Can You Use a Credit Card for Gambling in Portugal?

by Vanessa Diem

One of the most popular and widely used online transaction methods in many gambling avenues is the credit card. Since the inception of online gaming, credit cards have gained popularity over the years, with many players opting for a credit card compared to normal liquid money.

The most popular credit cards that are used in Portugal are Visa and Mastercard, which have a high acceptance rate in all major casinos. American Express credit cards are also available in Portugal, but their use is limited to only a few casinos. According to our expert Victoria Oliveira check ( profile), some small casinos also do not accept credit cards as a transaction method but prefer cash. But the big question is, how likely are you to engage in online gambling with credit cards, or do casinos take credit cards?

Why gamblers love credit cards

Why gamblers love credit cards
Why gamblers love credit cards

Gives You a Limit

While this is an ongoing debate, using a credit card gives you a limit. The bottom line is you cannot deposit what you do not have or more than your limit. The more you earn or deposit in your bank account, the higher your credit card limit. This provides you with gaming discipline.

Cashback Option

One of the biggest advantages of using a credit card is the cash back option that comes with it. Cashback simply means that you get back a fraction of the money you spend gambling. Major online casinos offer a cashback of an average of 5% of your total losses in a week. On the other hand, your bank offers you some points or some cash for your loyalty by using their credit card. This is a great option for you as you can still reinvest the cashback money, enabling you to gamble more.

Convenient Mode of Transacting

Convenient Mode of Transacting
Convenient Mode of Transacting

A close look at Bacana Play Casino's review shows that several credit cards are accepted on the platform. Other Portuguese casinos also accept credit cards, why? The obvious truth is that credit cards are way convenient compared to other transaction methods.

This is because you can use a credit card almost everywhere in Portugal. Another advantage is that you can use your credit card for gambling purposes and transactional purposes for other entertainment activities in the casino. You also do not need to keep opening up new accounts for depositing into a gambling house every time you want to gamble.

Guaranteed Safety

One of the reasons for the popularity of the use of credit cards for gambling in Portugal is the level of security that comes with it. Compared to liquid cash, credit cards offer more security. This is because the credit card provider has already put in security measures to ensure user safety.

On the other hand, your bank is also keen on securing your credit card. The casino also has put in place strict security measures to ensure your safety in the casino. This means that you have three layers of security when using a credit card in Portugal. It is also safer to walk around carrying a credit card compared to liquid cash. Liquid cash is prone to theft as you may find yourself stuck without any money in your pockets

Keep Track of Your Spending

A great advantage of using a credit card is the fact that you can keep track of your spending. Credit card providers will provide a summary of all transactions made over the month. This is an excellent tool to help you in budgeting for future spending on gambling.

Store of Wealth

A credit card is a store of wealth. This is the sense that you do not have to postpone your spending because you do not have money on you currently. It ensures that you can make transactions now and pay later. This means that even without liquid cash, you are still wealthy.

Cons of Using a Credit Card

The truth is there is no perfect transaction method. The disadvantages of using a credit card include

Additional Fees

Credit cards always incur an extra additional fee once you exceed your payment repayment period. This means that you keep paying the credit card until all the money is repaid then you can start using it again.

Limited Places of Usage

Credit cards are also limited to use in some online casinos. Smaller land-based casinos in Portugal would prefer using liquid cash instead of a credit card.

Answering whether you can use a credit card at a casino will depend on your credit card provider. Some providers will allow you to gamble using their cards, while others will not.

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