The Best Money Saving Blogs 2018

10 Best Money Saving Blogs 2018 (Latest Update)

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10 Best Money Saving Blogs 2018 (Latest Update) – Hello netters, I must say that your decision in opening this page is the smartest choice you have ever made. You are going to find out the right tips and ideas as well as inspiration  to collect money from what we call the best money saving blogs 2018.

The Best Money Saving Blogs 2018

The Best Money Saving Blogs 2018

Based on Wikipedia, blog is a kind of informational website which publishes either individually or in groups on the world wide web. Blogs contain a discrete and informal diary style test entries. The ideas in the writing text are typically presented in chronological order, so that the most recent text will appear first. Blogs are usually designed for individual purposes and developed to be not only a sort of the owner’s hobby but also the source of money saving nowadays.

The best money saving blogs 2018 reviews the best money saving blogs that rise up in 2018. Readimg those blogs, it is expected that we would have such inspiration to have more ideas in making use of blogs as money saving.

The Best Money Saving Blogs 2018

Scroll down the page and you will find some blogs which has best money saving. Those are :

1. Squawkfox

Link to the site: Squawkfox



Squawkfox is a blog created by Kerry K. Tailorr in 2008 to squawk about a frugal life over people. It is very easy to read this blog content since it is well-written, creative and helpful to develop people’s life into better one.

Squawkfox, as it is develops, focuses its contents about individual or personal finance. It is full of tips about how to do and how to make, reaching goal and organizing something, and also about recipes. Besides, holiday, shopping, and home are the common topics, too. The navigation of this blog is considered easy so that it enables you to find the information quickly. Squawkfox is very good to begin with.


Link to the site: is a kind of blogs in which the content are mostly about category and organization of money spending. It deals with the decision and formula on how you can build a money decision including investing, saving, credit, consumer habit, and human interest related to money. This blog is well-designed and very consistent.

3. And then we save

Link to the site: And then we save

The other best money saving blogs 2018 is And Then We Save. The owner of this blog is Anna Newell Jones. She built this blog consisting mostly about groceries, rent and utilities. She asks the readers to join her in the free debt of life by doing diet. Besides, this blog also established with the great recipes of housing and producing homemade things which are very potential to result money.

The uniqueness of this blog is that this blog is designed in a fun and fresh ways. The contents displayed are much more interesting and attracting the readers to read again and again as well as doing like being suggested in the articles. The tips and tricks of having fun ideas reach the top thumbs from the blog visitors. The more thumbs and click the blog obtains, the merrier penny it collects and saves.

4. Get rich slowly

Link to the site: Get rich slowly

Different from other blogs which suggest to collect money as many as possible, as its name, Get Rich Slowly stays away from the idea of getting rich instantly. This blog ranked the best blog in the year of 2011 in Time Magazine. Get Rich Slowly has some excellent ideas to share. Those are; (1) pay things by yourself, never ask other person to do it for you as it means you will spend money to give him/her tip, (2) earn more than you spend, (3) money is about to think instead of to calculate.

5. Wise Bread

Link to the site: Wise Bread is groups of bloggers who are creating community for their own to help people change their finance with the ideas. The articles they post are mostly about career and money making ideas, dispensing tips, financial suggestion, and some rules about adult life.

Wise bread in its blog or website teaches you how to live bigger with a small budget. It is the purpose of wise bread. This site also provides the readers a prize to win such as Amazon gift card only after joining participation in the social media.

6. Simple dollar

Link to the site: Simple dollar

Simple dollar is developed by Trent Hamm who has been known as a good blogger. Like other bloggers writing on finance, Trent Hamm focuses his blog on the discussion of finance problem and the solution toward the problem. In this blog, the readers will be shown a clear direction to follow simply.

7. Budgets are sexy

Link to the site: Budgets are sexy

Budgets are sexy is the opposite blog of Get Rich Slowly. Staying differently, Budgets are sexy covers a thought that getting money as more as a person can do is the only way to get rich as soon as possible.

8. Money Ning

Link to the site: Money Ning

Money Ning is a kind of just simple blog with simple articles to post, and simple idea to think about. However, what Money Ning share is known to be applicable and successfully done. Money Ning has a unique style which is called “nine to five working for others”. It makes the blog looks so cute, doesn’t it? But it works. Generally, readers can take a benefit by joining the event which so many prizes are provided, such as coupons and promo code. Therefore, Money Ning is considered as one of the best money saving blogs 2018.

9. 20 Something Finance

Link to the site: 20 Something Finance

Firstly you must say Wow as you finally find this blog. Designed by G.E Miller, this blog presents 20 guidance of financial case in common. The content is thought to be realistic and new. This blog will show you how to have independent finance, minimize the environment’s influence toward the finance, and make a healthy and wealthy life.

10. Lopenzo

Lopenzon is the other best money saving blog you must consider. This site provides you many kinds of tips and tricks, therefore, this site is quite fun and useful to be curious at.

Take a way

There are plenty of the best money saving blogs 2018, however, only a few which is applicable. These blogs do not exactly give you extra cash money to save, but extremely teach you to handle your personal finance so that you can save more money. Hopefully, you do like what has been shared in the blogs and hopefully this post inspire you to find the best money saving blogs 2018 as soon as possible.

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