Get a Valid Card Number from the VOYAGER Credit Card Generator

The Requirements of the Voyager CC Generator ?

The generator is to make fake Voyager for validating and testing purposes. The making is based on three assumptions:

  1. Voyager cards; debit, credit or charge; must start with a series of "8699."
  2. The created numbers have also passed the Luhn algorithm for validation
  3. Subsequent informations, such as: name, cvv2, address, cvv, expiration date, country, address, balance etc etc are tagging along as well

Knowing that these Voyager credit card numbers are generated based on the theory of Voyager network card making, any other uses other than the above forth mentioned would not work.

Some latest Voyager generated credit card numbers for testing

Voyager Credit Card Generator 2019, Fake Voyager CC Generator, Voyager BIN generated Numbers
Card TypeCard NumberNameCVVExpiration
Voyager8699 7651 0624 6226Maren Quinn20804 / 2021
Voyager8699 1256 3809 0150David Backka90105 / 2024
Voyager8699 0261 2123 6136Pete Zozoloski67812 / 2023
Voyager8699 7410 9397 0804Lotte Lunaric27704 / 2025
Voyager8699 3152 8870 6631Sappo Subaslanta93403 / 2021

The generated numbers are for testing purposes. They will not work in real time purchases

Latest 2019 Voyager Credit Card Generator with complete information

Voyager CC Network
Issuing network:
Card number:
8699 0237 9154 6294
Ivy Nguyen
1092 Downtown Way
Texas, USA
Expiration date:

This beatiful Voyager creator is to make one card. If you love to play in group, check it out bulk generate Voyager credit card numbers

Thoughts on the "VOYAGER Credit Card Generator"

Credit Card Rush4.8 / 5 based on 2 unique reviews

Jos cAv - Thu Dec 06 00:14:22 PST 2018

How does it work, I won’t to know how a cc generator makes money


Benny Vittendorf Thomassen - Mon Nov 26 14:57:27 PST 2018

Hi my name is Benny and i have big financial problems after my wife had to close the restaurant and now we have nothing left so i hope that someone can help us with $10000 so we can pay some of the debth that we have.


Jacobi Patrick - Mon Nov 26 22:38:40 PST 2018

can I get a real working card with about $5000 in it, need to pay things to start my work. email at


enzo fratelly - Tue Nov 27 00:58:11 PST 2018

if u have cc and u wanna get cash real cash from it just contact me and ill help u my whatsapp +13253055124


Lewis Satini - Tue Nov 27 02:41:00 PST 2018

Can I have working card? with limit more than 1k. because I need money to build business. I can't get any loan


MHF - Tue Nov 27 12:40:01 PST 2018

Can I have a valid Credit Card which I can use. I really dont believe, is this true or fake


Cody Eady - Wed Dec 05 16:51:15 PST 2018

Hey can you get me a credit card for $5 my email is


Randi Chartrand - Wed Dec 05 17:38:37 PST 2018

Can I please get a working card # with $60 sent to my email please. Thank you.


Maricielo Arroyo - Mon Nov 26 18:26:55 PST 2018

me please email me to is only to buy something small like 40 bucks because I've just lost my credit card so I gotta get a new one .


Maricielo Arroyo -

me please email me to is only to buy something small like 40 bucks because I've just lost my credit card so I gotta get a new one .


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