Best CouchTuner Alternatives in 2023

by Vanessa Diem

Best Alternatives to CouchTuner Site in 2023 - There often comes a point where you get tired of all the worldly affairs going on around you. All what you need then is an escape. Movies can be that escape for you. It can teleport you to a world where there are no worries for you to carry on your shoulders. You can see the sun rising from someone else’s view. You can live a new life.

This is the purpose behind most of the subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and other similar applications, too. These are the reputed ways to get an access to the world of unlimited movies and entertainment. But, there are also some ways which are not that famous, yet they work far better than any of the known ones.

One of those ways is CouchTuner.

What is CouchTuner?

CouchTuner is a free video streaming website which offers a fair range of movies to select from. Here on CouchTuner, you can watch content from HBO, Turner, Cartoon Network, etc.

Is CouchTuner free to use?

Absolutely! Although, most of the applications or websites which promise to facilitate its viewers with so much entertainment require a membership/subscription to it. But, this is not the case with CouchTuner, because it is free to use.

What is CouchTuner?
What is CouchTuner?

Is CouchTuner Safe to Use?

As far as it is about the pirated content liability, you cannot really trust anyone in today’s world where the media content developers look at this scenario with a whole different perspective. Other than that , in itself, CouchTuner is a safe website to use.

Has CouchTuner been Blocked ?

If you are not able to get an access to the CouchTuner website, it might be because of the ISP mishap or there is also a fair chance of your internet service provider blocking the access to CouchTuner.

What to do in such Case?

They are two options which you can go for in case of facing any of the above-mentioned inconvenience.

You can use a VPN service to bypass the desired content OR you can navigate to the alternative sites (also known as the mirror sites) of the CouchTuner.

Do not worry about knowing the mirror sites, because we have got it all sorted out for you!

List of Best CouchTuner Alternatives in 2023

Following, we have mentioned some of the best alternative sites to CouchTuner. We have also mentioned the working status, and the features of each of the website for you to figure out the reliability of the website.

Alternative Website


Working Status

Amongst all the other mirror sites, this one is by far the best and most popular for its services which include HD streaming of your favorite movies. It offers a very wide range of the genres, so you have a variety to choose from. It also has a registration form, but unlike many, it is absolutely free of cost. Whereas, the registered users can always rate the content, and also save the content of their interest for later use. Also, you are not asked to provide them with any sort of personal information which might make you feel uncomfortable. All content is provided by the independent third parties.


If you are addicted to watching TV shows, this is the site for you! Mostly, people can only stream the popular movies or TV shows by using several online streaming websites. But, daily TV Fix has it all! It has a user friendly surface where you can search your favorite movies or TV shows, independent of when they were released . Daily TV Fix also provides its users with a social forum where all the movie lovers can discuss their interests. Also, you are allowed to share your honest reviews about a specific content.


Mostly, people have to wait for a show to get an access to, after it airs. But, with New Episodes, the case is different. As the name tells it all, you can watch the new episodes of any TV show soon after it has been aired . You do not have to wait long or rely upon the irrelevant websites. This website also has a forum prepared for its users where they can socially interact with each other, and make the most of this website.


As many of the entertainment seekers are supposed to be already aware of PutLocker , it does not really have the need to be introduced . It is famous for its vast variety of genres which include the shows from Japan, Korea, Thailand, India, and etc. It is one of the most reliable websites, all across the globe.


If you are a movie lover, but you hate to pay for the costly cinemas, then this site is the best for you. It has HD quality online streaming of the newly released movies. Its features are certainly distinguishable. Thus it has been fairly accepted amongst the users. It is also safe to use, but we will still suggest you to create a user account before watching any movie, so that your safety is assured . There are various resolutions available for the streaming, too. Thus, you can choose the one which best fits your internet connection and your devices’ demands.


This a website which lets you enjoy movies of all genre. Be it adventure , science fiction, romance, or horror, this site has it all. You can get an easy access to your favorite movies in a comfortable way , and that without paying a single penny for it. Sounds surreal, no? But, it is the truth! Navigate to this is website and see it for yourself. It has a very user-friendly interface, too.


Although, this website looks like the ones which provide the paid services to its users, this website is actually free of any paid registration. Thus, the users can enjoy their favorite content without paying anything for it. The credit goes to its developers who have developed this website to portray their love for the entertainment industry. You would be amazed to know that it also has the movies from year 1995. All you have to do is navigate to this super amazing website, and make the most of it.


Are these CouchTuner Alternative Websites Safe to Use?

Yes! They are safe to use, because none of these ask you to submit your personal information. However, you can still make your browsing even more comfortable and reliable by using a VPN service, just in case there is an inconvenience waiting for you.

We have also mentioned some of the best VPN services just to make the selection easy for you. The price of each service has also been mentioned .



Express VPN

$12.95 per month

Pure VPN

$10.95 per month


$9.95 per month

Nord VPN

$11.95 per month


$9.99 per month

IP Vanish

$10.00 per month

There are also some paid apps available to stream your favorite shows.

Netflix is one of those applications. It is very popular because of its distinguished features.

Netflix as a CouchTuner Alternative in 2023

Netflix as a CouchTuner Alternative in 2023
Netflix as a CouchTuner Alternative in 2023

Netflix is a streaming service. It enables the viewers to watch a fair range of award-winning shows, movies, etc. There are also many documentaries available for you to watch. It is not a limited service. It can be downloaded on uncountable devices which are internet connected.

One of the best features of Netflix is that it doesn’t ask you to watch tons of advertisements, in order to continue watching your favorite content. There are no ads!

Every month, there’s a commencement of new series. People love the variety they find on Netflix. It also has a very user-friendly interface. You have an option to search a specific content. You also have an option to select movies or your favorite shows from the given assorted genres.

Netflix Membership

As far as it is concerned about the membership criteria set by the Netflix for its users, it is very simple to understand.

You can get a free trial of the app. The free trial comprises a 30 days package, which is a month. To make sure that the customer knows about the deadline, 3 days before the expiration, Netflix gives a reminder to the user. Though, you can always cancel the trial any time, before the deadline. The customer is not bound to any term or condition.

If you like the trial, you can then choose from the given plans. The plans are classified as Basic, Standard, and Premium. Each plan has its own features. Select the one which is the best fit for you.

If you want to sign up, click on the alt link

Crackle as a Similar Site to CouchTuner

Crackle as a Similar Site to CouchTuner
Crackle as a Similar Site to CouchTuner

Sony has introduced a similar to Netflix app, named as Crackle. It is said to be an alternative to Netflix as well .

On Crackle, there is an availability of the original content, as well as the content from other developers and companies. Thus, the user gets to explore a vast field of entertainment.

The service is available in 21 countries, almost. It is not limited to a certain type of device. It can be connected to various internet oriented devices.

Sony Pictures is a big name of the entertainment industry. Thus, Crackle is by far one of the most reliable applications introduced.

The best part about Crackle is that it does not cost you a single dollar. It is absolutely free! Crackle TV is considered to be a top notch .

Does it have Advertisements?

Yes! Since Crackle TV is absolutely free, the users might be interrupted by a few advertisement pop ups. Believe us when we say that those advertisements are going to be worth it!

To visit Sony Crackle, please click on this alternative link

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