Get Valid Card Numbers from the Bulk DISCOVER Credit Card Generator

How does the 2019 DISCOVER Bulk Credit Card Generator work ?

For a single valid generation, please go to Discover credit card generator. This free app is to generate a bunch of valid Discover credit, debit numbers under format of JSON, CSV, or / and XML. The generation is done by the following rules:

  1. Discover credit card prefixes: "6011"
  2. The numbers we generate would pass Luhn verification and valid for many testing purposes
  3. The Result will have but not limited to CVV2, countries, names, numbers, addresses, CVV, etc. - deep info related to the generated card and its randomized owner

Use the bulk gen cards with caution : they should be good for validating, checking, and understanding how Discover cards should be made but no good for buying anything as there are other validations as well.

Some DISCOVER bulk generated credit card numbers

Bulk DISCOVER Credit Card
Bulk DISCOVER Credit Card
Card TypeCard NumberNameCVVExpiration
Discover6011 7877 0730 5143Sam A. White21802 / 2021
Discover6011 8855 2443 4442Eric P. Hurley70106 / 2022
Discover6011 9075 2291 6932Evelyn R. Turner57801 / 2023
Discover6011 0022 9756 5336Cecilia S. Gaither33405 / 2021
Discover6011 5921 9544 2356Oma A. Gilmore42409 / 2023

Guys, these generated numbers are for software verification. They will not work in purchase transactions.

Latest 2019 DISCOVER Bulk Credit Card Generator with complete information

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