best watch free movie online without downloading 2019

10 Best Watch Free Movie Online Without Downloading 2019

If you are a movie lover, you should have been familiar with the best watch free movie online without downloading 2019. Watching movie online along with a free of charge is like being in a heaven for movie lovers. Moreover, it is one of the easiest ways to enjoy watching movies you love either on your home television, computer or even from your smart phone. All you need to have is the internet connection which must be available in the active mode so that you can search your favorite movie.

There are a large number of sites provided to enable you watch free movies online with a large number of movies you can select, too. Many sites do not require a download and they are legal to use. Many of them are also offering free movie applications on your mobile devices so that you will be able to go with the best watch free movie online without downloading 2019.

In this way, there will not be any trailer of the movie as the movies are coming in free full-length. Therefore, you could be able to watch the movies from the beginning up to the end. Typically, there are lot of movies genres available such as comedy, drama, horror, and action.

Herein, this page is created to serve you best information about the best watch free movie online without downloading. The pros and cons are also included to make you be able to choose which site to go. Keep in mind and simply remember this valuable information to enable you directly go to watch the movie.

1. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle
Sony Crackle

Owned by Sony Pictures, Sony Crackle becomes the one on the top of best watch free movie online. This big name of movie production certainly provides many kinds of movies in full-length anytime and anywhere.

No matter what size your screen or monitor you are using to watch the movie, Sony Crackle offers a high quality movies you can enjoy since it has a very spectacular look. Watching movies via Sony Crackle has only a little distraction in term of a few commercial which appears once in a while. However, you must not worry about it as the commercial only comes in shorts. During the full-length movie, there won’t be many commercial breaks so that you can enjoy watching the movie as comfort as you expect.

Sony Crackle Pros

  • Many of us like Sony Crackle for its big selection of movies along with the good video quality. By the big selection of movie, you can choose any movie that you like from any genre including horror, drama, comedy and action. This is very interesting because you will also be able to watch all the movies every day without downloading as well as without going to a cinema which may cost more.
  • The good video quality of Sony Crackle allows you to enjoy the video viewing which may be lifelike. That’s why, I say that Sony Crackle is listed on the top of best watch free movie online without downloading 2019.
  • In addition, the large number of video player options which is available in Sony Crackle presents good choices to take which kind of video player you prefer to use. This video player app can also be attached on your mobile devices. It is pretty good, right?

Sony Crackle Cons

  • However, there is always part of Sony Crackle that most people dislike. It is the fact that it displays more adds than most video streaming sites you have known. This will make you restricted and feel uncomfortable as those ads will appear more and more when you are enjoying the movies. It will also make you bored to break because of the ads.

2. Popcornflix


Another great site to watch movie online is Popcornflix. It is popular for its constant flow of new movies produced by Screen Media Ventures. This means that there are a lot of new movies available and added every single day. This kind of site has more than 1.500 movies collection including comedy, drama, horror, action, romance, family, action and documentaries. What a big wow!

The plus point of Popcornflix is that you don’t need any account to sign up in order to see a movie. All you have to do is just click “Play” or your selected movie and start to enjoy it. However, the minus point coming along is that there are only a few free movies you can watch on Popcornfilx. Those are Sunset Boulevard, Recoil, Stagecoach, There Will be Blood, Hugo,and Tactical Force.

Popcornflix Pros

Some reason why most people love to watch movies on this site are:

  • The facts that all movies play in large video player. This is how you can enjoy watching movie optimally just like in a cinema. It also enables you to create GIFs from the movies screen. See how it provides you a chance of developing creativity!
  • Other reason shows that this site offers you to give comments about the specific parts of the movie you are watching. This is a good idea to collect the visitors’ opinion about the movie, so that, the site can evaluate the movie that the site want to present later.
  • The great part of this movie is also shown on its inclusion of a movie streaming sites for children. This is very beneficial to let you watch movie not only for yourself but also for your kids.

Popcornflix Cons

  • For the cons of Popcornflix, it is proved that there are no options for subtitles. This is very bad for movie lovers who don’t understand the language being used in the movie especially when they want to watch movie in which the language is different from theirs.
  • The video quality is not that better. It makes people tends to find another site to have a good video quality to satisfy their eyes.

3. Viewster


As one of the best watch free movie online without downloading 2019, Viewster provides not only a large collection of free movies but also some TV shows which you can stream for free of charge, too. This is a good news for people who loves watching not only movies but also other types of watch. The numerous movies offered by Viewster consist of movies that you have known and you haven’t known as well.

The list of some free movies you can watch via Viewster include Lily C.A.T, Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade, and Night On The Galactic Railroad.

Viewster Pros

  • Most people are very keen to open this site to watch free movies are mostly because of the movies popularity, staff picks and many more. It means that the movies which are available are all the popular movies in the world so that you won’t have missed any movie which is on the top.
  • Viewster has been going for relationship with BBC, HBO, STARZ and other famous companies that enable you to watch the show streaming way. To get an easy watch, you may set up the application of Viewster on your mobile phone or other mobile devices due to its capability to support mobile apps.

Viewster Cons

However, no subtitle over the movies becomes the sources of dislike toward Viewster.

  • The incapability of the Viewster to provide subtitles over the movies can’t help you understand the whole story if the movies use different language with you. This is may not be a problem for those who have been familiar with any language used all over the world. On the other hand, people who master only their own language will find another site which provides subtitles.
  • In addition, the on-minute ads displayed at the time the movie is running often become a distraction and discomfort for the audience.

4. Yidio


The second recommended best watch free movie online without downloading 2019 is Yidio. Yidio is one of the websites providing some categories to direct you where you could be able to watch movies. Free online movies are one of the such categories.

It is extremely easy to find free movies at Yidio. You can try it by rating such as R, PG-13, and G. You can also start with the genre which includes animation, classical, TV movie, Western and Musical. By this genre, you will easily find one movie that raises your interest to watch it. Some best movies which are free for you to watch are Lion of Judah, Dear Dumb Diary, White Rush, Case 39, Spirit of The Forestand White Lion.

Yidio Pros

  • Many of us like this Yidio for its simple way to search free movies along with the various sites available. Here you can find your favorite movies by categories.
  • The movies available on Yidio can also be filtered by rating and genre so that you know how best the movies watched.
  • Moreover, you can also be able to find the movies by popularity categories.

Yidio Cons

  • Although there are a lot of free movies, you can’t find them all freely. Some certain movies are not free under a certain rules. Therefore, you must carefully look at every words added as information displayed on the menu.
  • Moreover, not all the movies can be streamed directly from Yidio. However, to get it free, you will probably be taken elsewhere site to watch.
  • Some advertisement often becomes a boring distraction during movies watch, especially ads which come in one minute long. You will feel such kind of discomfort.

5. YouTube


Why I don’t place YouTube on the top of my list? It is because all of the people around the world have been best familiar with it. You have been, too, haven’t you? Well, I can say that YouTube is the top best watch free movie online without downloading 2019. As you have already known, YouTube provides not only free movies to watch online but also some TV shows, videos, and other personal recording. You will be able to watch any kinds of what you want to.

YouTube also offers you to upload any video as long as you follow the registration to create an account of YouTube. By that account, you will have chance to insert your recording such as song, talk show, video trips, and many others.

There are so many advantages of having YouTube account to maximize its channel. You can be popular by uploading your profile, your hobby, your career, and everything about you. If you have thousands of viewers then you will be such a famous YouTuber. You can also make money from YouTube. One of which is by uploading videos, being videos editor, organizing ads and etc. Seems, you will not only enjoy the free movies but also enjoy the whole life-watch.

Youtube Pros

  • All kinds of movies are available on this site, from any genre, any categories and any period. You can find movies from the old times up to these modern years, from the very old movies up to the latest movies. All is available.
  • YouTube provides not only best free movies but also some other kinds of videos including your personal recording, your group recording, talk show, TV shows and etc. related to watch-matter.
  • YouTube offers not only enjoyable site to watch movie freely but also a beneficial site to “money-making”.
  • Yu can either create YouTube account to extend the use of YouTube channel or just being a visitor. It is basically about your free preference.

Youtube Cons

  • As there is a chance to earn money from advertising in YouTube, many ads will absolutely restrict your watching movies. You can avid the ads by clicking “Skip” on the right bottom of the screen. However, it still takes time to wait the “skip” sign appear which means that you will see the ads for a couple of seconds before finally skipping.

Other Best Free Movie Sites Without Downloading 2019


Conclusion on best watch free movie online without downloading 2019

As final words, we might conclude that the 5 best watch free movie online without downloading 2019 recommended above deserves best trial. If it is really free as I reviewed, then why don’t you go to your monitor, turn it on, and watch the movies? Have a nice search!

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