Best Under the Table Jobs in 2023

by Vanessa Diem

The world is changing, times are moving. The workforce population is increasing exponentially. Every individual are looking out for jobs or gigs that pay under the table. There are varying reasons why you might be looking for this kind of job. Extra cash ? probably in most cases.

Under-the-Table-Job Introduction

What do we mean by Under the table Job?. Its the kind of job that is technically "off the books". This job has no record under your current employer (if you have a job). Its more or less like a side hustle to the main hustle. It provides an avenue to make extra cash.

Under the table jobs are jobs that allows you to take home every penny you earn. You get to keep all the hard earned money. This money can be used for various purpose, and can be invested. One more thing, you don't pay tax on the money.

Why do Under the Table Jobs and What does it entails?

Working under table requires effort and hardwork. With the right mindset and work ethic, you will make some decent cash. You could make as much as $50+ per hour.

If you work well, and the clients/employers are impressed. You are sure going to be called again. And you might probably end up doing the job full-time if you are so good at it.

" Under the Table Jobs " should always treated just like you are hired as a contractor. All cash you earned should be recorded to know how much you making. To be on a safer side, you should tell your boss about the jobs. This is so not to become haunted by the government. For hiding cash paying job from them. Besides the tax you will pay won't be much.

One benefit of jobs like this, is that you actually don't require any college level of education. For most the jobs though, some you might require it. There vast under the table jobs, but not all can be made into active income. They are usually classified as passive income.

Where do I find Best Jobs Under the Table ?

I have compiled a list of sites where you can find jobs like this. Under the table jobs that will suit your styles.

1. Craigslist - Job Link


Looking for the best place to get an Under The Table Job ?. This is the best site to start your search from. Its gigs section is one the best place to find cash paying jobs. It also lists jobs in your area, that might interest you. So you don't have to worry about travelling expenses.

On Craigslist, you need to read your physical location to find your area. From there, it takes you to your city main page. Then you find the gigs section and look for the job that is tailored to your expertise.

One thing is, on Craigslist you need to be careful of scam. Some jobs are scams while a host of others are not. There are some hidden treasure jobs you will find. All you need to do, is read about the gigs carefully. Before you jump on board. Do research on the gigs.

2. - Job Link

Though it has a small fee, but its loaded with amazing opportunity. You get to network and mingle with people in your area. We have plenty of odd jobs you could easily perform in your area. You just need to sign up and send your proposal. Mode of payment can be in cash or personal check or direct deposit.

If you decide to take this gigs personal. And you work hard with your profile. This can be a full time job and you earn lots of cash. Just sign up and check it out.

3. - Job Link

Like the others, you need to create a detailed profile of yourself. Build a good and interesting profile for yourself. Build a strong network to really earn some cash.

Offering a well detailed job description and a competitive rate to your offer. Makes it easier to get jobs on this site.

4. Nextdoor - Job Link


You definitely missing out if you are not part of Nextdoor. No sign up fee required, and its great in plentiful of ways.

Similar to Facebook, it not only connects you with local neighbors. They require users to confirm their identity on their website.

Posts for a new job is always within a few miles of your area. Lots of jobs are usually posted everyday. So you get to work at your convenient time.

5. Facebook Groups - Job Link


This is probably the easiest way to find jobs. All you need is your Facebook account. Search for your city and town. You sure to find groups created for people in need of jobs. Join these groups and look for jobs there. Some groups post average of 10jobs per day.

While in this group, be careful of not spamming the group. The way you apply for jobs should be tactical.

You should try leaving comments on posts. This helps to increase your activity on the groups. Increasing your chances of getting a job.

Under The Jobs You Should Check Out

1. Babysitting

You probably getting the easiest job and the toughest job. This depends on the kinds of children you handling. To get jobs like this visit or Facebook. Its the easiest job to get anywhere. Again, you probably don't need to look up online. You could easily ask around the neighborhood.

Babysitting is a job that could be a one time thing. Or a regular thing all depends on what you want. The price is between the range of 10-20$ per hour. Though the price might be more in other states. This job doesn't require any educational requirements which is a pro.


· The pay is good.

· Easy job to do.


· Can be stressful with troubled children.

2. Cleaning Jobs

I know this sounds weird, but it's one of the best paying jobs. You will be very much surprised by how many people hate cleaning. To get started, visit Craigslist especially if you live in urban area.


· Doesn't require any certificate.

· You don't need to be a professional.


· Cost of equipment to clean the homes.

· Security reasons.

3. Pet Sitter

This job is best for pet lovers. Its one of the most common under the table jobs. It could be walking dogs regularly. It could also be animal sitting for a couple of days for the owners. You can make up to probably $50 per day. Its a job to earn side income.


· Relatively easy to do.


· Pay is low.

· Pets can give issues.

4. Farmer ' s Market

There is usually a farmer's markets in every town. Farmer's market usually occurs probably once in a month. Others takes place on a regular basis (like every weekend). Its a great place to get a job. You might be hired to assist store owners who is overloaded with work. The pay is good and you probably need muscles.

One good thing, you don't have to be hired. You can be your own boss. Rent a store and a table. You could sell anything including homemade products.


· Good pay.

· You can be your own employer.


· Rude employers.

· Might require muscles.

5. Interpreter

Another way to make easy money is being an interpreter. This is lucrative in areas of tourist attraction. Or places that high influx of businessmen. Just look up online and search for interpreters gigs. The If you can speak another language, it may make you some money. People and businesses are looking for interpreters all the time. You can look up online for such freelance gigs.


· The job is easy to do when you are good at it.

· Cool cash stream inflow.


· May need certification for the language.

6. Tutor

Some people's dream is to help others. There is a job that does that and you earn extra cash. You just need to a tutor How cool would it be if you could make some extra cash and help someone study at the same time? Well, that is probably services you will offer when you tutor. If you passionate about impacting knowledge, you should teach students. Many students out here require help outside school work. If you need a job, just visit Craigslist or Facebook groups. Not just tutoring children on books. You could teach special skills like music, jitsu and so on.


· Joy from impacting knowledge.

· It can become a regular thing.

· The pay is cool.


· You need a certificate to tutor.

· You may need to have attained certain level of education to tutor.

7. Manual Labor

These are the most commonly found jobs. You can easily search any of the listed website above. Jobs like mowing the lawn, moving heavy stuffs, painting. Cutting wood and the likes are part of it. Though this jobs are not just for individuals. Companies are also looking for help with manual labor. Jobs like these are a bit demanding. Its more of a physical work, but it always pays at the end of the day.


· It can be a regular job.

· Pays well.


· Machine hazards.

· Physically strenuous.

8. Gardening

Nature is a beautiful thing. If you love the good old mother nature. Then this job is your calling. Though winters are not the best time for the job. But summers are definitely one of the best to find jobs like this. People still search for gardeners for gardening work.

This job entails doing normal gardening stuffs. Like watering, weeding, pulling or pruning.


· Money depends on size of garden.

· Its fun to do.


· Can be strenuous.

· Not a job for all weather/season.

9. Writing/Editing

You can find freelance writing/editing on those listed sites. Though we do have many other freelance sites like fiverr, freelance, upwork and others. You probably going to end up working for bloggers, magazines or just about any individual or business.


· Can be done at the comfort of your home.

· Doesn't require any tool and it's safe.

· Cool way to earn some side income.


· Takes time to build reputation.

· Not suitable for individuals who can't write.

10. Graphic Design

A fun and adventurous gig to join. It might be demanding but its top notch gig. Its accessible and easily available. It can be quite demanding with difficult customers.


· Improve your skill with each passing job.

· Great way to earn side income.

· Its fun to do.


· Can be demanding if the customer is demanding.

· It requires knowledge and expertise before venturing into it.

In conclusion, These jobs are not the only jobs you can find. There are thousands of them online. But these are one of the best you should venture into. Under the table jobs are for side incomes. They can also become full time regular income. Thanks for reading!!!

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