Free Best Anime Streaming sites of 2019
Free Best Anime Streaming sites of 2019

Free Best Anime Streaming Sites of 2019

Legal Anime Streaming Sites

Anime is a short form of the word animation. What comes to mind is the hand drawn Japanese animations or computer animations. Anime shows have become quite popular over the years. Many people within and outside Japan have come to love it.

The prettiest way to get these animations would be by buying Blu-Ray discs but it is rather on the high side. So, the good news is that there are a lot of legal and free streaming sites. In these sites, you can get to watch some ads in other to watch your animated movies.

List of Free Best Anime Streaming sites of 2019

I present to you a list of sites where you can get to stream your animated videos. They are;

1. Netflix - Streaming Site Link


One fact I love about Netflix is that it separates shows and helps you categorize them. It also recommends related searches to you. Well, it is not free as a monthly subscription is worth $7.99 for streaming. The fun part of it is that it encourages switching from dubbed versions to subbed versions. Netflix is available to over 55 countries. Examples of anime titles depending on their countries are;

· Hi Score Girl

· Rurouni Kenshin

· Magi; The Kingdom of Magic, etc.

The only clause or no fun part of it is that Netflix does not allow you to watch an on air show. Rather, it makes you wait till the show is over. It could be fun for people who love waiting before watching their movies. It has apps for androids and website versions.

2. YouTube - Anime Streaming Site


This streaming site is 100% free, and it is very popular and so acceptable. Anime search on YouTube can be difficult. Its animated TV sections mixes with American shows. The quickest method to getting your anime on YouTube entails a simple search.

It is available to countries like US but with restrictions to some countries. Examples of Anime titles include;

· Beyblade

· Death Note

· Soul Eater, etc.

In case you looked for anime on other streaming sites and you could not get it then you can try YouTube.

3. CrunchyRoll - Site Link


Currently, CrunchyRoll is well known in the anime streaming section as one can do a lot of things like;

· Creating an account to watch movies you have seen and to add new anime to your list.

· Seeing movies the exact day they air on the website.

· Offering you access to HD streaming

CrunchyRoll is free but you have to watch it with the interruption of adverts. You can also subscribe per month with $6.95 or $11.95 for access to Asian movies.

It is available also for free on the apps and there is a wide selection of both new and old movies to pick from. It provides great interpretation and alongside provides a quick email support.

This streaming site is great in case you are looking for where to watch movies as soon as it's aired. Examples of movies are;

· Attack on Titan

· Snow White with the red hair

· Cow boy bebop, etc.

4. Hulu - Streaming Site Link

Free Best Anime Streaming Sites of 2019: Hulu
Free Best Anime Streaming Sites of 2019: Hulu

From reviews, it says that Hulu is almost like CrunchyRoll and it is one great streaming site. It offers a wide selection of shows, movies and has a larger category for their sub shows to their dubbed versions. It is available only to those in the US. Apart from watching your anime shows on the web, you can get it on your mobile phones using the Hulu app. Its subscription was free at a time but now requires paid plans. For the cheap plans, you can stream with ads popping up while you watch. For extra coins, you can get a better service with no interruption by ads. It is a site which offers a lot of great content. It is not compulsory for you to create an account before you can watch the shows.

Examples of anime titles are;

· Akira

· Fate/zero

· Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, etc.

5. Funimation - Anime Streaming Site


This offers both free and paid plans for their users and is available to those in the US. It offers the subbed anime versions for free to those who cannot subscribe. To those who can afford to pay, it costs $7.99 a month and $79.99 a year. They get to watch their favorite dubbed anime versions. Subscription also comes with benefits. This benefit includes getting to download anime videos on your OS or your mobile phones. Funimation is in partnership with CrunchyRoll. Thus, they offer you a lot of anime selections. Examples of anime titles includes;

· Alien versus Ninja

· All out

· Armitage iii, amongst others.

6. Hidive - Site Link


For this streaming site, one can watch for free but most of them are premieres of series. For your pleasure, pay for continuing watching the series. The good news is, it does not need you to pay a lot of money to subscribe to their site; it is a token of $4.99. It gives access to the premium based users to access English/dubbed selections. Including those unavailable to other sites. It allows users access on their mobile apps or websites. Hidive is short supplied. It does offers only a few selected shows. It is only accessible to viewers in the UK and Ireland. Examples of anime titles include;

· Brynhildr in the Darkness

· Chaika – The Coffin Princess

· Chivalry of a failed knight, etc.

If you need to watch high quality anime videos, then you can try Hidive.

7. Crackle - Streaming Site Link


It is a streaming site owned by Sony and the movie collection is awesome. Well, this site is and open to users. Since it is free you do not expect an ad-free site. It only requires that you create a list and it will give you choices according to what you prefer. It also enables you watch movies on your mobile apps or websites. It offers a wide selection of movies with original series. For those who enjoy their movies in English-dubbed versions, this is the site you can count on. It is available to viewers in the US and Australia. For those outside the country, you can access using VPN. Examples of anime titles are;

· Trigun

· X-men

· Iron man, etc.

8. Yahoo view - Anime Streaming Site

Yahoo view
Yahoo view

Yahoo view also partners alongside Hulu. It offers a lot of free movies. You do not have to sign in or create an account before you access it. So, you do not have to subscribe at all as it is so free. It is open only to those in the US. It could be accessible by using a VPN but it is not guaranteed. This site is famous for its great performance and it is very easy to operate. In case you are a lover of anime series and television shows, this site is suitable for you. Its movies are available in sub and some are in dubbed versions. The only hitch is that the adverts are always too long and this could be very tiring and may be annoying.

It is still a great site and its video quality is amazing. Examples of anime titles are;

· Samurai Champloo

· Pokemon

· Dragon Ball, etc.

9. My Anime List - Anime Streaming Site

My Anime List
My Anime List

MAL as the abbreviated name for Anime List is a large anime site with millions of anime entries and a lot of users. It has a wide range of selections from anime to Donghua (Chinese Animation) to Aeni (Korean Animation) and even comics. This site encourages users to interact with one another. It helps them by creating clubs for people with like interests. Users’ reviews and recommendations are also available. It also challenges users to finish their lists, and it also allows them score their list on a range of 1 to 10. It is free but for support for MAL. It costs $2.99 a month.

These results are then collated to rank each of the shows available. It is available to those in the US, Canada, UK and other some other countries. Examples of anime titles available on My Anime List include;

· You Lie in April

· My Hero Academia

· Kimi no Na Wa, etc

10. Vudu - Site Link

Free Best Anime Streaming Sites of 2019: Vudu
Free Best Anime Streaming Sites of 2019: Vudu

This site is a no subscription site but a pay as you watch site. It is suitable for people who are not frequent watchers. Prices are not fixed thus, it depends on the movie you have selected to watch. For rentals, price ranges from $0.99 to $10.99 and for purchases from $14.99.

It offers a great selection of movies. It is only available to US. It allows users to be free and you do not have to pay for the service not purchased. It also offers free anime, but it comes with ads which are not too much to handle. Not that broad in contents as its anime are more of Western and not Japanese. Examples of Anime include;

· Ali Baba and the Gold Raiders

· Ivan The Incredible

· Jin- roh The Wolf Brigade.

Personally, I can tell you that Netflix is an open site while Vudu is a pay as you watch site.

11. Anime Planet - Streaming Site Link

Anime Planet
Anime Planet

This site is available for those who love anime movies or manga. It is so free and does not have its own movies. It is in collaboration with Hulu, CrunchyRoll, etc. It enables you to search for movies on their sites. This allows you have a pleasant movie experience, and this is their priority. It has a lot of up-to-date manga and anime based on reviews, recommendations by its viewers. It is available to countries depending on the shows. Examples of anime are;

· Full Metal Alchemist: BrotherHood

· Haikyuu!! Karasuno High school versus Shiratorizawa Academy

· March comes in like a Lion, etc.

12. Tubi TV - Site Link

Tubi TV
Tubi TV

Tubi TV comes with a great opportunity. It allows viewers stream movies on their devices for free Imagine, not paying a single dime! Though, ads are inevitable, it offers a variety of sub and dub versions but the video quality is wow!

It is simple to surf. Many categories to choose form, like genres, titles, tags, even years of releases. The only clause is the movies might not be up-to-date but they have amazing stuff. It is available to people in Canada and the US. Examples of anime available on TubiTV are;

· Naruto shippudeen

· The Devil is a part-timer

· Bongo Stray Dogs, etc.

13. VRV - Anime Site Link


Apart from the anime videos, VRV offers contents in horror and gaming. To impress its viewers by its contents, it is in partnership with CrunchyRoll and Hidive. It is a free streaming site but is not ads free. For the premium plan, you pay a sum of $9.99 a month and you also get the premium plan for CrunchyRoll. VRV offers both sub and dub versions and it is available to those in the US. This site is available to those who have Androids and for those who can access through websites. Examples include;

· Stine’s Gate

· Cyanide and Happiness

· Gary and his Demons, etc.

14. Viewster - Site Link


This is a site that it provides easy way for its viewers to get movies, anime or TV shows without creating an account. It has an orderly way of presenting the contents and revealing more about it. It is free and it can work on other platforms. It allows you to put up a parental control option as a barrier for kids which is only accessible if you know the PIN. Talking about video quality, it is not encouraging as reviews say it is less than DVD quality. About the speed too, it differs from what other sites offer. Speed depends on the connectivity and the speed of the computer. They also set movies up according to the genres. For example, documentaries, sci-fi, etc. it is up-to-date. Available in the US and its environment. Examples of movies include;

· Monster Musume; Everyday Life with Monster Girl

· Beelzebub

· Gunslinger Girl, etc

15. Popcorn Flix - Streaming Site Link

Popcorn Flix
Popcorn Flix

On this site, movies are online daily for the viewer’s satisfaction and their pleasure. And guess what? It is free, and It is so cool. It offers you a lot of categories of movie genres. Such as, documentaries, dramas, comedy,... If you are a series lover, this site is for you. Their contents are Original as Netflix. The video quality will also blow your mind away. It gives access to those in the US and in Canada. By using a VPN you can also access it. Examples of anime titles under this site include;

· 1000 Days in Space

· The Exorcist

· Tattoo, etc.

It is suitable for viewers whose main interests are in TV shows and series.

16. AnimeLab - Anime Streaming Site


It is free if you want to glance through different anime categories. If you are someone who does not want to watch it in Japanese, you can pay to upgrade it. This provides you with the sub and dub versions and it costs 6 AUD.

All their shows are always streamed in HD, i.e. video quality is amazing. It is available to those in New Zealand and Australia. They update their catalogues with contents. For the premium users, they get to win a chance to travel to Japan and also get other perks of subscribing to their site. It is available on Android. According to reviews, the site is addictive and some say the library is small. Streaming is fast though. Examples of Anime titles include;

· Chika, you were the chosen one ( Kaguya- sama: Love is War)

· Carole & Tuesday

· My Hero Academia, etc.

17. Asian Crush - Anime Streaming Site Link

Asian Crush

As soon as you open this site, a lot of movie genres are open to you and its focus is on Asian programs. It is accessible to free users and subscription can also for. It is open to viewers not considering the country. The slight difference between its free users and those who paid is that they do not enjoy the same content. The free users get to watch their shows with interruption by ads. While premium subscribers enjoy theirs in peace. Premium subscription is for $4.99 per month. It is also available on Roku, Android, etc. Examples of anime shows are;

· The Twelve Kingdom

· Park Chan-wook’s The Vengeance Trilogy

· Daddy’s Gucci Boy, etc.

18. Amazon Prime Video - Site Link

Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video

It is a delivery brand owned and operated by Amazon. Its fame for anime is not that known as it started featuring that late. You can get to buy or rent movies at cheaper prices. It also allows its users to access their websites for free. For those subscribing, they get free stuffs associated with the store. It offers TV shows and movies. It is available to countries like UK, US, Italy, and many more. In the US, the fee paid to access their site is $5.99 and in some other countries $2.99 for the first six months. Movie titles available are;

· Robotech: The Complete Series

· Darker than Black

· Yu-gi-oh!, etc.

19. HOOQ - Streaming Site Link

Free Best Anime Streaming Sites of 2019: HOOQ
Free Best Anime Streaming Sites of 2019: HOOQ

This streaming site is to watch, download and stream movies.

For lovers of TV shows both in English and Asian entertainment. It also has different genres for people. Such as comedies, romance, etc. On this site, they provide with up-to-date movies. You can also rent or stream for movies and it allows you to watch offline on your mobile phones. Its subscription is so affordable. It is available to countries like India, Indonesia, etc. Examples of movies are;

· Supergirl

· Flash

· Legends of Tomorrow, etc.

20. Midnight Pulp - Site Link

Midnight Pulp
Midnight Pulp

For someone who has a deep affection for movies and loves the latest ones, this is the site for you. It offers you a lot of different genres from sci-fi, comedy, horror, thriller. The interesting feature of this site has to offer is that it categorizes your anime either by region or theme. For example, region wise they have Japan, USA, Europe,…. For themes, you can go with Adventure, Vampire, Magic, etc. It is super cool and quick. It offers dub and sub versions for viewers ease. It is free but also has a subscribed plan for a token. Examples of movies available are;

· Robot Carnival

· Fist of the North star- The Movie

· Lily C.A.T., etc.

21. WatchBox - Site Link


It can only be accessible to those who understand German language, it is an open site, and it is free. It is accessible to those in Austria and Germany.

It is also accessible on mobile phones.

22. Niconico - Streaming Site Link


In Japanese meaning, Niconico means smiling. So, as its name implies, viewers’ enjoyment will be their aim. Unlike other sites, it allows users to upload and share videos. This site is popular for its crazy videos and the songs on the site. It is popular for its beautiful video quality; it is free and can also be accessible to users. To watch movies on this site, one needs to pay for it. It also allows user creates a list and collate people’s rankings or comments about their uploads. It is an avenue to create a kind of community for its users. It is also in affiliation with Funimation. It is accessible to those in the US, Japan, etc.

23. Iflix - Site Link


This site started out in the Philippines and later settled in Bangladesh. This site’s streaming speed depends on the connection of your device and it is user friendly. It also partners with a lot of sites making it very wide in selections to users. It gives them opportunities to choose from different segments. Users can also watch their movies in their own subtitle languages. It offers a variety of things like anime, TV shows. This site exposes viewers to a lot of content as its library is huge. It gives you an up-to-date search on movies. it is available at the cost of RM8 monthly. It is available to locations like Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.

Examples of movies available here are;

· Akame Ga Kill

· Diabolic lovers more blood

· Bungo stray Dogs, etc.

Many people might think these sites are unnecessary. For people who love to do things right and not follow illegal routes, these are for you. The sites are free and some are not and they are there for you to select which one catches your fancy. Enjoy streaming!.

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