How to Check if Credit Card is Active Online 2019
How to Check if Credit Card is Active Online 2019

How to Check if Credit Card is Active Online 2019

How to Check if Credit Card is Active Online 2019 – Everyone can use a credit card for any purchase. Paying by a credit card has become a popular mean of making transaction because of effectiveness. That is you need not bring a lot of cash for a big transaction. It is safer to go about. You can travel and spend in feather-weighted style. Paying by a credit card can give its owner many bonuses, such as cash back, points, travel miles…. These great benefits can be bigger with the higher spending amount.

Why the Need of Online Checking If a Credit Card is Active?

The Need of Online Checking If a Credit Card is Active
The Need of Online Checking If a Credit Card is Active

A credit card has become an ideal payment tool over the past few years. It has made selling and purchasing convenient. The number of credit card holders are increasing day by day. This is because it is hard to resist the credit card’s offers. According to a survey,over 50% of the United States’ residents have credit cards.

You can get a credit card easily. The banks have made this process workable for their customers. Almost every kind of bank is eligible for issuing credit cards. Many banks can issue over one kind of credit card. However, many people worry about whether their card is active. It’s a frequently asked-question.

It’s important to understand the features of a credit card. This understanding is especially necessary for newcomers. This is because a credit card used wrongly can ruin everything for you. It’s a tricky tool you must use with great care. This also includes knowing whether your card is active.

In case of online payment, having a credit is good because you can make a transaction quickly. However, to get by easily, you must be sure that your credit card is active. It is problematic when you have a credit card but not sure whether it is active. This can be quite confusing when you are so into a product, realizing you can not use the credit card to get it. That’s why you must always be sure about the current condition your credit card is in. Sometimes, people are not sure about the activation status of their own cards. When it comes the time to use it, it is normal if you find that the card is inactive. We’d like to present useful information to help you in checking the credit card’s activation status.

Options Checking if a Credit Card Is Active
Options Checking if a Credit Card Is Active

Before going further, it is important to know the difference between activation and validation of a credit card. With the term of validation, we only talk about the numbers and card condition. In other word, you can say a card can be valid, but it does not guarantee that it is active. Yet, an active card is always a valid card since you can use the active one for purchase. To validate the card, it is easy since there are many online checkers. These tools use the Luhn algorithm. In case of activation, it is difficult, and here are steps related to check if a credit card is active online in 2019.

Let’s start with the description of credit card features. Two features are important to understand. First, the fundamental aspects of a credit card. Second, the methods for checking if your credit card is active. The description below is comprehensible. After reading this, you won’t have any kinds of doubts. This information will also help you escape any embarrassment while using a credit card. Thus, you can feel confident while using your card for any purchases. Let’s start!

Built-in Features of a Credit Card

Credit History

Your credit card history matters a lot. A clean credit card history is the key to achieving different financial facilities. For example loans, house lease, mortgage, allowances et cetera. Thus, use your card wisely. A poor credit card record may make your chances lower for these offers. A credit card itself is also necessary while availing a loan or mortgage. Thus both credit card and its clean history functions as the crucial elements. They are important for qualifying different eligibility criteria in terms of finance.

Emergency Fund

Credit cards have nowadays replaced wallets. Carrying cash is no longer needed. You can easily assess your bank money via a credit card. The bank provides you a loan in case you get short on your money. This facility comes in handy, especially in emergency cases. Say you need $1000 instantly in an emergency. You can use your credit card for this. Most of the people don’t keep a huge amount like this in their house. Even a debit card doesn’t allow you to transact such a huge amount in just one day. You can easily pay back the loan taken via a credit card. The bank asks you to do it on a monthly basis. You also have the facility of doing it in installments.

Features to help you check it
Features to help you check it

Fraud Protection

Carrying a lot of cash with yourself is not safe. You might get yourself in the problem for this. Any pickpocket can steal your money without you even knowing. There is a great risk for robbery. Thus, you better get a credit card. Keep only a small amount of money in your wallet. Save the rest in your bank. Use your credit card as much as you can while purchasing. Don’t worry if someone steals your card. He won’t be able to use it without knowing your security code. Meanwhile, you can block your card.


Not only the banks but also the retail stores’ restaurants and hotels support the use of credit cards. Banks pay commission to vendors for this. Thus, they prefer getting paid via a credit card. Second, cashless transactions are also easy to handle. There are fewer chances of any mistakes in this. Vendors encourage customers to make them use a credit card to get more commission. They give rewards like gifts, coupons, discounts, giveaways et cetera.


The whole idea behind using a credit card is to bring convenience to your life. Credit cards are easy to carry. Though it may seem like a mere plastic card. However, you can purchase almost anything with the help of this. So a credit card is easier to carry as compared to a wallet packed with money. You can even get a loan if you run short on your money.

From the above discussion, it must be clear that credit cards are highly essential in today’s life. There is a great source of comfort. However, you must well maintain your credit cards. Otherwise, they can ruin things for you. The first things in this maintenance are checking your credit card status. Make sure it is active. Let’s move on to the different ways of knowing if your credit card is active.

How to check if Your Credit Card is Active in 2019

How to actually check it online
How to actually check it online

The balance of your credit card is an important thing after your know that your card is active. This information is necessary since you may need to know how much left over on your credit limit. To do this, there are options to try.

Check Online Banking

Online banking is great for checking your credit card status. Nowadays, most of the retail stores or restaurants provide the facility of online transactions. An online method is better since it allows you to assess your credit card limit, balance and the active status of your card. You can use both your laptop and smartphone for this. Things get more convenient if your bank has a mobile app. Download it on your mobile. It’s the easiest way of knowing the details of your account any time.

You can find the software by inputting the card brand name onto a search engine. You can also directly ask the card provider to install it onto your favorite device. As an example, Wellsfargo bank issues various types of credit cards. Their customers can access to the online account management here @  while the Android app is here @

When you have opened the management portal on the web or app. Just register for an account. This is the first and important thing to do because it will open up convenience and easiness. In this step, prepare a good email address since verification may go to the email. You must click the link in the email to validate. Once your account is ready, attach your phone on it. Check the balance, sign up for alerts, and browse for benefits. Check on your card transactions once a week. Have the app send SMS notifications on important events, such as a bigger amount usage, credit running low, due dates…

Contact Customer Service

It’s a good option for all those who like to take help from a real person instead of machines and gadgets. Most of the banks provide a 24 hour customer service. Thus, you can contact them anytime. You can call and ask the details directly. Be prepared about what you will ask. Jot it down on a piece of paper. This is important as it prevents any kind of inconvenience. The bank will ask your credit card number, security code, date of birth, national identity card number et cetera. This information is necessary to make sure that the genuine cardholder is present of the call.

The card issuing bank should have a number to contact and this is the most effective way to get the information. The phone number is usually on the back of your credit card, on the copy of the card application form, or on the online search result under the bank name. As an example, American Express credit card issuer has a customer service number 1 (800) 528-4800, where you can call to inquire about your account. This information is from a simple Google Query for AmEx Phone Number

This can be the good way since you get information easily from the representative of a bank. However, you must be ready for its process since you may need to wait for several minutes until the live representative of the bank is on the line. Sometimes, the rep may attempt to sign you up for additional services by smooth talking and provocative statements. You need to be steady to choose wisely. Some services may cost dearly.

Before making a call, you must prepare the personal information associated with the credit card. The representative may ask it to make sure you are the owner of the card.

To do this, you must know your social security number, birthday, and ID identification. Some banks even require the 4 digit PIN and answers to your security questions to allow the access over the phone. You must also have the card available in front of you, since the rep may ask about some last digits of the card number, expiration date, and / or CVV security code.

If you only a secondary holder of the card, you must prepare the information from the primary card owner. It can be your parents, your spouse, or a friend who cosigned your application. 

If the card being under inquiry is a business card, you may need your employer and company's information. For an example, if the card is the Costco Business Credit Card issued by Citibank, your employer is the primary card holder. Several coworkers and you are just secondary card holders.

Be patient in making the call. Once you are on, the representative would ask you several questions to verify you. Then, you can gain information you need about the card balance and other specific details about the card.

Meet a Banker in Person

Your credit card issuing bank may have a local branch. Look it up online for its opening hours. Choose a good time with less wait time and street traffic for a visit. Usually it is not Monday or Tuesday. Those are the busy days. The best day would be Thursday. It has fewer people. Bring a physical ID and the credit card with you. The banker needs to know who you are. They need to match your look, your photo on the ID, your ID information with that of on their system before they can proceed with assistance.

Test It with a Small Amount

You may not like to approach the bank every single time for the little details of your card. Here, you can directly use the card to know if it is active. This involves risk. You would still have to pay if your card turns out to be inactive. It can also be an embarrassing moment in front of a physical vendor. Though it is not a very convenient method, you can still use it.

If you do not want to test it at a local store, the solution will be testing it online. You can try to make a small transaction to see if it works. Some E-commerce websites would return very accurate information about the current status of your credit card. If you receive a message about a failed transaction, there must be 3 inherent problems:

  • an inactive credit card
  • a maxed-out limit card
  • an expired card cannot also be in action.

If you know for the fact that you have never touched this card before and the expiration date is still good, you can rule out 2 of the above 3 possibilities. The correct answer is the card in use is inactive. Viola!!!

One good website to perform such a test is ALi Express. Why? They are big, bad, responsive, and customer friendly. They also have a lot of cheap items. We are talking about millions of 20 cents worth of items for you to pick one out for the test. In case the test ran through. You can cancel the order immediately to get 100% refund back.

Check the Card Statement

If you chose to receive the paper statement in the mail, the bank would send it monthly to your address. You can also choose paperless statement option. Here, the bank would send the statement to your registered email address. The options are there at the time you sign up for the account. You can also change them through online banking, or over the phone with a representative.

This report provides the complete information about the account balance and other transaction made by carding. You can track and find information you need from the report.

Those are options to choose to check the card balance periodically. This is important. Knowing the balance can give a clue what you will do next on various issues with your transactions as mentioned above

In addition, you must keep in mind you only check the card and its balance from the official application. As an alternative, you may find other ways to check the condition of your card and its balance by using third-party applications, such as Mint

These third party applications are all over when you look for a solution with a search engine. However, they are not 100% safe options, so you are better to go with the official.


So you see that a credit card is of great importance. It allows you to purchase without worrying about any cash. Credit cards also protect your money from pickpockets. It is a safe way of keeping all your savings. Credit cards are free of any frauds. Even the shopkeepers prefer getting paid via a credit card. This is because cashless transactions are easy to do. There is little chance of any mistakes. On top of this, banks also pay these shopkeepers some commission for allowing the customers to use credit cards. However, it is important to keep a check on your credit card details. The most important one is the status of your credit. It must remain active.

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