How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership 2023

by Vanessa Diem

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership 2023 - You can find almost everything you are looking for with a quick search on Amazon. It is no fluke then that Amazon in the number on online market place in the world. Amazon has a wide assortment of goods across various categories on offer; from electronics to digital products you just name it, Amazon has it all.As part of its marketing drive to get more clients, Amazon introduced the premium Amazon Prime Membership that come with extra benefits for subscribed users. To attract customers onto Amazon Prime, Amazon offers a free trial for first time subscribers. After a while some users might not be interested in continuing with Amazon prime, canceling their subscription now becomes a priority. The question then is, how do you cancel your Amazon Prime membership 2023? Not to worry, this article provides answers to this question.

How to cancel Amazon Prime membership 2023?

How to cancel Amazon Prime membership 2023?
How to cancel Amazon Prime membership 2023?

For those who aren’t aware, Amazon prime differs a lot from a typical Amazon account. This is because users need to pay some certain amount of cash in exchange for extra services. So what are these services that would require you paying more? The main attraction, Amazon prime allows you get your shipments for free.

This is a major advantage for regular shoppers as it reduces the cost of shopping significantly. In addition you can also get same delivery for your ordered goods if you happen to reside in the same location as the seller.

The Steps to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership

The first place to start from is how long you have owned an Amazon Prime membership. As a new Amazon prime user you get a 30 day free trial. You can access this free membership only once for each account. It is very much possible to cancel your prime membership while you are currently running the free trial account. You can do this by following the next few steps.

For a Normal Amazon Account with Prime Free Trial

To cancel your amazon account, you first of all have to sign into the account with a valid email and password. You can do this on several devices- smartphone, tablet or a PC. You can also login via your mobile app if you have one.

Once you have successfully signed into your Amazon account, you would notice the Prime account on the top right of your screen. The prime button is so large it is hard to miss. For those who do not have an Amazon account, the sign up process is quite easy and straightforward. To protect your account from hacks ensure you create a strong password combination. Once you create your account, you can proceed with your Prime trial.

Follow the steps in the next section to find out ways by which you can cancel your subscription.

Cancel Amazon Prime Free Trial or Discontinue It

To cancel your trial subscription you would find a cancellation link or button from which you could decide whether or not you want to continue or cancel your subscription. Selecting both option would halt or cancel subsequent subscription. Canceling your trial subscription immediately suspends your trial account. Hence, when you select this option, your trial ends the minute you logout of the application.

The second option which is “do not continue” implies that even though your trial session is active, you would have to pay for Amazon prime at the completion of your subscription. With this option you get to enjoy your trail membership until it expires.

It is important to note that trial sessions are available for new members only.

For the Amazon Prime Account

The prerequisite for this is that you already own an Amazon account, with an Amazon account you can have access to login into amazon services from any location and at any time. I would strongly suggest you go with the browser mode as some options might not be available on the mobile app.

Cancel Amazon Prime Membership

Cancel Amazon Prime Membership
Cancel Amazon Prime Membership

If you want to cancel membership you should first of all search for the Prime menu, it can miss its very prominent colors. Tap on the button and cancel your subscription immediately.

If you are interested in getting more information on prime before you cancel your membership you can search for ‘Manage Your Prime Membership’ to get more information on amazon prime. The whole process takes about 24 hours to cancel your membership after 24 hours you would no longer have access to Prime.

In addition to learning how to cancel Amazon Prime Memebership 2023, you may also be interested to know how you can get a refund. The question then is why is getting a refund important? Amazon prime is a paid service and if you are no longer interested in making use of this service you should be entitled to get a refund if you meet the predefined terms and condition. A refund can be initiated once cancelation has been completed.

Full refund for Amazon Prime Cancellation

You get a full refund without deductions if you are less than three days into your new subscription or if you have paid for months in advance. If you have paid in advance deductions would not be made for the subsequent months that have not been activated. In this case you would be receiving a full refund for those months.

Partial refund for Amazon Prime Cancellation

You get a partial refund if you cancelled your subscription midway or towards the end of your prime membership. For instance, if your account is canceled 8 to 10 days before the next month, amazon would examine your account to see if you have enjoyed any prime benefit, if you have enjoyed any benefits the corresponding deductions would be made and the balance refunded into your account.

To typical example can be if you have made use of the music or movie services but you are yet to make use of the free shipping service. In this instance, deductions would be made for the services that you have enjoyed and the balance would be refunded. Amazon makes use of a specialized software to ensure you get value for what you enjoy and get exactly what you deserve to get.

Tips Related to How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership 2023
Tips Related to How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership 2023

What is the thinking behind creating Amazon prime? Amazon originally began as a retailer in the United States then overtime expanded to Asia and Europe. These days, you can have access to Amazon services from virtually anywhere in the world. This expansion brought with it its own challenges, as there products that might originated from other countries. Local merchants can be found in only a few countries like Australia, UK, Japan and the United States.

An essential component of online retailing is shipping. So in order to reduce the cost of shipping and build efficiency, Amazon had to come up with a shipping platform that would ensure efficiency and at the same time be cost effective. For instance, if you purchase above a certain quantity of products you are eligible for free shipping.

This system ensures that both parties are satisfied Amazon come up with the idea to put superior shipping and cost effective service into one package known as Amazon prime. Amazon prime is a lot different from your regular shipping package. Some of the extra value added service on Amazon prime are highlighted below;

Free shipping

Like I have mentioned previously, once you purchase products above a certain price or quantity Amazon provides you free shipping. This alone is the singular most important feature on Amazon prime.

Music and video

Amazon prime also give you access to streaming services, with Amazon prime you can enjoy music and movies on the go. Initially, users get access to both Movies and Music, but due to an increase in demand for online streaming content, Amazon had to expand this feature to a whole service on its own. Consequent to this, to make use of this service you have to pay for subscription. In order to differentiate between regular and paying users, Amazon Prime was introduced to bridge the gap. For a monthly fee you get contents directly on your device.

Kindle book

Another interesting feature from Amazon is the book. You can purchase a book from our seller or via Amazon Kindle. With Amazon Prime membership you get discounts for buying books on Kindle.


Cloud storage is a newly introduced service on Amazon. With Amazon cloud storage users can store their data, file online. As an Amazon user you get access to more capacity.

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