10 Ways To Find Charities That Accept Car Donations Directly 2023

by Vanessa Diem

How to find charities that accept car donations directly 2023 – charities deal with the action of giving other people assistance in the form of money or other assistance. Charities are typically held by rich people as individuals and organization as well as companies and communities. Charities are commonly given in the form of money, saving account for students, or funding over certain expanding. The ones who receive charities are usually schools, colleges or institution for their students’ fee, fatherless children, orphanages, villagers with very low income, and some professionals in the lowest level.

Have you ever heard about car charities? Car charities mean giving donation in the form of car. Is there any donation in the form of car? Exactly, yes, there is any. There is always a condition matched with the necessity and availability over something.

If you one of the rich people with more cars in your garage, you can actually find charities that accept car donations directly 2023. There are commonly some poor schools that do not have any car or vehicles as transportation. These two conditions enable you to hold charities by giving car.

For further explicit information, it will be described briefly on this page about how to find charities that accept car donations directly 20018.

How To Find Charities That Accept Car Donations Directly 2023

How To Find Charities That Accept Car Donations Directly 2023
How To Find Charities That Accept Car Donations Directly 2023

The way of how to find a charities that accept car donations directly 2023 isn’t difficult at all, as long as you understand which charity to go to, their goal and their social principle, and how they manage the donations.

A legit foundation is the one providing transparent operation – they don’t mind laying out their way of operation, the detailed mechanism, and such thing alike. They won’t be all secretive and keep everything under the rug. They want to make sure that the donors understand what they are getting and be encouraged to spread out the words so more people will donate.

There are so many ways how to find charities. However, not all of the charities are applicable or easy to try to. Ones of which are stated as follows:

How to find charities on internet

One of the easy ways how to find charities that accept car donation directly 2023 is to search on internet. There will be a lot of information about charities displayed on internet. Some organizations inform their charity program on the internet. As a worldwide means of communication and information, internet can spread the information as fast as it is needed.

How to find charities from rich people

Rich people are typically generous to other mankind. They have a principle that by giving a lot they will get a lot. It works. Those who give more will get the merrier. Wealth which is used to help others will be very useful, helpful and merciful. In this case, rich people are the target to request donations.

How to find charities from companies

Some companies are also considered to hold charity annually or in the event that there is a charity proposal coming to the companies. They show also their loyalty to social life by giving donations. You may be able to derive charity information on the companies’ source of information such as magazine, internet, or other means.

How to find charities from public figures

Artists are one of the public figures who hold most charities. They like to donate their wealth to some who really need it. Even they build a school or a boarding to help children who can’t attend school.

How to find charities organized by religious prayers

Some religious prayers are often invited to organized charity. They are also public figures close to the society. You might search the information from the religious prayers’ public relations so that you can join the charity program.

Car Donations

10 ways to find charities that accept car donations directly 2023: car donations
10 ways to find charities that accept car donations directly 2023: car donations

Car donation is common and considered very helpful for those who need it. Usually, charities who accept car donations are at least as follows;

Poor Schools or Institutions

Poor schools or institutions in an isolated area really need car for the means of transportation. Typically they don’t have enough funds to cover the transportation. The poor finance condition makes the car price unaffordable to reach. Therefore, they also tend to find charity in terms of car. In this way, if you want to donate car or seek the ones who accept car donations, these poor schools are the rightest target.


Car donation is also possible to give out to foundations which have just build and operated. With the limited fund, some new foundations need car donation especially those which are in the secluded area.


Orphanages are the more considerable target to accept car donation. It is due to the fact that their income mostly depends on donations. Therefore, car donation is thought to be effective.

Poor hospitals

It is also necessary to donate car to the poor hospitals as a means of transportation. Some poor hospitals need cars to help the patients.

Nursing home

Nursing home is the last but not least one to accept car donation. Although nursing home has their own fun to manage, car donation will be accepted to help more.

Out of the two information about how to find charities that accept car donations directly 2023, you will have such description or thinking of how to find charities that accept car donation directly 2023. There are actually plenty of ways how to find charities and some receivers of the car donation.

The information given on this page is obviously explain that you are able to find charities whether you want to get information about charity or you want to hold charity including donations.

Direct Car Donation

10 Ways To Find Charities That Accept Car Donations Directly 2023: Direct Car Donation
10 Ways To Find Charities That Accept Car Donations Directly 2023: Direct Car Donation

Before you jump into donating anything you wish, keep in mind that different charities have different policies, regulations, goal, focus, and principles. Some charities may take anything (money, goods, items, etc) so they can distribute those things to the needs.

The money may be distributed in the form of grants or scholarships or financial aids, or a part of it may be used for the running of the charity. Some charities, however, are only focusing on accepting a certain kind of donation. Car charity, for instance, only accepts vehicles (motorcycles, cars, boats, trailers, RVs, etc) while money charity only accepts money.

That’s why it is advisable that you do your research before finding out how to find a charities that accept car donations directly 2018 – provided that you want to donate your car.

In the event that you want to donate a certain vehicle, knowing which charities accept the cars directly can help. But how is the charity working and operating? And how can they benefit from the donated cars, after all?

You see, when charities accept vehicles as the donation, they can do several things to the vehicles. Naturally, they will perform a checking to see the condition of the vehicle. Here are the general things that they can do:

  • They may use the car for themselves. Most organizations or charities need operational vehicles that they can use for their general operation – distributing goods, grocery shopping, etc. If you are donating a car that is viewed potential as the operational car (a minivan, a van, or such vehicle alike), then they may use it for their own needs.
  • They can provide the cars to those who need it. Yes, it’s like the give-away program. They understand that some poor families are struggling hard. A car can make a huge difference for them because it allows them easy access to the transportation and the chance to improve their financial condition.
  • They can sell the cars – whether through the auctions or individual sell – and use the money for their charity cause.

Practice the Donation

Practice the Donation
Practice the Donation

The real practice in managing the donation (and everything that goes with it) isn’t as easy as it looks. You see, when you donate a car to the charity, they will have to make an assessment and a checking. If the cars need repairing, they will do it. Whether they will have to spend a lot of money or only a little on the repair depends on the level of damage and the entire condition.

Once the cars are repaired and ready to sell, they will hold an auction. When they don’t do it, they will see the cars through individual sales at secondhand (or used) car dealers. They money they get from the sales will be used for charity, minus the amount of repair done to the car.

Let’s say that they need to spend $250 for a repair and then they manage to sell the car for $1000, then they only make a profit $750 from the sales. Often times, the amount of money needs to be reduced again so they have the money for administration and management. Supposed than each car will be charged extra $45 to $50 for the entire repair and sale management, the charity is able to raise $700 for their social cause.

Why is it important to know how to find a charities that accept car donations directly 2023? Keep in mind that there are different kinds of donations and charity management. When you are donating cars directly to the charity, you basically give your car directly to the charity.

However, there are some organizations that act like the third party for this kind of donation. Let’s say that you want to donate a car to Car Donation Program, for instance. And then you find this service that affiliates with the Car Donation Program, called Car Donation Extension.

When you call Car Donation Extension, they are basically acting as the third party. They will accept your car donation but it isn’t them that RUN the donation program. They only connect you with the charity, but they will also take a part (either big or small) from the donation.

If you use their service, the money from the donation can’t be used 100% for the donation. In most cases, this third party service can get $50 to $200 per car for each vehicle they deliver (from the donors to the charity).

This is the reason why it is always better to donate the cars directly to the charity (rather than using the third party service). When you donate cars directly to the intended charity, the money won’t be cut off for administration, fees, and other expenses.

The money will be used for the charity and social cause. Of course, the charity may cut a small portion of it for their own administration and fee, but at least you won’t have to ‘split’ the money to other parties.

Car Donation Guidance

Car Donation Guidance
Car Donation Guidance

One of the biggest concerns about donating the car is whether the car will be used for the good cause and not being misused by the administrator. It’s not about having negative thoughts about the charity but let’s be honest, how many of people have been scammed by the fake charities and organizations?

You are probably donating your car because you aren’t using it – but still, you want to make sure that the money will go straight to those who need it and not into the pockets of the greedy administrators.

On the contrary to what you believe, managing the car donation is pretty simple. It isn’t as hard as you think and the entire management is super flexible (and also straight).

As long as you know how, and you are willing to spend the extra time (and efforts), you should be able to manage the donation in the most effective way. At the same time, you can also expect the donation to produce worthy value that can be useful for other people.

You should that there are different kinds of charities with their operations. Some charities accept direct car donations while the others use the third party. You want to avoid the latter because you want to maximize the value of the car for the donation – which won’t be cut with fees or administration.

How is the mechanism of the car donation in general?

  • You can call or contact them. Ask them the information and the details of the donation.
  • If they accept car donations, ask them whether it is direct or indirect. Most charities are quite flexible, so you can have a direct or indirect donation. However, some charities insist on using the third party service. If you don’t want to use this service, then you should avoid such a charity.
  • If they accept direct donation, ask them if it is possible to drive the car to their office by yourself. It will keep the value intact.
  • Deal with the paperwork, including the proof for tax deduction.
  • A legit and trusted charity will inform you about the condition of your car after it is being sold or auctioned. This is crucial for your tax report and documentation.

Considerations when Donating a Car

Considerations when Donating a Car
Considerations when Donating a Car

When you donate a car to the charity, you can get the benefits of tax deduction because of your good deed and generous action. However, you should also know that the amount of the tax deduction depends on the price of the sold car.

Here are some things to know about donating the car for social cause.

  • If you want to enjoy the greatest benefits of the tax deduction (as well as making sure that the car will be sold to its maximum potential and price), it is better to choose a charity that will give it to those who need it or use the car for their own operation. Naturally, this kind of charity usually has more requirements related to the donated car (for instance, they may not accept cars who aren’t running anymore) but you can be sure that the value is higher.
  • If you don’t bother with the tax deduction or such thing alike, you can always donate the car to the charities that will sell the car. But don’t be too surprised if you don’t get much deduction from the sales. After all, the deduction will be based on the price of sale. So, if your car is sold for about $700, you only that amount of tax deduction – or even less.
  • It is always a good idea to ask the charities of how much tax percentage you can get from the donation. You want to choose a charity that is transparent about their operation. So, if they don’t provide you with the information about your tax deduction info, you should ask. They should lay it out in a detailed manner. But they are being secretive about everything, then you should walk away – they aren’t worth your time or your generosity.
  • One of the ways on how to find a charities that accept car donations directly 2023 is to ask them to accept the car without any involvement from the third party service. If it is possible, ask them if you can drive and deliver the car on your own without involving the pickup or towing service. If such a thing is possible, they can maximize the use of the money for the social cause.
  • Make sure that the charity is legally eligible to get the contributions of tax deduction. You may want to check to the IRS and make sure that you will get the copy of IRS determination letter.
  • You MUST get the receipt for your donation. Make sure about it.
  • You should document everything. Use your phone to take photos or record videos. Of course, be frank about it with them – ask their permission for the recording. If they are a truly legit and legal organization, they won’t mind about it.
  • Always take the records and document the whole transactions. When you are making donations with the non-cash implementation, it generally triggers the IRS audit. Don’t forget to document the car’s value as well as recording it.
  • The car’s value is made by the owner, not the charity. You want to keep all the records so the car’s value can be verified. So in case there is a consistency with the records or the documents, it is you as the car owner that will get the penalty – not the charity.
  • There are different forms or sections that you will have to fill, depending on the value of the car.
  • If you are confused about the whole thing, feel free to contact the charity or the organization. They should be able to lend a hand in everything. But you should do your own research – by having the basic knowledge, you won’t have to worry about being scammed or fooled.
  • If you aren’t familiar with the whole thing, you can also ask the ones who have done the donations. It can be a friend, a work colleague, a family member – anyone who has donated their cars before.
  • Be sure that you only choose the trusted and credible charity. Asking for references from people you trust can be a good starting point.

Don’t rush things when you want to learn about the management to donate your cars. Now that you know how to find a charities that accept car donations directly 2023, be sure to do it carefully and thoroughly.

Conclusion on How to find charities that accept car donations

Conclusion on How to find charities that accept car donations
Conclusion on How to find charities that accept car donations

Charities That Accept Car Donations Directly 2023, either it is held by individuals, communities or organization will always helpful for the ones who need it. Charities, no matter the form of the donation, will also give beneficial aid toward the ones who need it. After obtaining the complete information, anybody can actually find charity through procedures required well. Afterwards, the next information will be who the probable receivers of the car donations are.

Conclusively, how to find charities that accept car donations directly 2023 is possible and common. So it will enable anybody to carry out the charity programs and find the right receivers to accept the donation.

Don’t hesitate to involve the religious prayers or public figures as well as some considerable people to participate in the donation. Since car donation is a good idea to give away, the receiver must feel happy to get it to be used as their valuable transportation.

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