Get a Valid Card Number from the DISCOVER Credit Card Generator

The Requirements of the DISCOVER CC Generator

The generated data are based on three premises:

  1. All numbers start with "6011", just like how Discover numbers are in reality
  2. The 16 digits would pass the Luhn check
  3. Other information, such as: name, address, CVV security code, expiration date, are also randomly generated along for completeness

Do notice though these credit card numbers for Discover network are valid, they will not pass the final matching, nor BIN test for real transactions.

Some latest Discover generated credit card numbers for testing

Discover Credit Card Generator 2019, Fake Discover CC Generator, DISCOVER BIN generated Numbers
Card TypeCard NumberNameCVVExpiration
Discover6011 8989 1831 6143Clark Simpson20801 / 2022
Discover6011 9967 3544 5432Drezoski Tunin90105 / 2021
Discover6011 0186 3392 7922Mike Lunar67812 / 2022
Discover6011 1133 0857 6326Legacy Rutledge23404 / 2020
Discover6011 6032 0645 1366Herbert Rowe32408 / 2024

The generated numbers are for testing purposes. They will not work in real time purchases

Latest 2019 Discover Credit Card Generator with complete information

Discover CC Network
Issuing network:
Card number:
6011 7711 3338 1145
Locy Mullen
840 Oakdale
Expiration date:

This free application would make a single Discover credit card number with data. If you want to en-mass it, try bulk generate Discover credit card numbers

Thoughts on the "DISCOVER Credit Card Generator"

Credit Card Rush4.8 / 5 based on 2 unique reviews

Michelle - Wed Dec 05 04:44:23 PST 2018

I want a couple of c. card numbers too please. I will put them in good use.


Niecey - Sat Nov 10 16:55:47 PST 2018

Could you please send a working card # with $900 on it. Im really in need for the coming holiday season. I've been playing around with the generator and none has been working for me thus far.


Iusedto Beokay - Sun Nov 11 01:19:30 PST 2018

Hello, I cant get food out of this generator lol lol. Does anyone have a card with 10$~ or so? I haven't eaten in 4 days now, damn life used to be easy. Thanks in advance <3


Hetapatel - Sun Nov 11 05:25:27 PST 2018

Hetapatel. Sir i need some money for my children's education and house.sir frist time tell for help becase last three month i have no job. Iamfrom indiaif anyone help me.god bless you sir. THANK YOU.


Spring Willis - Sun Nov 11 12:05:55 PST 2018

Can you email me a generated card number with 500 on it for bills I really need it and I would really appreciate it


WandaTownes - Sun Nov 11 15:09:44 PST 2018

I have been having too much of bad times recently in my new life. I moved to another city and cant find a job that makes my bills paid on time. I need help paying my bills until I can get a job paying good. I'm sad everyday. I love the generated numbers from your tool but I cant make anything out of it. Left my email, please let me know how you can help.


Arianna alvarez - Sun Nov 18 12:51:07 PST 2018

Can you please send me a credit card number with at least $1000 on it so I can help my grandmother pay her bills. I am a good person at heart who always care for other people. If your cards have less, that's ok too


Maya Royster - Sat Nov 24 01:49:52 PST 2018

hi can have a credit card number sent to me? im tryin to pay some bills for my mom


Lindiwe - Sat Nov 24 05:08:08 PST 2018

Hi I'm Lindiwe,23 and unemployed from South Africa im in need of only R2000 to buy my son's school uniform for next year please help my contact number is 0739254368 e-wallet please


james linnen - Fri Nov 23 11:06:06 PST 2018

i got card number 5347 8765 6987 cvv 456 exp 3/19 name james linnen. Anyone believe me? hohoho


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