Best Free VPS Available Today 2023

by Vanessa Diem

Best Free VPS Available Today 2023 – Every website owner needs to know the best free VPS 2023. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is a kind of web hosting severs that has lots of better features compared to old-fashioned shared or private hosting. We all know that running a website is impossible without the help of website hosting.

Each website hosting provider around the world can help their clients to run the website by giving them the space for the website to operate. The VPS is today considered to be the most advanced and sophisticated web hosting.

Best Free VPS 2023

It brings so many advantages for the websites they run, hence bringing more profits to the website owner as well. If you are quite unfamiliar with VPS, you need to get to know this type of web hosting.

By knowing exactly what VPS is and what it can give to your website, there is no doubt that you will end up choosing VPS as the web hosting for your website instead of choosing regular shared hosting and private hosting.

Down below, there is the information about some of the reasons why you should use VPS and also some of the examples of the best VPS that you can try for free.

Why You Should Use Best Free VPS 2023?

Let’s begin with the basic question a lot of people ask about VPS: why. Yes, why do people have to use VPS? Well, basically this type of virtual web hosting can bring you a lot of benefits, both for you and for your website.

Some of the best things about VPS are including higher protections regarding to data and privacy, better security, better control, and so on.

All the great things about virtual private server will eventually ease you in gaining profits from your website. Here are some of the best reasons that will convince you to use the best free VPS 2023 from now on.

The Privacy Protection is Excellent

One of the best things about VPS is the fact that you do not need to share the server. The server is virtual and private. It means that you can have the whole server for your own usage.

The space in the server belongs solely to your website and no other websites can get access in there. As the result, your website’s personal data, along with all files, database, and private information, is going to be protected from other website.

It gives a very small chance for other website to snoop around, let alone hack your website. This privacy protection is the biggest reason why people tend to choose VPS these days.

You Get Full Authority of the Server

Related to the previous point, the fact that VPS gives you a space for your own website only, you really do have full authority of the server. Basically, you are all alone inside the server.

There are no other websites in the server that you need to compromise with. The full authority comes at best when you need to turn off the server temporarily or to restart it.

Because your website does not share the server, you can turn off or restart the server without asking for permission from other website. The conduct of turning off or restarting the website is not going to give any impact at all to other websites as well.

Everything is More Flexible

There are numerous operating system used on web hosting. Usually, a website has to match its server applications with the operating system.

It can bring a little bit difficulty and clash that will unease the process of website developing and everything else. Thankfully, when you use VPS, there will be a private operating system that you can use.

Because the operating system is freely chosen by you, you can certainly match the OS with the applications you use on the website, including MySQL, PHP, and many other applications. You can customize everything according to your need as well.

Best Free VPS 2023 Available Today

The popularity of VPS is keep growing over the years. Many people, especially those who own websites, want to try using VPS. This is basically why the number of VPS providers across the world is also keep growing fast. Right now, there are approximately over 500 websites from around the world who can provide you with VPS.

Most of them are providing the service for free, some of them are partly free (trial mode), and some of them can be accessed with payment. If you are looking for the best free VPS 2023, here is the list for you. These sites down below provide VPS 100% for free.

Best Free VPS with Zettagrid - App Link

Best Free VPS with Zettagrid
Best Free VPS with Zettagrid

Zettagrid is considered to be one of the best VPS providers all across the world. It comes with lots of great features to help running a website smoothly. Using Zettagrid, anyone can enjoy the goodness of VPS for free.

It has trial package that can be obtained for free. The trial lasts for 30 days and available to be expanded. It gives the client powerful CPU, 100 GB SSD, and 1TB of storage.

People love using Zettagrid because it also provides the service of instant website setup and full assistance during the web migration process.

Free VPS with Microsoft Azure - App Link

Best Free VPS with Microsoft Azure
Best Free VPS with Microsoft Azure

There is no doubt that Microsoft Azure is considered as the best free VPS 2023. Even though, the VPS service from this provider is not totally free, its full package can be bought with low price only. For trial, Microsoft Azure gives 30 days free that can be used to explore every single feature it gives.

Some of the best features of Microsoft Azuer are including data backup plan, disk space with massive capacity of 150GB, and fast 75 GB RAM. The VPS supports numerous operating systems, including Linux and Windows, of course.

VPS with OHosti - App Link

Best Free VPS with OHosti
Best Free VPS with OHosti

For those who want to try free and powerful VPS hosting plan, OHosti can be a great option for them. The best feature about this VPS service is when it comes to security.

Every single web data, files, and important information is concealed carefully behind strong firewall. It prevents any kinds of hacking and data leakage. This VPS service can be operated in many programming language, including Java and PHP.

SkySilk - App Link

Best Free VPS with SkySilk
Best Free VPS with SkySilk

SkySilk provides great service for your website. The VPS from SkySilk contains feature such as 256MB RAM, 2GB SSD disk spae, and full control management. The best feature that SkySilk can bring to you is the data transfer rate.

It reaches up to 5TB rate. The high speed allows the website visitors to enjoy faster page loading on the website. SkySilk also provides data backup in weekly basis, preventing major data lost and hacking as well. This is why SkySilk is the best free VPS 2023 that very well-liked.

InterServer - App Link

Best Free VPS with InterServer
Best Free VPS with InterServer

InterServer is probably one of the oldest VPS providers around the world. It has been operating for over a decade. People can try using the service of VPS provided by InterServer for free, at least during the trial period.

The 30-days trial period allows you to enjoy all the top features of InterServer, including weekly data backup, free domain transfer, large RAM and storage, and also 24/7 customer service. InterServer is integrated with numerous operating systems, including Windows, Ubuntu, and Fedora.

Me - App Link

Best Free VPS with Me
Best Free VPS with Me

There are many good things to get when it comes to the VPS hosting provided by VPS.Me. This hosting provider basically allows you to power your website with fast CPU, large RAM, and large disk space.

It ensures you that the website you run is going to have quicker page loading and better server control. The basic plan can be enjoyed for free during the trial.

After that, you can stick with the same plan or upgrade your plan to premium plan (paid plan) where you can get better features, including extra space on the disk and even faster CPU.

X10 - App Link

Best Free VPS with X10
Best Free VPS with X10

The last item on this best free VPS 2023 is X10. This VPS provider gives amazing service to their clients by making sure that their websites are going to be fast and enjoyable. Each client is given their own space on the server.

They can pick any operating system or programming language that they want because X10 supports almost all operating systems.

The CPU, RAM, and storage used here are all advanced in technology and quite large in size. It brings more benefits when it comes to data security and overall performance of the website.

Conclusion on Best Free VPS Available Today 2023

That is all you need to know about VPS. Now, you have a better familiarity to VPS, including why you should use it and the best providers of VPS available these days.

Considering that virtual private server is indeed very beneficial, especially for those who own and manage multiple websites at the same time, this type of web hosting should really be the primary option for web hosting and server.

There are 10 best free VPS 2023 mentioned above, and you can choose one or two of them to be considered as your website’s hosting selection.

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