Get Valid Card Numbers from the Bulk China UnionPay Credit Card Generator

How does the 2019 China UnionPay Bulk Credit Card Generator work ?

To check one number with nice detail, go here China UnionPay credit card generator. To amass it, use the above app. Simply choose the network, specify the download format, ensure the balance ranges are good, and enter the number of cards to generate. Our generator above follows 3 rules as below:

  1. China UnionPay network has one approved prefix of "8699"
  2. The bulk generated numbers in any format is valid and perfect for testing purposes. Luhn verification surely passed
  3. To make it good, we also have randomized addresses, countries, names, numbers CVVs, etc. - Card information and user information are all complete

The downloaded data, be it in JSON, XML, or CSV, are no good for real purchases. Such generated data are for educational and validating purposes only.

Some China UnionPay bulk generated credit card numbers

Bulk China UnionPay CC
Bulk China UnionPay CC
Card NumberCard TypeNameCvvExpiration
6272 5834 0162 5283China UnionPayAveri Hardin98412 / 2021
8825 8985 7858 3521China UnionPayOswaldo Armstrong22911 / 2022
6216 8315 0301 0949China UnionPayMiles Hodge40001 / 2021
8862 5966 3258 8320China UnionPayCarolina Kirby30210 / 2025
8841 5167 9430 8594China UnionPayChang Estrada30804 / 2022
8864 4599 5899 3657China UnionPayElvin Pate93206 / 2021
8889 8512 7699 5854China UnionPayJaniyah Beasley23711 / 2022

Guys, these generated numbers are for software verification. They will not work in purchase transactions.

Latest 2019 China UnionPay Bulk Credit Card Generator with complete information

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