Cheap Second Hand Wedding Dresses 2023

by Vanessa Diem

Wedding is the most special moment in the life of a person. Once in a life time, make it unforgettable memory. Many preparations must be taken into a to-do-list long before the due time, especially the fund. Fund management in organizing wedding is very crucial related to the bride and bridegroom’s desire and willingness. In this case, wedding dress becomes the first of the listed preparation that the bride and the bridegroom think. Since they have opinion that wearing wedding dress is once in a life time, therefore, it should be the most beautiful of all. However, not all the bride and bridegroom be able to reach the dream of wearing the most-wanted wedding dress because of limited money. What do you think about it? Do you have any solution?

What if you are in the situation that you are dreaming of beautiful wedding dress but you have only limited money in your pocket? Have you ever thought about cheap second hand wedding dresses?

What are cheap second hand wedding dresses?

What are cheap second hand wedding dresses?
What are cheap second hand wedding dresses?

Second hand wedding dresses are wedding dresses which are not in new condition. They are belongs to a bride and a bridegroom sold as second hand item. In other word, the dresses have already been worn. However, second hand items that will be sold are usually still in good condition with the lower price. Those second hand wedding dresses often offer a considerable discount so that the price becomes reasonable for the bride or the bridegroom.

Nevertheless, you can still find ones in new original dresses although they are listed as second hand items. They are the new wedding dresses that have never been worn as the bride and bridegroom are more interested in other ‘eye-catching’ wedding dresses.

So, cheap second hand wedding dresses are the used wedding dresses sold cheaply. In other words, the price is considerable, reasonable, and affordable.

How much is the price of second hand wedding dresses?

How much is the price of second hand wedding dresses?
How much is the price of second hand wedding dresses?

A price of second hand items must always be taken into account, including the price of second hand wedding dresses. Usually, second hand item will be sold 50% cheaper than the new ones. What about second hand wedding dresses? Well, it depends on the item conditions and who the designer is.

Typically, the price of second hand wedding dresses is given discount up to 50% if the dresses are still fair to wear for wedding. However, some designers such as Oscar de la Renta, Monique Lhuillier, Vera Wang usually discount their second hand wedding dresses from 20% to 40% only. If the dresses are damaged more, the discount can reach up to 90%.

Do you still think about cheap second hand wedding dresses? You must consider several things before you are actually hunting the dresses. Read the next point as follow:

Your to-do-list to find cheap second hand wedding dresses?

Your to-do-list to find cheap second hand wedding dresses?
Your to-do-list to find cheap second hand wedding dresses?

Where and how can you find cheap second hand wedding dresses? Consider these things:

The budget you have decided to buy the dress. You must think it over. Never buy items in which the price is far beyond the budget because it will ruin your other fund expending.

Firstly and simply refer to your relatives. Who knows? Perhaps, one of them has the used dresses which are possible to buy if they are not going to wear it anymore. In this way, the price given by your own relatives will be much lower than any other.

Contact your friend for more information, especially a friend who is already familiar with wedding dresses. They can be a wedding dress designer or event organizer.

Find a tailor who is usually sewing the wedding dresses. There might be a wedding dress which is not bought for deal by the bride/bridegroom. The dress is considered unused and only displayed in the boutique. So, it will be beneficial for the tailor to sell it to you when it matches your interest.

When you get an eye on a wedding dress, make sure you do some tests.

Have a look at the size of the wedding dress. Is it matches with your size?

Look at the dress in detail, whether it is in good condition or there is a kind of damage.

Ask about the person who has worn the dress before you. Make sure that the former person who has worn the dress has no skin illness.

Negotiate the price based on the wedding dress quality. Your skill of bargaining plays an important role to get the cheap second hand wedding dress.

Benefits of having cheap second hand wedding dress

There are some benefits of having cheap second hand wedding dress as follows:

Of course, you will have a cheap price. It suits your budget and your money expands. It saves your money.

Some women refer to have a rental wedding dress. However, if you rent wedding dress you will not have that dress for the rest of your time. You will only have the photos of it. Meanwhile, if you take the second hand ones, you will have the dresses along with the sweet memory of your own.

You will learn that not everything in your life time must be glamorous and luxurious with new things. It pays a lot. Meanwhile, you need a lot of money to start your life after marriage.

You might have the wedding dress of an actress. Who knows? It must become a pride to wear Lady Diana’s wedding dress, right?


Finally I must say that wearing cheap second hand wedding dress is common. It’s not a big deal as long as you carefully check the dress before having a deal to buy. There are more benefits that you must take into consideration for your own satisfaction. I have only provided you with the information about it. Hopefully it will help you a lot and inspire any other person to have cheap second hand wedding dresses without feeling worry.

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