Get a Valid Card Number from the China UnionPay Credit Card Generator

The Requirements of the China UnionPay CC Generator ?

The generator is to make fake China UnionPay for validating and testing purposes. The making is based on three assumptions:

  1. China UnionPay cards; debit, credit or charge; must start with a series of "62", "88"."
  2. The created numbers have also passed the Luhn algorithm for validation
  3. Subsequent informations, such as: name, cvv2, address, cvv, expiration date, country, address, balance etc etc are tagging along as well

Knowing that these China UnionPay credit card numbers are generated based on the theory of China UnionPay network card making, any other uses other than the above forth mentioned would not work.

Some latest China UnionPay generated credit card numbers for testing

Generate China UnionPay CC
Generate China UnionPay CC
Card NumberCard TypeNameCvvExpiration
8868 1966 5989 7441China UnionPayTaylor Hartman56912 / 2022
8838 0861 6523 7090China UnionPayMaren Dominguez77305 / 2020
8894 6447 8380 9905China UnionPaySylvester Diaz57706 / 2023
6248 6933 2187 9257China UnionPayBexley Garner46612 / 2024
6290 1585 8388 3923China UnionPayWade Sharp21907 / 2021
6268 7806 0347 6061China UnionPayDarryl Shaw51208 / 2020
6290 7471 0552 5259China UnionPayHarold Donovan47806 / 2024

The generated numbers are for testing purposes. They will not work in real time purchases

Latest 2019 China UnionPay Credit Card Generator with complete information

China UnionPay CC Network
Issuing network:
China UnionPay
Card number:
8699 0237 9154 6294
Ivy Nguyen
1092 Downtown Way
Texas, USA
Expiration date:

This beatiful China UnionPay creator is to make one card. If you love to play in group, check it out bulk generate China UnionPay credit card numbers

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