7 Best Kickass Torrents Alternatives in 2019
7 Best Kickass Torrents Alternatives in 2019

7 Best Kickass Torrents Alternatives in 2019

Torrenting is a method to download something to your personal device. It involves a complete process to download files. The practice is popular among the masses for its simplicity.

How to use these KAT Alternatives

All you need for torrenting is:

1. A Working Internet Connection.

2. A Torrent Client.

3. The Torrent File corresponding to your Download.

Torrenting requires the file that Torrent Clients process for downloads. Kickass Torrents was the king of torrent file providers. But the U.S. government seized the domain, deeming it an illegal site.

In the wake of the event, the alternatives to Kickass Torrents (referred to as KAT) have become popular. These alternative domains are as good as, or even better than, Kickass Torrents.

Why the Need for Torrenting Alternatives to Kickass Torrents 2019

An important note is to never use torrents for illegal purposes. orrenting is not for downloading Copyrighted content. Torrenting has its legal uses. Doing so otherwise can land you, and the domain owners, in trouble. Artem Vaulin, former head of Kickass Torrents, is under custody for illegal torrenting accusations. It is advisable to not follow in his footsteps.

You may find one or more Kickass Torrents Alternative inaccessible in your region. The easy option is to use ones that have no such restrictions. But you can use a VPN to access the blocked Alternatives. The Virtual Private Network switches your IP to other locations of your choosing. You can take up the IP of a country that allows the inaccessible Alternatives. Take care not to use a VPN that limits browsing and downloading speeds. ExpressVPN and NordVPN are perfect for the purpose.

Torrenting still has a place in the world. The seizure of Kickass Torrents is not the end of the concept. It was only one of many Torrenting domains. You can now use the below list of Best Alternatives to Kickass Torrents

List of 7 Best Kickass Torrents Alternatives in 2019

1. Zooqle - Alternative Link


You can begin browsing through Zooqle as an alternative to Kickass Torrents. In comparison, Zooqle is new domain to torrenting. It has seen an exponential rise in popularity. The domain versatility makes it one of the Best KAT Alternatives in 2019.

Zooqle has a fresh interface for Torrent searching. You have a variety of genres to choose torrents from:

· Movie Genres:Action, Adventure, Animation, etc.

· TV:Action, Action & Adventure, Adventure, etc.

· Games:PC, Mac, Unix, etc.

· Apps:PC, Mac, Unix, etc.

· Books:Audio Books, Comics, Magazines, etc.

· Anime.

· Other.

Zooqle has a Search bar, with an Advanced Search option. It allows for quick sifting through the categories. You find the exact file you are looking for in no time. Filter your search by:

· Size Range.

· Time Indexed.

· Category.

· Language.

Use a Zooqle Proxy in case you cannot access the domain in your country.

Zooqle is second-to-none as a Kickass Torrents Alternative. Use the Title link if you want the best. Or go to the Zooqle Search for a quick Torrent lookup.

2. Torrentz2 - Alternative Link


Torrentz2 is a European Torrenting domain. It is as good as any other Torrent file providers. The flexible Torrentz2 Search Engine makes it a viable Kickass Torrents Alternative.

Torrentz2 itself is a replacement of torrentz.eu. The domain is more than a Torrenting website. Its vastness knows no bounds. You can use the Torrentz2eu Meta-search Engine for all your favorite 2019 torrents. It collects and displays search results from a number of other torrent domains. You will have no reason to use any other torrent site. Torrentz2 already presents the best torrenting options for your search.

You can specify the type of results for your searches on Torrentz2. You may limit your search results to Non-adult content. It also provides the ability to choose from Verified Quality torrents.

If Torrentz2 is inaccessible in your region, use a Torrentz2 Proxy to gain access.

Start torrenting with Torrentz2 using the Title link.

3. 1337x - Alternative Link


1337x is another Torrent file provider. It was the 3rd Best Torrent Site last year. The domain is still consistent in its Torrenting provisions. Its torrent files are compatible with the BitTorrent client.

The 1337x directory has files from other search engines as well. It is comprehensive in its categories for Torrents. You can look up files for:

· Movies: 1337x Movies Library.

· Television: 1337x TV Library.

· Games.

· Music.

· Applications.

· Anime.

· Documentaries.

· Other.


Inside a category, you can look up files on other search engines. One of these includes Kickass Torrents files. This is why 1337x is one of the Best Kickass Torrents Alternatives.

The 1337x interface allows for easy searches for Torrents. You can find files for your favorite content in an instant. Use their search bar to look up Torrent files.

The Title link is to the main 1337x server. They also provide a second domain: 1337xto. It comes in handy for regions where the main server is inaccessible. There are Other 1337x Domains as well. Use which ever one works in your region, and enjoy Torrenting with 1337x.

4. LimeTorrents - Alternative Link


LimeTorrents is another massive directory for Torrenting. LimeTorrents provides Torrent files to all the latest content. The domain has a healthy community of Peers and Seeders. It is an effective Kickass Torrents Alternative.

The main part of a good Torrent site is its file library. LimeTorrents has no shortage of torrent files. They provide a strong connection for torrent downloads. The LimeTorrents interface is clean and fresh. The torrenting categories include:

· Movies.

· TV Shows.

· Music.

· Games.

· Apps.

· Anime.

· Other.

The LimeTorrents search uses your Keyword input. It displays relevant Torrent links to your search. Other than that, you can also find the Top Monthly Torrents. These torrent files have the biggest community of Seeders. More Seeders means faster torrenting. So, you get to know which torrent files you can make quick downloads with.

LimeTorrents also has an Official Blog. It helps keep you up-to-date with the latest changes to the sites. You also get to view what is popular on LimeTorrents.

LimeTorrents official site is in the Title Link. They also provide LimeTorrents Proxies 1, 2, and 3. Each link leads to a Proxy to run LimeTorrents. These are in case your region blocks the use of LimeTorrents.

5. The Pirate Bay - Alternative Link

The Pirate Bay
The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the oldest-running Torrent sites. It was the original king of torrenting. But Kickass Torrents dethroned them to become number one. Now that Kickass Torrents is offline, the torrenting podium is up for grabs. The Pirate Bay has its sights on being the Best Kickass Torrents Alternative.

The Pirate Bay is a popular Torrenting site. The popularity comes from its vast Torrent directory. The Pirate Bay provides torrent files for a number of categories. You can search for a file and filter your search for a category. These search classifications include:

· Audio.

· Video.

· Applications.

· Games.

· XXX.

· Other.

The Pirate Bay also provides a list of Popular Searches. These searches correspond to what people look up in relation to The Pirate Bay. It makes for a faster Torrenting experience.

Use the Title link to get to The Pirate Bay. If you cannot access the site, you may use a VPN, or a Pirate Bay Proxy.

6. TorLock – The No Fakes Torrent Site - Alternative Link

TorLock – The No FakesTorrent Site
TorLock – The No Fakes Torrent Site

TorLock is a reliable Torrenting site. It is a vast Torrent file provider. The TorLock torrent verification system is second-to-none. This makes it a viable Kickass Torrents Alternative.

The TorLock website has a populated page. You find all sorts of Torrent files and categories on its front page. TorLock verifies all torrent files in its directory. This is the reason for its reliability. Even so, it has a vast directory of Torrent files. The TorLock torrenting categories are:

· Movies.

· Television.

· Games.

· Music.

· Software.

· Anime.

· E-books.

· Audiobook.

· Images.

· Adult.

· Other.

You can search for torrent files for your favorite content. TorLock also filters for Fresh Popular Searches. You get to see the popular torrent files on the website for each category. It is useful for faster torrent downloads.

Visit the TorLock site using the link in the Title.

7. Nyaa Torrents - Alternative Link

Nyaa Torrents
Nyaa Torrents

Nyaa Torrents has a high rating as a Torrent file provider. The website is most popular in Asia. It has a decent directory of torrent files. The website is a credible Kickass Torrents Alternative.

Nyaa Torrents has a good number of Torrent files. All of them are compatible with the BitTorrent client. The most popular Nyaa category is Anime. The website has a clean look. You can look up torrent files for categories:

· Anime: Anime Music Video, English Translated, Non-English Translated, etc.

· Audio: Lossless, Lossy.

· Literature: English Translated, Non-English Translated, Raw.

· Live Action: English Translated, Idol/Promotional Video, Non-English Translated, etc.

· Pictures: Graphics, Photos.

· Software: Applications, Games.

You can look up Torrent files to content using Keywords. There is an option to only show torrent files from trusted sources. The front-page also provides the most recent torrent uploads.

Conclusion on Alternatives to Kickass Torrents 2019

Torrenting is a popular method to download content. You can download all your favorite content through torrenting. Kickass Torrents was one of the best providers of Torrent files. But the website is now offline. You need to know other trustworthy Torrent domains.

The presented Best Kickass Torrents Alternatives have the capability of the original KAT site. You can use any and all of them for torrenting. Some even have better features comparing to Kickass Torrents.

Disclaimer: Remember to stay within the legal bounds of torrenting. Do not venture towards downloading Copyrighted content through these KAT alternatives. Doing so may cause you troubles with the authority in country. Check with the local law first to know more about using these sites.

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