How to Get Free VPS for Students 2019
How to Get Free VPS for Students 2019

How to Get Free VPS for Students 2019

How to Get Free VPS for Students 2019 – Students use VPS for several purposes, mainly for education activities. Keep in mind VPS for student is a quite vague term because anyone can have it.

Before going further to explore how to get free VPS for students 2019, you need to understand what VPS is and how this thing work. After that, you can find some options for free VPS without spending money.

How to Get Free VPS for Students 2019

Free VPS for Students 2019
Free VPS for Students 2019

The review starts with basic VPS definition and functionality. Students receive the course about VPS as a part of learning material.

Of course, only students who study computer science, programming, network, engineering, website development, virtualization, and database will get VPS subject.

However, many people also eager to know about VPS, regardless their education background. Moreover, information and learning courses are easy to find anywhere. More about this topic is at the following section.

List of How to Get Free VPS for Students 2019

What is Virtual Private Server or VPS? If you are new in this topic, keep in mind that VPS is different from VPN. Do you know where websites are stored?

Hosting providers offer server to keep the files and data for website in order to let everyone gains access. Such data is located in private server, but virtualized based on website owners need. Therefore, you basically access their computer to get the file.

In simple term, VPS is server as computer where you access it virtually. Providers have computer with advanced specs, big memory, storage, and high-grade processor. They divide this computer with virtualization tool to several computers.

Each of them is rented by customers or clients to fulfill their own purpose. You rent computer, but not physically in your house. This is what commonly called as VPS. The server is private and dedicated with its own specs and software.

Knowing how to get free VPS for students 2019 means you understand why you need it. Learning is general purpose, but what course that VPS is needed. If you learn networking and database, VPS is the example of advanced network platform.

The server gives access to user for gaining more control. One server is divided into several partitions as standalone computer. Each user has private server, but still in the same physical location.

This course is related to database management where client and server interact each other. Next course is website development. This topic is the most common reason why many people rely on VPS.

You understand the way hosting works. One virtual server may share the same resources with several websites. It is like your computer with many files. If you use this shared hosting, there is issue related to software integrity. One mistake from your neighbor affects the entire websites.

On contrary, VPS let you have your own server and no shared hosting. You can manage, edit, add, modify, and do anything on your own. Hosting seems to be the common factor on how to get free VPS for students 2019.

Students Free VPS with Amazon AWS - App Link

Students Free VPS with Amazon AWS
Students Free VPS with Amazon AWS

Amazon is known as the top online retailer. People purchase many things, such as clothes, jewelry, electronic appliance, furniture, smartphone, computer, etc. Besides, Amazon also offers streaming service for music, video, and movie. Why Amazon is in this list?

New service called Amazon AWS is dedicated to enter cloud-computing industry. In simple way, Amazon offers servers to do remote work, cloud storage, database management, hosting, and related tasks.

You can use this service for hosting or work remotely. Instead of keeping file in physical disk, AWS provides enough space to keep the file virtually. Furthermore, you can edit and modify without downloading because AWS also acts as software.

To attract more users and customers, Amazon gives free trial for one year. The service is limited, but enough for student. This is where you consider Amazon AWS as the source to obtain free VPS.

Free trial is only one year and you need to subscribe and pay for next year. Amazon has agreement with school, college, and university regarding free AWS service. You can ask about this matter to your school representative.

Free Google VPS - App Link

Free Google VPS
Free Google VPS

The next list for how to get free VPS for students 2019 is Google. You are surely familiar with Gmail and Google Drive. Student can have unlimited storage and lifetime subscription.

This is good news because you can store many things as long as you follow the terms and condition. To expand this service, Google offers free VPS for developers. Student might obtain it through school or college credential.

Microsoft Azure Free VPS - App Link

Microsoft Azure Free VPS
Microsoft Azure Free VPS

Microsoft released Azure to compete in cloud computing business. This service comes in handy to manage the vast and large network. It is like SharePoint, but more complex in term of system and network.

As similar to global provider in this business, some services are free for students via their school. This is where you do not have to spend for VPS. Of course, the storage and specs are limited, but enough to fulfill the basic thing.

Digital ocean VPS - App Link

Digital ocean VPS
Digital ocean VPS

Digital Ocean is one of popular hosting providers. In general, you can find similar company but Digital Ocean is good example for how to get free VPS for students 2019. You can have free trial for limited period, mostly one month.

Long term and lifetime service is common for students affiliate to college or university. They have project to accomplish and require long-term support. That’s not what Digital ocean offer.

On contrary, free trial is attractive offer for users who only want to know digital ocean system. They can decide whether the service is reliable or not. Most hosting and VPS providers use trial strategy to get more clients.

College Dedicated Server

College Dedicated Server for Students
College Dedicated Server for Students

Instead of third party providers, school and college also have their own server. It is obvious thing because they have engineering and computer major. Where do students learn if VPS is from outsider?

In this case, students have access to dedicated server that’s specifically for testing and learning environment. During course, teacher or lecturer gives permission to create users in each server.

Therefore, students can connect to their VPS automatically. Due to limitation, VPS only works for particular course, such as website development and database management.

This dedicated server has physical computer in certain location. School purchases and installs server as a part of educational system.

Of course, VPS is separated from internal network. This kind of server receives updates regularly from third-party developer. Using this server helps several issues.

Firstly, attack from external network is minimal. Student is controlled only to access during learning session. Data and file are limited and no violation at all.

Created Your Own VPS

Student has another option to get free VPS. Instead of relying on other services, creating on your own is interesting choice. Why is this option in this list? Student who already learns advanced networking has capability to build server.

You might think this server is expensive and needs more money. In fact, one laptop is enough for the simplest and less resource VPS. The process takes time, but students must work with their friends.

You can use software to virtualize computer into one or two virtual computers. Connect to internet then set permission level. Your friend will access through internet to gain access in virtual server.

One computer or laptop acts as big super server consists of one or two virtual ones. This is the most basic way to create your own VPS as similar to what third-party provider or company does.

From the list of how to get free VPS for students 2019, which one is the best? It depends on what you needs and the availability. Free VPS is often available from unknown provider. It comes from forum that gives free access to its member.

However, there is limitation and not scalable. On the other hand, most hosting providers only offer limited trial for customers. That’s enough if you only want to learn basic thing.

More Information about How to Get Free VPS for Students 2019

More Information on Getting Free Student VPS
More Information on Getting Free Student VPS

Nowadays, server is affordable due to the cheap memory, storage, and processor. You can find the reliable VPS with vast bandwidth and latest platform with price less than $10 a month.

Of course, more storage and bandwidth means more money to spend. Few things to consider before purchasing them are listed at below sections.

Platform and managed vs. unmanaged

Two major platforms are Windows and Linux. Each has pros and cons. Windows uses license from Microsoft that makes the price higher, but easy to configure. For the experience and advanced users, Linux is good choice with vast options.

Unmanaged means you get VPS without configuration. You can install everything on your own. On contrary, managed VPS has the basic software and configuration.

Scalable and support

Good thing about VPS is easy to expand and add more resources. This is what Amazon and Google do to fulfill users need. You pay only what you have used then add more if needed. VPS is not product that you get without support.

The top provider is ready with expert and professional to handle the issue and trouble, including service related to how to get free VPS for students 2019.

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