Get Valid Card Numbers from the Bulk DCI Credit Card Generator

How does the 2024 DCI Bulk Credit Card Generator work ?

Clcik here DCI credit card generator if you want a single DCI data in action. This page goes further to allow select and download on mass DCI generations. Available in many formats : CSV, XML, and of the infamous JSON. Let's take a look at the following cases to see how the bulk generation is done :

  1. Differnt from DCI, DCI has serveral prefixes : from "300" to "305", "309", "36", and from "38" to "39"
  2. For each generation from the bulk, our app would ensure the number passed the Luhn validation. So the create data are actively valid
  3. Randomized sequences of CVV, CVV2, countries, names, numbers, addresses, etc. will also be there for real checks

These card numbers should not be entered in any checkout, transaction cart online, or at store. They simply won't pass the BIN or real user matching checks. These should be use for software testing, and many other purposes. If you have found a good use of them and care to share, feel free to rate / comment it below

Some DCI bulk generated credit card numbers

Bulk DCI Credit Card
Bulk DCI Credit Card
Some DCI bulk generated credit card numbers
Some DCI bulk generated credit card numbers

Guys, these Diners Club (DCI) generated numbers are for software verification. They will not work in purchase transactions.

Latest 2024 DCI Bulk Credit Card Generator with complete information

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