the users to enter passwords at the beginning of creating an account. Especially with mobile phones, users only created the passwords once. After that, you can open your account without providing a password. That is why many people forget their passwords. It’s better to note down your passwords and user names in your diary. Thus, even if you forget, you would still have record.

2. Cancellation at the Billing Cycle End

As mentioned above, users have to pay for the current month even if they cancel the subscription. The money deduction process stops from the next month. Thus, it is advisable to cancel a subscription by the end of your billing month. Cancelling In the beginning would only waste money. If you have made  up your mind, wait till it is close to new billing cycle. The best time for canceling is just a few days before the next month starts. Meanwhile, enjoy all the offers.

3. Pandora App Uninstallation

Even if you cancel out the subscription, the application on your mobile remains active. You can still use it. Even at this stage, the app allows you to enjoy all the paid offers. However, this doesn’t mean the app won’t charge you any money. You will not know of it. The billing system of the app will deduct money from your account. Thus, you need to understand that just canceling the subscription process is not enough. You must uninstall the app. Most of the users aren’t aware of this. So, it comes as a surprise when money gets deducted from their account.

4. Final Check on the Payment Billing Statement

It’s important to keep a check on your account’s balance after sometimes once you have canceled the subscription. Do it even if you have deleted the app from your mobile. This is because sometimes an error may occur in the system. As a result, it billed you despite your cancellation. Thus, examining your credit card bills on a monthly basis is a good thing. Keep a tap on transactions having text "Pandora." Contact Pandora customer services if Pandora billing system deducted your money mistakenly. Pandora team would review your application properly once you submit all the requirements. They will then approach you for further inquiry or to refund. However, this whole process may take a few days. Remember, that the very first step is keep checking your card statement. If you don't pinpoint an error in the first place ASAP, they will not refund money automatically. Your responsibility is to act right away on error.


Pandora is great for enjoying freshly brewed music content. Its paid subscription is even better as it provides exclusive offers. It allows users to shuffle or skip songs. The users can fully customize the playlist. On top of this, there are no Ads to bother users. This seems like a great option for enjoying music. However, there are tons of music apps available online. Competition is hard. Pandora is outdated. It has no match with the latest apps like Spotify or Amazon Music Unlimited. Thus, many people want to cancel their Pandora Plus subscription. The above ways are all effective. Each type of device has its own set of steps. However, in each of the method, it’s important to know the right password. Uninstall your apps once you have canceled subscription. Last but not least, keep a check on your monthly bills.

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