Best Virtual Data Room Service Providers 2018

12 Best Virtual Data Room Service Providers 2018

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12 Best Virtual Data Room Service Providers 2018 – Before knowing which of the best virtual data room service provider 2018 is, you should know the basic concept and also fact about this app. Also known as the VDR or Virtual Data Room, it is an online application for database where companies can keep their confidential info as wel as sharing it. It is a type of document filling system that can be handy for companies to manage their operation, especially in this modern era where everything is running online and everything depends on the technology.

Best Virtual Data Room Service Providers 2018

Best Virtual Data Room Service Providers 2018

In general, the VDR is mostly used when business deals or transactions are done. Because of the sensitivity of the data and the private nature of it, the record keeping manner is managed in the safest and most efficient manner. For example, when a company wants to keep information about the intellectual property like copyrighted projects or trading secrets, they need to have a secure storage location and yet also easily accessed by the related parties.

Which is The Best Virtual Data Room Service Providers of 2018

  1. iDeals Virtual Data Room

  2. Merrill DataSite

  3. Brainloop Secure Dataroom

  4. SmartRoom VDR

  5. WatchDox by BlackBerry

  6. Box Virtual Data Room

  7. CapLinked

  8. Citrix ShareFile

  9. ForData VDR

  10. Deal Interactive

  11. RR Donneley

  12. EthosData

  13. Firmex

  14. HighQ Dataroom

  15. V-Rooms

  16. SecureDocs

  17. Drooms

  18. OneHub

  19. Ansarada

  20. ShareVault

  21. DataRooms.Com

Best Virtual Data Room Service Providers 2018


Link to the site: ShareFile



One of the things to like about this cloud-based service is the flexibility to cater to many types of businesses, fields, sectors, and establishments, including biotech, real estate, private equity, investment bank, venture capital, and such thing alike. You can expect the major features such as reporting, user access control, audit logs, and also data security. Of course, there are still many other features that you can expect from this provider.

As one of the best virtual data room service provider 2018, you can also enjoy features like electronic signatures, various integration with various operating systems, mobile editing, approval workflow, and so much more. The user interface is simple and easy with direct implementation.

ShareFile Pros:

  • If you like collecting client info for the better usage of your business, this would be the perfect option
  • The app is easy to use, for all different age range as well as type of clients
  • Everything is managed in a well-organized structure and manner

ShareFile Cons:

  • The customer support isn’t reliable. In fact, it can be difficult
  • The mobile app doesn’t offer anything different or special
  • In some cases, the Gmail support isn’t reliable.

iDeals Solutions

Link to the site: iDeals Solutions



There are simply myriads of favorable things to like about this provider. The VDR service is reliable and solid. And there are tons of handy features that can make your operaton run faster, better, and more efficient. The technologies are pretty advanced and they are super handy to make your work run faster and smoother. Global drafting, market activities, and accounting reporting are just some of the things to like about this service provider.

iDeals Solutions Pros:

  • The user interface is easy once you get the hang of it.
  • The system offers flexible options and system, providing full control to the user for the right management for their needs and preference

iDeals Solutions Cons:

  • Some users need some time to get used to the system.


Link to the site: Box

box virtual data room

box virtual data room

The basic principle of this service is to create simplified user experience. The focus is on Deal Management, so streamline process and efficient operation can be expected from the service. As one of the best virtual data room service provider 2018, this provider makes the management processing easier and simpler.

One of the handiest functions is to move the document and negotiation management from the insecure email to the safer VDR. The service isn’t a new thing because even in 2005, its users and clients have reached 74,000 businesses and 41 million of users. With the cloud management, you can expect tons of good stuff from this service.

Box Pros:

  • It provides free trial period
  • You can apply personalized watermark so you can prevent any possibility of data loss or stolen

Box Cons:

  • The features may not be enough for big transactions and mega deals
  • Safety perimeter and security features are a bit weak


Link to the site: HighQ



This is a service that comes with different options. There is single data room for single user only. It is solid with non-stop protection and security features. There is also multiple data room where different rooms can be reused many times – and you don’t need to spend extra. If you have to deal with multiple deals, this would be the perfect option.

So far, the service provider has been set as one of the best virtual data room service provider 2018 with various features, including virtual and secure M&A data service and also the overall management process. The service provides flexible models that would be perfect for the business or any corporate model you have.

HighQ Pros:

  • The flexible option and the many different options for the package

HighQ Cons:

  • There isn’t a trial period


Link to the site: Firmex

Firmex Virtual data room

Firmex Virtual data room

If you are looking for an affordable VDR without having to spend a fortune, this service would deliver a nice touch to your business’ management and data protection. The service provider can provide different services covering procurement, M&A, transactions, litigation, and so much more. In fact, online sharing is encouraged and all the processes are made more efficient and faster. One of the things to like about this service is the easy usage and setup for the online data space or rooms. As the users, you can share, control, track, and collaborate the documents without having to worry about anything.

Fiemex Pros:

  • You should be able to control the access and also document flow while sharing files and documents at the same time
  • The business is continuously improving their developments and service so you can expect updates
  • The customer support is reliable and responsive

Firmex Cons:

  • Unfortunately, once you allow other parties to use the shared files, the security feature is a bit flawed. Once the others have downloaded the documents, you won’t be able to track the usage of the documents as well as the other parties’ access


Link to the site: Onehub



If you are looking for a virtual data room without too much hassle, this would be the perfect option. You can keep the collaborators anonymous while sharing the confidential data. The overall arrangement for the service is pretty straightforward and simple. If you are new to this industry, you will find out that the entire experience is easy – even fun.

Onehub Pros:

  • The service offers free trial period that lasts up to 14 days
  • They don’t offer long term lockup for the contract
  • The pricing is straightforward and no hidden fees

Onehub Cons:

  • Not everyone is attracted to the idea that they can manage the system with its easiness. Some may claim that it is too easy.


Link to the site: ShareVault

share vault

share vault

If you are looking for a reliable service provider that can manage business operation as well as efficient management, this provider has been considered as one of the best. When it comes to professional conduct and innovation, this one has always been the active participants. The users will be able to track the shared info while having the full control of the operation. The provider comes with the most advanced features with combination of easy use, nice speed, and also fast setup.

ShareVault Pros:

  • You can always expect the newest innovations from the service

ShareVault Cons:

  • So far, there haven’t been any negative sides. It’s no wonder if this provider has been claimed as the best virtual data room service provider 2018, right?

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