Free Best iOS Emulators for Windows 10 PC in 2019
Free Best iOS Emulators for Windows 10 PC in 2019

Free Best iOS Emulators for PC Windows 10 in 2019

Free Best iOS Emulators for Windows 10 PC in 2019 - There are many reasons you need an iOS emulator on your Windows PC. A perfect example is the iOS smartphone emulator emulating a real smartphone without any extra need for any extra hardware. With this, you can run your favorite mobile apps on your windows. Also, it's used by the developers to seek outflaws in an app during the beta stage.

Introduction to iOS Emulators for PC Windows 10 in 2019

What are iOS Emulators for Windows PC?

Introduction to iOS Emulators for PC Windows 10 in 2019
Introduction to iOS Emulators for PC Windows 10 in 2019

It is only normal to fully highlight what emulators are. In simple terms, they are virtual programs that help create a smartphone’s operating system on different Desktop Operating System. In this case, having an iOS work on a Windows Operating System.

Once installed, these iOS emulators create a feeling of having a smartphone on your computer – cool right? Yea! Meanwhile, these emulators shouldn’t be confused with Simulators.

Emulators aren’t Simulators

Even though their functionalities are closely related, unlike the emulators which create an Operating System environment (from a smartphone) in a different device (with a different Operating System – Desktop). The Simulators , on the other hand, does not create a copy of hardware. The reason for this lies in the limitations of the Simulators and its inability to execute some Apps. It’s no breaking news that most users prefer the Emulators to the Simulators.

Why the iOS Emulators for PCs are better

When emulators were designed in the past, it was solely to help app developers test run their newly designed programs and apps. An emulator is a powerful software which iscapable of running on any Operating System such as the Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

The most amazing reason why people choose the iOS Emulator is simplythat it comes at no extra cost. And thanks to SDK, they can be upgraded. You don’t have to be IT savvy to install and make use of an App like the Emulator.

Why you need an iOS Emulator

Without a doubt, the iOS emulator gives some users the opportunity to experience iOS apps on their Windows PC. A lot of iOS emulators creates an Apple platform where users can play/run their games and apps on their computers. Though, using the iOS emulator can be used for many things such as debugging apps for professional app developers. In short, it acts as a form ofbridge between one operating system (in this case – the iOS) and the other (the Windows PC).

• It is affordable.

One of the reasons whyyou need an iOS emulator is because the emulator is cost effective. Most of the times, when they come at a cost, it is probably to acquire the emulator. Once that’s out of the way, you can then gain access to the features of the emulators.

· It can be used by regular users.

Regular users here refer to casual users. Even though this app serves as a form of a debugger, you can use for mild things such as playing video games. There are some advanced emulators that are designed for coders.

Emulates iOS Apps on your Windows PC.

The last reason you need an iOS emulator on your PC is to help emulate and run iOS applications on your Personal Computer. This doesn’t just apply to use the iOS emulator to run apps. This works for app developers who are trying to debug new apps or old ones. It goes without saying that most app developers tend toopt-in for emulators (both Android and iOS emulators) to the real device.

List of Free Best iOS Emulators for PC Windows 10 in 2019

Staying in a community where you can hardly find Apple showroom, then it will only make sense to get yourself an iOS emulator as it will partly (if not mostly) play the same role as you’d do with your iPhone and other Apple product.

If you’d wish to know how an app will work on a smartphone, then an emulator will be your best bet. If you can relate with this article and want to find out which emulators to go for, then this piece is for you. grab a cup of coffee (and of courseyour chair) while we take you on an enthralling ride into the world of iOS emulators. Here is a list of the best iOS Emulators for Windows PC.

1. iPadian - iOS Emulator Link


First on our list is the iPadian (something about that name, right?). The iPadian emulators have a very clean interface which looks like an interface you’d find on an iPad (yep, it is in the name – iPadian). Though it's not what you’d call a full emulator, it still simulates iOS interface on a PC. With the native apps present installed on the emulator provides you with the opportunity to get more Apps, though you can not run the Apps on the store. One other thing worth taking note of is the fact that you need Adobe Air on your computer to be able tohave a functional iPadian on your system.

Some Notable Features of the iPadian.

- It has a clean interface which makes it good for newbies who are using the software for the first time.

- It doesn’t require a large space to function on your PC.

- With the iPadian on your PC, you can play any game and run other apps smoothly.

- With the Native Apps Store present on the iPadian emulator, you can download tons of Apps.

The interface is cleanYou cannot run all the Store Apps on this Emulator.
Easy to use
You can play any game you love coupled with running some other apps.
The Native App store lets you download tons of Apps.

2. - Emulator Link

Appetize .io
Appetize .io

The Appetize .io ensures you to upload your own apps through what is known asan API. Seconds after the upload, you will be able torun the app on any Web Browser within your Personal Computer. The Appetize .io is one of the few apps that offer features that are advanced coupled with its emulating functionalities. Scalable enterprise deployment of your own app, automated testing, and network usage analysis are just some of the few advanced services you get from Appetize .io.

You are offered a free trial which obviously will limit you to a few features within the App. You are also offered over 100 minutes of App streaming monthly. These 100 minutes are limited to just two users (concurrently). To get more, you will have topay a subscription fee that’s within the range of 40 dollars to 2000 dollars monthly.

Some of the features of the Appetize .io

- Scalable enterprise deployments of your own network usage analysis.

- Automated testing

- App Streaming

The Free version creates a good enough environment for app developers to test their new apps.Occasional lagging while rendering the canvas representing the iOS

3. Smartface. - Emulator Site


Undoubtedly, it’s a good software used by app developers to test new apps. No wonder it is exclusive. It comes with powerful features that help test run these new apps. But that’s not all, these features can be accessed by regular users too even though it caters more for App Developers. With the Smartface, you get a different perspective for cross-platform tech. Coupled with the cross-platform technology is the different screen resolution.

Some Features of the Smartface.

- Smartface is not just an iOS emulator, it also works as an Android debugger for your Windows Operating System.

- Provides users with a cross-platform development environment

- A clean interface.

The clean interface makes it easy to use for developers.
A great app for App Developers as it provides you (developers) with the right environment to test new apps.It favors app developers. Regular users should go for another iOS Emulators.

4. - iOS Emu URL

App .io iOS Emulators for Windows PC.
App .io iOS Emulators for Windows PC.

The App .io thrills users with its basic features and easily accessible features. Even though it’s a bitslow (yes, it is – it takes over half an hour to upload apps). Users are given 7-day free trial and when you feel OK with the services you’ve gotten within these seven days; you can then subscribe to any of the packages to continue using the Emulator. To make use of this app, all you’ve got to do is synchronize your iOS app bundle and you are good to go. It is compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Safari Browser, and Google Chrome.

Some of the features of the App .io

§ It is compatible with Google Chrome, Safari Browser, and Mozilla Firefox.

§ Lightweight emulator

§ Supports most of the Windows PC.

It is very lightweight and can be used by anyone.The App .io is a bitslow
It is compatible with the most web browser.

5. Xamarin - iOS Emulator App

Xamarin .iOS
Xamarin .iOS

A complex app, the Xamarin emulator is designed to help test native iOS applications on Computers. Even though using the Xamarin to test apps isn’t one of the easiest things you will do with the emulator. It's still worth it. Why? Once installed, you get access to a user interface that’s similar to Xcode and Objective – C and thanks to its .NET BCL, you are provided with an environment to code in C#, all of which can be done in the Visual Studio IDE. The minimum requirement needed to have the Xamarin working smoothly on your PC includes a Mac connected to Xamarin. ios, Visual Studio 2017 coupled with some Apple built tools.

The Visual Studio on your PC gives you access to the Mac and the tools, which can then be used asa compiler for the iOS applications.

Some of the Features of the Xamarin.

§ It is an official App from Apple

§ It is compatible with iOS 8.0 and above.

The Xamarin Emulator creates a powerful environment for coders.It is a complex app.
It is one of the flexible emulators out there.

6. Ripple


The Ripple iOS Emulator is one of the many Browser-based emulators which emulates a mobile environment especially iOS. Just like the Smartface, its most suitable for App Developers. With the Ripple Emulator, you can test run your web applications (HMTL5 applications). Ripple requires some add – on coupled with Google Chrome to function properly. Also, it can be integrated with some other tools to act as a form ofdebugger used to test some scripts.

Some of the Features of the Ripple Emulator.

§ Provides you with lots of test support.

§ A clean interface.

§ Easy to download and install.

It is easy to use for both developers and regular users. Hasn’t been updated for a long time.
A clean interface that aids easy accessibility.

7. Nintendo 3DS Emulator.

Nintendo 3DSEmulator.
Nintendo 3DS Emulator.

Nintendo is largely known for the video game consoles. They produce some of the best video games of all time. Apparently, they aren’t just good at making gaming consoles; they make one of the best emulators in the industry. The iOS Emulator is perfect for playing 3D games on your PC. The emulator creates a gaming environment on your PC.

With the 3D gaming emulator, users can play video games with no issue. Also, the emulator doesn’t lag, works smoothly, and it is one of the recommended iOS emulators for Windows PC.

A notable feature of the Nintendo 3Ds Emulator.

§ A virtual gaming console made for gaming.


  • Works smoothly
  • Creates a perfect gaming environment for gamers.


  • Designed for gamers.

8. AIR iPhone - Emulator Site

AIR iPhone
AIR iPhone

Next on the list is the Air iPhone. If you know what the Adobe AIR is, then you will understand how flexible it is as an emulator. One reason the Air iPhone is considered as one of the best in the world is because it has a framework similar to the emulator itself.

Downloading and installing the emulator is one of the easiest things about the AIR iPhone. Stress – free, the Air iPhone can be installed with the Framework. Once that’s done, you are ready to have a feel of the emulator. It comes hassle-free.

A major feature of the AIR iPhone.

§ It comes with the same framework.


  • Installing the AIR iPhone is free and comes with no stress.
  • Comes with the same framework.


  • The interface could be better.

9. Electric Mobile Studio - Emulator Website

Electric Mobile Studio
Electric Mobile Studio

The Electric Mobile Studio is a professional grade iOS emulator. Professional grade because it is used by professionals. The features of the Electric Mobile Studio help cater for an iPad and iPhone environment.

Once installed, you can make use of the free trial which you are able to access for a few days. To get the full version, one is required to pay $40 on their online platform. The payment may seem relatively expensive, but it’s still worth every penny.

So, in simple terms, if you are an app developer or basically, a professional, the

Electric Mobile Studio is something you should try, it is more than just an Emulator, a great choice that’s worth considering.

Some features of the Electric Mobile Studio

§ You are provided with a professional environment where you are able to work.


  • Professionally built.
  • It is powerful
  • The Electric Mobile Studio packs everything in one punch.
  • An emulator that acts as a perfect alternative


  • Can be complex for regular users
  • It is a heavy app.

10. iMame - Emulator Link


The iMame is an emulator designed to help create a suitable environment to help run your applications and your favorite games. One of the setbacks with this emulator is that it doesn’t come with any feature that can help test your apps. The main reason this emulator was created is to help users run iOS apps on your Windows PC with ease. The App hardly lags and can work smoothly with most of the computers with no issue.

Some Features of the iMame.

§ Just like the Nintendo Emulator, the iMame was designed for gamers.

§ Requires low resources

§ Consumes less power.


  1. A clean interface.
  2. Consumes low space.
  3. Works smoothly without lagging.


  1. Designed for gamers.

11. Remoted iOS Simulator - Emulator Link

RemotediOS Simulator.
Remoted iOS Simulator.

The Remoted iOS Simulator is purely an emulator. If you are thrilled with the Xamarin, then having another emulator from their staples won’t be a problem. The Simulator was designed by Xamarin to create a soothing environment to help app developers test their apps.

Are you a developer? Then one of the things you will find enthralling is that the emulator can help you debug your apps, thanks to the Windows Visual Studio. The Remoted iOS Simulator makes the UI a memorable one. Pretty simple to use

Features of the Remoted iOS Simulator

§ A window Visual Studio Enterprise to help debug your apps.

§ An easy – to – use interface


  1. It can easily debug your developed app
  2. A great UI


  1. May be complex for regular use.

12. iPhone Simulator - Emulator Link

iPhone Simulator
iPhone Simulator

just as the name implies, the iPhone Simulator is an Emulator that’s useful for those in search of emulators that creates an iPhone interface on your Windows PC, the iPhone Simulator is what you need. One major positive of the iPhone Simulator is the perfect graphics.

Also, if you are opting in for the iPhone Simulator, then you will also be interested in knowing that this emulator comes at no extra cost. It can be downloaded for free. Once installed, you can enjoy the features.

Feature (s) of the iPhone Simulator.

§ A clean interface for a good User Experience (Good UI for a Great UX)


  • It has a clean and sleek interface for a great User Experience.
  • Quality graphics.
  • It is free.


  • Designed for iPhone gamers only.

13. Xamarin TestFlight - iOS Emu

Xamarin TestFlight

Being the third Xamarin on our list shows that Xamarin is really pulling the strings with quality Emulators. The Xamarin TestFlight was designed to provide an amazing User Experience thanks to its sleek User Interface. Users will have no problem while downloading this emulator and same is the installation process.

It is no breaking news that the Xamarin TestFlight is from the staples of Apple company. The Emulator is known to perform many tasks.

Features of the Xamarin TestFlight

§ An environment that lets you perform iOS functions on your Windows.


  • Designed by Apple.
  • Known to perform lots of iOS-related tasks with ease.
  • Works with apps that are based on iOS 8.0 or/and above.


  • Doesn’t work with lower version apps.

iOS Emulators for Mac

Just to keep things in perspective, here is a list of iOS emulators for Mac users.

Xamarin TestFlight

The Xamarin TestFlight works with both Windows and Apple computers. As an app developer, you can debug iOS apps on your Macintosh with ease.


Apart from the Xamarin TestFlight, another Apple product to take note of is the Xamarin emulator. Different from the TestFlight version. With the Xamarin, you can also run your iOS apps on your Mac PCs.

Unarguably, the is the perfect alternative to the If you can't get the, then you should go for the

Conclusion of Getting Best iOS Emulators on PC Windows 10 for Free

From iOS emulators to Android Emulators, you can deny the fact that they are becoming an important software to own. Some say it’s because of the cost-effectiveness, others believe it because of the role it plays in bridging two different Operating Systems to function in one device with no issue.

For app developers, there are some emulators that are designed tohelp test some cross-platform applications. This ability gives the iOS emulator an edge over the Android Emulator.

At the end of it all, choosing any of these iOS emulators depends on what you are getting them for. There are iOS emulators perfect for gamers, these emulators may not work perfectly for app developers. So, get what suits you.

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