how to contact rich people for money

3 Best Ideas How To Contact Rich People For Money 2019

3 Best Ideas How To Contact Rich People For Money 2019 – discussing money is always interesting and becomes an endless topic ever. You need money for life and even after live. Let’s imagine. Money touches all parts of life. You need money to get food and drink, to get dress and going, to get dwelling and everything in, even when you are dying. Therefore, people always figure out of money making.

How to contact RICH PEOPLE For MONEY

How to contact RICH PEOPLE For MONEY

However, the process of money making should be smart and not endanger or intervene other people’s life. There are plenty of ideas how to make money instantly. One of which is get in touch with the rich people. Can you do that? Or perhaps you have ever?

How To Contact Rich People For Money 2019

Here are the 3 best ideas how to contact rich people for money either for individual starting business or for the organization.

Make a list of donors

The first of all you must do is making a list of donors who are possible. if “door-to-door” is the method you use to collect donation, you need only to decide where to go. Some prospective donors must be taken into consideration to contact.

Identify people around you who have stable finance. Interact with them to recognize their finance by observing their home and vehicles. The glamorous house and vehicles indicate a person of having great income.

Pay more attention to their activities. Are they active in the charity or donation program for individual or organization? If yes, then they could be your future donors. You could also use your search engine to find a future donors whose income is incredible and have willingness to donate some money.

Recognize your donors

Recognizing the donors is very important to decide the best strategy to apply for proposal. If you or your organization has already known a donor, you might catch their characteristics. Some donors want to know what the donation expends for in the last year, other donors might want to know how much donation you need. A donor might also be possible to feel worry of donating their money, therefore, you must make him sure about your proposal without leaving a worry.

Some other donors need persuasion. Include them on your list so that you will not forget to persuade them when you are doing presentation. You can also put some consideration on contacting and interacting with the donors’ worker.

Proposal Presentation

proposal presentation

proposal presentation

Proposal presentation is the show time of how to contact rich people for money. Present the proposal of your finance capital by firstly explaining the profile of your organization. Start to give them your plus-score and goal of your organization. Once they understand the goal, it means you have 40 percent chance to get the donation. Secondly, describe the issue you want to overcome as stated in your proposal and tell them what improvement you want to reach as a goal. Make them know the issue and prove you right. The better they understand your organization and your proposal goal, the bigger chance you will get the donation.

How to Contact Millionaires for Help

Although you are in the time of presenting, let your future donors to speak up their mind. They have a right to express their opinion and ideas toward the issue you bring on the proposal. They also must have time to give comment about your finance capital proposal.

At the time you are telling how much donation you need, never be aggressive. What you have to is to tell them that their donation really means everything to you. Their donation will be very helpful to overcome the issue you state in your proposal.

It doesn’t matter whether or not the future donors will donate little of their wealth, you must say thanks. Express your gratitude in very well manner. Perhaps, the future donors are not interested in donating, however, your thanks will probably change their mind. It means, attitude is very crucial to consider.

Contact Millionaires That Give Money to Help People

When the donors finally grant your finance capital proposal, ensure them that their donation will not be useless. You will use it for the purpose as it best stated in the proposal. Thanking also impresses the donors to evaluate you as a considerable profile to get in touch in long period of time. This can be very beneficial for you as it means you have a chance to get back with the other finance capital proposal.

Conclusion: How To Contact Rich People For Money 2019

Overall, as it is described fully on this page, there are only three best ways how to contact rich people for money.  Making list of the target donors, recognizing the donors’ profile and presenting the proposal of finance capital are the applicable one.

In making list of the target donors, don’t forget to figure out ABC. What is ABC in this case?

A: Able to make a gift (it means, you had better not come with the empty hands. You could bring the donors a gift as a sign that you are very adorable person to meet. Make sure you are not person who is disappointing them in such a way. Conversely, you must ensure them that you will make them I the list for the next donation nest years.

B: Belief (known or potential) in your organization activities. This is important to take a note. Let them know that your organization activities are positive, inspiring, and valuable. Leave a belief that you are the trusted one.

And C : Contact with your organization. In this case, you must get in touch with the donors either they finally give you donation or not giving you donation.

When the ABC works, there is no impossibility of how to contact rich people for money.  Keep the communication as good as possible. it is quite probable that the donors put you in their list as a person who is very important to consider.

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